Green for Life....

by Claire12. August 2013 12:42


The weekend came and went as fast as it always does. We filled it with garden and household chores but it was good to get in the fresh air and sunshine. Pete is persevering with his juice detox and has been including lovely smoothies in it too. He became quite despondent on Friday evening when the scales said he hadn’t lost any more pounds. After a good night’s sleep he hopped back on the scales to find that he was four pounds lighter. He has lost ten pounds in five days. (This may sound a lot but he has it to lose. He won’t mind me saying that!) He isn’t restricted on how many smoothies or juices he has so doesn't have to go hungry. I’m mostly proud of how neither of us, even over the weekend , has even considered having an alcoholic drink! I have slept better and we both seem calmer. I am excited at the concept of having alcohol only for special occasions and that this lifestyle we are currently adopting could be an everyday occurrence. Pete’s skin looks brighter too. He had headaches from caffeine withdrawals to begin with but now he is fine.

I had a chance to do some reading yesterday and decided to start ‘Green for Life’ by Victoria Boutenko. It is based around the scientific reasons why green smoothies are one of the best ways to eat over and above raw foods alone. I love my green smoothie juices now and I know that it sets me up right every day. I will try and get Pete to have more green when he isn’t detoxing.

One of the main reasons for smoothies over juicing is the fact that it includes so much fibre which we all need. The obvious reasons for green smoothies are the fact they are like liquid chlorophyll which is full of oxygen rich nutrients. Nothing can be better.

Chlorophyll does the following;
Build s a high red blood cell count
Helps prevent cancer
Provides iron to organs
Makes the body more alkaline
Counteracts toxins eaten
Improves anaemic conditions
Helps purify the liver
Regulates menstruation
Helps sores heal faster
Reduces pain caused by inflammation
 Amongst other things....

Consuming as much chlorophyll as possible is like bathing our inner organs in sunshine!
That’s enough of a reason for me... but the big thing for a canSer patient is the fact that canSer doesn’t like an oxygen rich environment. This was discovered by Nobel Peace prize winner Dr Warburg. He discovered a normal healthy cell undergoes an adverse change when it can no longer take in oxygen to convert glucose into energy.  In the absence of oxygen the cell reverts to a primal nutritional program to nourish itself by converting glucose through the fermentation process. The lactic acid produced by the fermentation lowers the cells pH and destroys the ability of the DNA to control cell division.

The book was that good and raised so many relevant points I would highly recommend it. I read it all in a few hours.

I feel really perky and positive today. I slept like a log all weekend. I had plenty of daylight and fresh air and exercised as well as made smoothies and green foods with my hubby. We had so much love and kindness and I feel full to the brim with motivation. I feel pleased with myself that I have been really good for seven days and it really starts to show. I did a coffee enema this morning and that gave me even more clarity. I have enjoyed considering nutrition so much that I think I may even become a health coach and do a nutrition course! I believe that everyone is different and everyone’s needs are individual but it would good to know the principles and the more you are armed with the healthier one can be plus I’d love to pass on my knowledge to others the best I can.

For now I’m off for a cup of green tea.....



Triple Negative

Breast Cancer Breakthrough Media Volunteer.. who me?

by Claire10. August 2013 12:23


The past couple of days I have been settling back into work and my usual routines. My body really felt like it needed cleaning up and I have been thoroughly enjoying eating ‘green’ and being as pure as possible. I am sleeping well having not had any alcohol too.  Pete is doing well with his shift in lifestyle and seems to be enjoying it if not a little impatient at trying to lose weight. 8 pounds in 6 days isn’t bad so he’s doing well. I have really been focussing a lot of following Polly Noble and discovered Jess Ainscough this week also, the Wellness Warrior. I am intrigued as to how these people have overcome canSer with their diets and often wonder should I be doing more? Some of them have embarked on the Gerson Therapy and others have literally just gone green. I wonder if I chose to do the Gerson therapy would it make me feel better. It’s difficult as I do take mediation too. This clearly does make my body more toxic but its worth I think.

Since I got my scan results on Tuesday I have been corresponding with Dr Nesselhuts clinic. They have informed me that I am to change my protocol and start having gamma delta cells as well as a Zometa infusion. I instantly felt panicked. What if it doesn’t work? What if there are side effects?

This is what I have been told;

Dr. Nesselhut recommends adding a treatment for enhancing the gamma-delta-T-cells in the body. These cells are unique to primates and represent a minority white cell in our blood. They expand dramatically in many acute infections and are supposed to be a key fighter in cancer as well having potent cytotoxic activity. Cancers are highly susceptible to gamma-delta T-cell mediated lysis which led to the proposal that gamma-delta T cells can be used for cancer immunotherapy (See Kabelitz D, Potential of human gammadelta T lymphocytes as immunotherapy for cancer, Int J Cancer 2004 Dec 10;112(5):727-32). Moreover, most interesting is the finding of efficient killing of cancer stem cells by gamma-delta T cells (Todaro M, et al. J Immunol. 2009 Jun 1;182(11):7287-96). In fact there are some trials concerning gamma-delta-T-cells in treating cancer patients. Gamma-delta T-cells are known to be stimulated by a number of non-peptide phosphorylated antigens like bisphosphonates (e.g. Zometa) leading to increasing numbers of peripheral blood gamma-delta T-cells. Thus we have the possibility by using for example Zometa and a very low dosage of IL-2 to enhance and activate gamma-delta-Tells in vivo.

So there you have it. I have done a bit of research and instantly notice that Zometa and it is used for cancer in the bones. It all sounds so farfetched and odd but they clearly know what they are doing. I hope not have any side effects and remain positive about it.

Pete got very excited about it as he thought it was his chance at providing me with his cells as that is what Dr Nesselhut had said would happen the last time we spoke to him however I have been informed that they will be using IL2 to activate my own gamma delta cells. It’s all very technical but exciting. So I guess I have to wait for a few weeks to find out. I have everything crossed that I will be fine and it doesn’t have the opposite effect on me!

I spoke to a lovely lady from breast Cancer Breakthrough a few days ago who wanted to discuss my story with her. She has asked me to become a media volunteer what with breast cancer awareness month coming up I may be required to do some radio, magazine or even TV! Eek! However I won’t hold my breath. These things come and go but as long as I can tell my story somehow then I can help other ladies in my shoes.


We are mostly having a weekend of love and housework with no alcohol involved! I don’t think about it if Pete isn’t drinking it which makes it so much easier. So now I must crack on with my gardening..... See ya!



Triple Negative

They must be mad doing the Spartan race but it's for charity!

by Claire7. August 2013 17:47


Last night my Bear and I got our heads together and reviewed all six scans I have had in the last year. We have now deduced that I have two nodules in my left lung and three in my right. They increased in size quite a bit last year and by February this year reduced dramatically. By May the radiologist didn’t mention much other than they had gone in my lymph nodes and the ones in my lungs were ‘too small to assess’. On yesterdays scan report another radiologist has said that the right nodules have increased since the last scan. One of them being 8mm to 9mm. The ‘contralateral lesions’ I now understand to mean the ones in the left lung, have not increased nor decreased in size. We both feel that’s a huge relief and a great outcome really although a bit frustrating as I was so keen, obviously, to have seen another reduction in size. It sends the head into a spin wondering what have I don’t differently for it not have had a better outcome.

Well no point worrying but I do. I do get concerned that forever more I will have to think about what happens next. I know I have to live in the now. But everyone else around me can go to bed at night knowing that they are well. Or at least they think are.  I should see it as good thing that I get the opportunity to make amendments and improvements so that I live the healthiest life possible feeling totally aware.

I posted my good news on facebook and have been completely inundated with well wishers. I have received over 160 people comments and acknowledgements  as well as personal messages from complete strangers that made me feel just brilliant, saying how my posts and blogs help them and have motivated them to live better as well as words of strength and to stay strong and how brave I am being. I don’t feel brave and courageous. I feel sometimes like nothing can stop me and other times so confused about what’s it all about? I even have moments of, ‘Why me?’ Not very often but I am only human after all. I understand life means death but not yet..... Pete unequivocally knows I will be alive for at least another 15 years doing what I am doing and that by then there will be a cure.
I just want thank everyone for their support. It keeps me going and I want to a better person for everyone else.


Today I got on as normal and have to admit I really enjoyed my morning juice. I used strawberries, parsley, spinach, ginger, cucumber and celery. Mmm. It was lurvely!

After my clients this afternoon I had an acupuncture session and had a new experience. The therapist used moxa as a form of acupuncture. This ancient art using moxa (also known as mugwort or Artemisa Vulgaris/Artemisia Leaf) is called the “doctor's grass." Moxibustion (the burning of moxa) is believed to emit “yang” (dynamic and active) energy when burnt. Moxibustion works so well because it allows the body to absorb the energy emitted by the moxa. By holding the moxa stick over the acupuncture points, the body is able to take in, store and slowly release this energy into the body. It felt warm and comforting and the points she used them are for the digestion, liver and kidneys. She felt that as these areas get battered by me having chemo they could do with some TLC. She has given me a moxa stick to use at home and I have to rope Pete into doing it for me maybe daily during the two weeks I am taking chemo. I feel really tired this afternoon but I think I still need to catch up on sleep. I started my next round of chemo today... only 13 more days then another cycle over- side effect free.

Charity Fundraising
Pete and his colleagues from VTUK are going to be doing some charity work to raise more funds for my chosen charities. On Sunday 25th August eight of his team, including Pete and one girl, are going to be doing the Spartan Race.
It's going to be tough!  Spartan Race, the global leader in Obstacle Racing since 2005, was designed by seven insane ultra athletes and a Royal Marine. It's an obstacle course race that is designed to test your resilience, strength, stamina, quick decision making skills, and ability to laugh in the face of adversity. They tried to get me to do it but I don’t think i am up for it! I am really pleased for them but they aim to raise a £1000 each and are busily trying to get donations.  If you would like to donate please click on the link here:

I’m so proud of them all and I know it will be really hard but so much fun. I’ll be there egging them on for sure.

One more client to go then I’m done for the day. Pete’s on his third day of juicing and he’s still going strong.. a raw meal for me I feel.  Night Y’all.




Triple Negative

Back to reality with a bump!

by Claire6. August 2013 18:56


Well it’s been a while and I thought as I was on holiday that I would take time off from everything. At first I thought time was going really quickly but as the week drew on I was actually feeling like I had been there forever! We had mornings when we got up and got our trainers on and walked with all the locals along the esplanade for about an hour. It seems they are a healthy nation and power walking and running are done frequently.

There were days we over indulged at night partying till the early hours then the next day just stayed by the pool to rest it off. We walked for hours and ate great food and loved each other.

I was ready for home but it’s always sad when a holiday comes to an end. The reality of life starts to kick in and the all that holiday romance goes away. Work and life reminds you that you can’t live in that bubble forever. I don’t really get the holiday blues I get the feeling of panic or dread that I have got canSer. Even though I talk about it to people that I meet it isn’t the same as the realisation that everything could change in a flash. And for me that’s so true as today I am going for my CT scan. It’s been three months already and I have to say I haven’t had any thoughts about it for the last week and I am bit worried that I haven’t made a big enough effort to become as strong as I could do to really get rid of the little suckers inside.

We had some exciting days out with friends and we also made new ones. I met two lovely guys by the pool one day. I thought I recognised one but couldn’t place it until they introduced themselves. Nate James was a contestant on The Voice Uk this year but has previously been a singer for many years with successful albums and Mobo awards. A little snippet of who he is;

 I was obviously very excited to have met him and his guitarist Dan. We spent hours together chatting and evenings drinking at the Port. They are such nice guys. Dan Rennie Wood has just cycled form London to Paris on a Boris Bike for Macmillan and raised over £10,000. For such a great cause and doing such a hard trial on a bike that isn’t really equipped for that distance.

Today I went to the hospital for my clinic appointment, blood tests and the 3 monthly CT scan. I was there all day. I took my Zest magazine and bided my time with tips and news on health and fitness. I don’t relish having my ct scan but was also not prepared for the oncologist to tell me to come immediately back after having the CT scan to give my results! I normally wait for two weeks but as she wanted to know what to prescribe regarding chemo she felt that we ought to know today.

I discussed with her about the chemo and she said that it really is beneficial to have the same dose of chemo as long as I am tolerating it. I understand that not rocking the boat is definitely the way forward.  So off I trotted had my scan then waited for another hour for my results? It was a simply remark, ‘stable’. I was initially very pleased with that but then the oncologist said that there had been a tiny increase in the lung nodules of 1mm so she felt it was so insignificant that there was definitely nothing to change. Me being me came away with my mind whirring. I am pleased with it but decided to print out all reports I had received in the last year. There are six in total. I now realise that I have five nodules; two in the left lung and three in the right lung. It is the right lung they have compared sizes to this time and say that the increase is from 8mm to 9mm in one of the nodules. That’s it. No other information. There is a positive though..... They say there has been no change in the left lung since the last time. Now looking at the last scan report from May it says that the nodules are too small to assess! I am getting so confused. What one radiologist says the other doesn’t remark on. I am not complaining. I am just trying to understand. The fact is that the nodules that are there are bigger than they were when I was first told about them in July last year by about double, although incredibly tiny. The good news too is there is no spread and there still isn’t any in my lymph nodes. So all is not lost... I just want good news! More of it! I am greedy! I know I shouldn’t focus on getting rid of them; just keeping them stable would be good enough. I think about Kris Carr all the time and she is living over ten years on with the tumours staying the same. I just really wonder though is she doing it all without conventional treatment? It comes back to knowing what is actually working and what isn’t. I am in a place where I am happy to continue with everything that I am doing but part of me still wonders should I eliminate some things to see what happens?

I do wonder if it’s because I have been less kind to my body of late. Many birthdays, anniversaries and holidays have meant more acidity in the form of alcohol and less sleep.  Have I been lacking in the visualisation front? I don’t think so but I always have a feeling it has gone. Am I in denial?

All I know is that when the Bear comes home tonight he will give me a pep talk and then get back to it stronger than before. It just scares me that life is going to be like this forever. Ignorance is bliss. I get tired if knowing about it. I just wish it was a lazy slacking kind of canSer that would take thirty years to ever have any major affect on me and do any harm. That’s the thing with triple negative. In its nature it’s very aggressive. I have to give myself credit then because if that’s the case I am batting it back rather well. Ok it is bigger in some respects but less of it in others. This time last year the naughty little suckers were in my lymph nodes. Now there is none. This is all progress. But it goes to show how it changes all the time!

So it’s Gods and the Universes way of tapping me on my shoulder and saying,’ Come on You... stop slacking.’ I now wonder whether I should go for some major dietary changes. I have been really getting into following Polly Noble and Tanya Alekseeva, better known as Better Raw, recently. They are such advocates for healthy raw, vegan food and there is so much sense in it as it provides all the necessary nutrient rich foods needed to heal a body. I guess I always wonder if I go to all that effort and things don’t improve could I have been living easier... Silly way to think really. What I need to think is that it will do me good. No doubt about it. And wouldn’t I rather feel good than sluggish and tired a lot?

Well we are already stating on the right footing as Pete has decided to do a juice fast for health reasons for two weeks starting yesterday. I am going to go as raw as possible during this time and see how much I benefit from it. Maybe it’s something we can continue forever?

That means no alcohol during this time also. I think it’s a great idea as it is an incentive for me not to drink anything or be tempted to. I have really considered having therapy to give up completely. My problem is that I feel like I am missing out if I am not included in the party. It’s silly really as I was reading about Zoe Ball today who has become tee-total and is loving life. I wonder if I will be boring by constantly saying ‘No’ to a glass of champagne. I always want to be part of the fun and drinking has always been a major part of my fun. Time to rethink me thinks!

Right so the Bear has returned from work and now time for my pep talk... I’ll be back with my plan of action shortly I am sure. All fired up and ready for the next three months.......


Triple Negative

So much to be grateful for!

by Claire31. July 2013 08:19

It feels like I have been away from home for ages already. Having got up at 4am on Monday to get our early flight I have to admit all I want to do is... You guessed it.. Sleep! That's what holidays are for right? Relaxing, sleeping and so on. Luckily for us we have friends here in sunny Spain. We've already made the most of the sunshine.. As expected I'm in my element. Yesterday we met our friends and met new ones whilst chilling at one of Marbella's beach clubs.

We ventured out yesterday to have our usual brekkie where they make me green smoothies... Sadly it doesn't open at breakfast any more. :( this posed a small problem so we tried a new location. On the menu was pineapple, mango and kiwi juice followed by a salad sandwich with seaweed! I would normally avoid fruits because of the high sugar content but in some situations you have to make the best options you can. Fruit juice was definitely the best option. 

Walking along the beach is so therapeutic and I love being near the sea. Ok not on it in a boat but I do love it! Ha ha! 

So far I haven't exercised apart from walking, I haven't done any beach yoga and I haven't meditated. It truly is a holiday from everything. I have to be honest all I want to do is nothing! 

Yesterday was my last day of chemo for this cycle. I can now relax knowing I have a week off. Got through unscathed again. Phew...

Today we are going to read, plan our next trips away and generally feel lucky to be alive! I may even try to have a nap.. True kitten style. Then we're off to see some history and culture in Orange Square being shown the sights by our friends. 

So much to be grateful for! 


Preparing for a week without anything canSer related....

by Claire28. July 2013 15:54

This weekend has been really quiet and earthy. Our time has been spent pottering doing jobs and packing for our week away. It may seem to some that we are away all the time.. And I suppose we are but not always away with no responsibilities and being carefree. This week coming we are going to lounge around, have plenty of time talk, walk and think... Oh and be in love. I've even decided to have a week off reading about anything canSer related. I'm going to read a trashy novel and live like I mean it! Not that I don't normally of course. I'm almost at the end of my chemo cycle so that will be nice too. 

Yesterday I felt really washed out again. That's been a few weekends in a row. I felt 'not right'. I can't put my finger on it. I know I was a bit poorly as I was sound asleep on Pete's chest during one of my favourite tv shows by 9pm... I was snoring! Slept all the way through... 

I feel better today although it started a bit shaky. Right now I'm the happiest kitten ever- under a duvet watching James Bond. 

Pete and I have been talking a lot about raw foods and juicing this weekend. On our return he is going to do a juice fast. I'm pleased he is seeing a benefit in my diet. It really improves everyone's lives. 

So not long now till I have to say goodbye to my kitty and leave her with 'Aunty' for the week. She won't miss me.. She never does. Ha ha! 


Triple Negative

Honing my skills to be better

by Claire26. July 2013 10:52


I had a great day yesterday. I went to HD brows head office and attending a ‘Pro’ course to enhance my knowledge and learn some new techniques to make my work even better. I really enjoy being in the trainers company and there is such a buzz at Nilam Patel’s Dermaspa. I went there feeling really nervous. I knew I would have to do models whilst there and I cannot stand being watched. Once I did the first model I was fine although I was a bit shaky. Silly really as I do brows most afternoons every week. I did really well and the reports from the trainers were good so that made me feel great.

I got to meet some other therapists there who have been following me on my facebook page. Great seeing them in the flesh... They are a few of the 1200 followers I now have. It feels good knowing they find my posts positive and motivating.

It was odd talking about how I’m doing as I could feel some other staff and the girls looking at me as if trying to work out if I have an illness or not. That’s what is still so very odd to me even today. I feel in myself really good. It is completely surreal to tell people or even tell myself that I apparently have an incurable disease. I am blessed not to have any illness or symptoms and long may it continue.

I received a questionnaire in the post this morning from Reading university and Oxford hospitals. A student there is doing a PHD and needs patients like me to be part of his study. The study is the effect herbal medicine has on chemotherapy if any. I had to list what treatments I have as well as the supplements and herbal remedies I take. It asked if I would be happy to have them assessed by a professional to tell me whether they were conflicting with my medication in any way. I am intrigued to know so I said yes.

Busy busy busy day doing clients today and having finished them I now have tomorrow and the weekend to get everything all sorted and organised before we go away for a lovely quiet week together. I’m a bit excited actually. I haven’t packed yet in fact I have no idea what I am taking as yet. I must not pack too much stuff! Yeah yeah....

My last client was a friend of mine whose daughter has been diagnosed with cervical cancer at a young age. Her world has turned all topsy turvy in the past few months. I spent quite a lot of time discussing diet and other ways to take some control back of her life and help herself. I even received an email from another triple negative patient too who at only 27 years old wants to make positive changes in her life. Hopefully I have helped. It feels like a blur and a bit of a bubble that I live in. It doesn’t feel like me that is ill. It all comes crashing back though when I realise it is only about 11 days till my next ct scan... the dreaded scan... ha ha! Looming as always...

So off to get ready, get the house cleaned, beds changed and to hopefully finish this dratted book that has been hanging off me for a few weeks. I have to admit The Power of Now has been mind boggling. I am not sure I understand it all. Maybe one to re read at a later date.

I had some nice snuffles from all my ‘people’ as I call them, again this morning. The cat sat on me whilst I was being hugged by the Bear. Mornings and Nights are my favourite time. Roll on tonight!

I’m getting into the ol’ coffee enemas now. I’m preparing another one as we speak. Mmm the smell of coffee Ha ha! I’ll leave you all with that thought!



Triple Negative

Following Fitness and Health gurus online...

by Claire23. July 2013 17:04


This morning I did another coffee enema... This time I decided I would use less coffee as the last time I felt too wired. Maybe I went too far the other way? I didn’t have any buzzing effect at all and actually the liquid looked a bit clear. So next time I will go half way between and get it right. It was a success though and as for clearing out the bowels wow. This time it had a very clearing effect!

I’ve been thinking a lot about family recently what with the young royals having their first baby yesterday... Families are funny things. I am not terribly close to mine. In fact so casual am I to some of my immediate family they may as well be distant relatives. I must be that prevalent in their mind that even my dad forgot my birthday this year. Ho hum. I don’t take it to heart. It’s just a shame that that we weren’t bought up with family values being an important element for us. If I could have my own little family this would be different. I would bring my kids up to want to be around all the time, Christmases, Sunday afternoons and definitely birthdays. I decided to ring my dad today seeing as I hadn’t spoken to him since before my birthday sometime I can’t remember when. It was always nice to catch up, but we don’t really have much to say. But then who does? I’m closer to my mum than my dad. I like chatting girly stuff and visiting when I can. I love it when she comes to stay too as she is quite content pottering around. I like asking for gardening advice and doing things her way... Her house always seems to be cosy just like I remember when I was growing up.... J

I’ve been following quite a lot of nutritional bods on twitter and facebook recently. Francesca’s Fit Kitchen (, Polly's Path ( and Nics Nutrition ( to name just a few. I feel the daily input helps me stay motivated and gosh, there are a lot of healthy people out there!

I’m considering having more green juices through the day. At the moment is the perfect time for it as it’s hot and sticky. People need to keep their fluids up much more. The problem is that I don’t like the taste that much and it has quite an effect on my digestive system so to speak! That’s why since I first started last July I haven’t had many juices throughout the day. I’d need to stay near the loo! Had a few tweets from Francesca Fox today and she would like me to keep a diary of my diet. I could really do with some guidance. I am stoked!

I’ve had acupuncture today and I really like my new acupuncturist. It’s totally different from before but I feel instantly relaxed when I get there. The therapist energy is so calming. She worked a lot around my lower legs and feet today. The right side felt much more sensitive than the left. I felt my legs buzzing too. Oo it’s exciting. I generally feel great. Another three weeks till my next session. I love having therapy! Ha ha! I need it.

Only two weeks away from my next CT scan. In fact it’s the day after I get back from holiday. Gulp.... In my head I no longer have canSer. I honestly keep imagining the day they say to me there is no sign of disease... or spontaneous remission (Yeah right, we know that means they won’t give me credit for it going! But who cares...) if only that day would come true! I am Miss Impatient! Be thankful what I have got.... remember, remember, remember......

I have an exciting day tomorrow. I visit HD brows head office for a day’s training to be a HD brow pro. Not sure what I am going to learn but like a good girl I have done my homework of five case studies. Actually I have done more than was asked (Didn’t you hate people like me when you were in school?! J) I have an early start so another early night tonight. When don’t I have an early night?

Ciao for now!




Triple Negative

Three day weekend....

by Claire22. July 2013 11:36


I’ve had a three day weekend. Not only does it feel like I have been away for ages... it’s amazing what you can do in three days! But it’s been jammed packed with fun as well as ample chill out time. Friday we headed down to London and met friends to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. We felt that as it was five years, which have flown by and what with all the crappy stuff happening in the last few years that we would celebrate it in style with friends too. The afternoon we lazed in Hyde park with a picnic of fresh watermelon and coconut water and the odd Pimms and lemonade thrown in. Then we all got ready and met for pre dinner drinks. Everyone had really made and effort and the mood was buzzing.  Going back to where we had our wedding reception was amazing. The room is so ornate and unique. The food was divine and the drinks flowed. Perhaps a little too much. We had speeches from our best man and from Pete which was as usual tear jerking.

Pete always does such a great speech and this time our lives were likened to different film genres. Horror, rom-com, drama, action and adventure and so on... He had everyone in tears and almost cracked himself a few times. I become very steely with my stare as if I were to blink the flood gates would open!

Five years feels like nothing and I can’t wait to do it all over gain a hundred times. As much fun as the doo was I still love having my bear to myself and I am already planning next year’s anniversary to be a private quiet one... J

Then on for some dancing in the basement nightclub until the heat finally got too much and we headed back to our hotel where the party continued into the early hours. I have to admit I was slightly jaded on Saturday morning but we all got together for a big hearty breakfast then we all went our separate ways.

We headed down to Brighton to take advantage of the continuing heat wave. It was a bit overcast but that was fine as I decided a siesta was the way forward. It turned into a mammoth sleep only being woken to get up for dinner! A few hours later and I was back I bed sleeping some more. To be honest I don’t think I would’ve got up on Sunday had I not been woken but the day was glorious and toasting. I did my usual stance of prone sunbathing. We took the boat for spin then basked in the sun and ate lovely fresh salad.

Back home last night to a very weird greeting of a very disturbed robin red breast in our house (caught by our killer kitty- who clearly couldn’t be bothered to finish it off- thankfully), piles of cat sick (kitty had clearly got upset and overeaten) and the sound of bag pipes being played in a neighbouring garden! I know weird right?.. but oh so great to be home again. Back in our bed for another very hot night...

Today I’m back to my usual rituals and looking forward to bed already! Ha ha! Rock and Roll...I know there is a pattern here... eat and sleep just like a real kitty!

I’m all ready now for a busy day with clients and then quite a busy week too. Not so much sunbathing for me this week I doubt. Never mind we are off on our holibobs soon... J

I just want to thank my wonderful Hubby for making me so very happy and love him more every day.. If that’s possible. XXX



Triple Negative

Happy Anniversary Bear..Where has the time gone?

by Claire19. July 2013 12:29

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary! Yay!

How time has flown but yet feels like I have been with Pete all my life. We have decided to go back to where we had our wedding reception with friends and celebrate in style. The weather is till baking so we have drinks and a Frisbee to play in Hyde Park in London too. Yet another fun filed weekend ahead as we take advantage of the sun we are back down to our little boating retreat, Brighton. I’m really getting a taste for it.

Anyway all the details and more to come on Monday. I’ve got to get myself on the road! Cheerio!


How I love my best friend and husband! Happy Anniversary bear. X


Triple Negative