How much more can be squeezed out of life?!

I have been meaning to keep everyone up to date for weeks but everything has been so hectic in one way or another. Since I blogged I have been back to Germany for the microwave ablation procedure with Professor Vogl. I wasn’t looking forward to it as my last experience was pretty awful. I coughed […]


Learning Love & Happiness

This is my first day back from our little get away to a place we have visited for eight years on the trot, Ibiza. We have been going to the same hotel all this time all bar one year and have loved it not only because it is super cool and the style reminds me […]


What a month it has been…

As I sit here I am all confused as to what has happened in the last month! Life is always busy in the summer months for Bear and I. My birthday, his birthday, friends and family birthdays, our anniversary, along with trips for treatment, work is buzzing for Pete and so much more. This is […]


Let’s Keep It This Way…

Don’t you just hate it when people that write blogs tell you that they are writing sitting stretched out in the garden in the beautiful sunshine? Maybe just a little bit? Yeah sorry about this… I am currently sitting stretched out in the back garden soaking up some rays I am a sunflower. Now it […]


Life Your Life, Be Free….

Live your life, be free. I want to write more often but life is so hectic! I have gone from doing very little and feeling lost at times to now doing so much I am having trouble getting time to do everything. June is always busy due to it being my birthday and even though […]


Life List… Living It…

It’s been a week of two halves. We left last Wednesday for our road trip in France. The reason for our trip was initially a charity auction prize tour of Cognac. Pete decided that we should make it arriving holiday and makes stops along the way. This got us thinking about where to stay. In […]


So called ‘bad news’…..

So much happens in a few weeks and it all seems such a distant memory. The beginning of May for us was so lovely. We spent the weekend with my Ma on the south coast. Kitted out in walking gear Bear had planned us a lovely 5 mile ‘walk’. Hahahahahahaha. I even laugh at it […]


Living a balanced life….

The end of April is upon us and we have a long weekend to look forward here in the UK. The forecast isn’t fantastic so I cannot imagine many people will be able to enjoy lazy walks in the Spring sunshine. Last night most of the UK had snow. Luckily for us it didn’t settle. […]