We hot footed it back to Calais against the clock!

by Claire17. October 2013 12:50


I am typing this blog from my study at home. A big sigh of relief and happiness to be here again.

After my last blog I got many messages from friends with words of support. I don’t realise what I type at the time. It is all very spontaneous and heartfelt. So I hope that I didn’t concern too many people. I think maybe it was all getting to be a bit much and maybe I was hungry! I always get a bit wobbly when I need to eat! Ha ha!

Yesterday was a mammoth day in so many ways. I had my last infusion of Zometa which was then meant to be closely followed by the gamma delta vaccination that had been donated by Pete. I was very excited as there have been such good outcomes so far. As usual the clinic was busy. In fact it seems there are bodies everywhere. The thing is that canSer patients generally take friends and family with them especially when they themselves cannot speak English. I have a feeling the clinic is at maximum capacity. I try not to get frustrated but being someone that wants control I find waiting and the relaxed environment shall we say, a little stressful. This is, of course, not good when I am trying not to have stress in my life at all!

After waiting for Dr Nesselhut for some time our nurse went and practically dragged him up to see us. He took us into his office. At that point I did think it was a bit odd but then again you learn to get used to the unusual. He proceeded to inform us that Peter’s gamma delta cells couldn’t be used as there weren’t enough. He said that it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with Pete and not to worry but both Pete and I could see straight through him and knew this was not good for him. Nevertheless we sat there stunned and thrown. As you know we hate change and this had been planned for some months with such high expectations. Bless Pete he just sat there with a stunned face and turned to me and said, ‘Sorry’.  He didn’t need to say that. There is nothing to be sorry for. I was just in shock and worry for him. Dr Nesselhut then got on the phone to his lab and asked if there were any donor gamma delta cells there that I could have? During the conversation it turns out that the last three gamma delta cells they had worked on had all had the same low results like Pete’s. They felt this was too much of a coincidence and think that something they mix with the cells to cultivate them must be faulty. Phew that’s a relief. Luckily we did not have to pay for that work.

Then I was told they had another person’s gamma delta cells that they could donate to me instead. Of course we said yes but this has left us very confused. I was led to believe that the cells should be from someone I know very well and have had close contact with, which is why I chose Pete. Things get lost in translation so we decided at this point not to question too much and waited for an hour for the donor cells to arrive.

So far things don’t seem too bad but all the while we were meant to be on the road to Calais to catch the Eurotunnel train back home that I had booked for us. My stress levels were through the roof. I was concerned for the inconvenience of it all. My illness, the changes that need to be made, the cost, the time out of work, the upheaval for Pete and his business. It just seemed so unfair. But through it all Pete said its fine. We will do what we can.

Within the hour the gamma delta cells arrived. I sat and had then injected into me. It’s all very risky really. I could get an infection. I am having someone else cells injected into me and I hope that they do the trick!

No sooner had the syringe been emptied we were hot footing it to the car and setting up the sat nav to get us the quickest route to Calais. Thankfully we were both in high spirits by then and feeling pretty calm. The journey was great and after about 7 hours of driving we made it to the Eurotunnel for our train. After the 30 minute journey then followed another 2 and half hour journey back to our house.

A very long day but it was so good to be home. Kitty was here wanting more food... I grabbed her for a cuddle against her will. She made a noise of disgust and wriggled away... Ah... no place like home!

Having such a late night Pete has peeled himself out of bed and gone straight to the office to get our lives back to normal. We have been told that we are to go back for another session in six weeks. This has left me feeling very confused as I had been going every two months approximately. I have emailed Dr Nesselhut to discuss this with him. As it stands I may be going back in December.

This treatment is not cheap. It is even more expensive with gamma delta treatment. It’s a constant concern but I don’t want to stop now. The proof will be in the pudding on my next CT scan. I may as well bide my time until I get those results.

Today is a day of getting my life back in order; washing, emails, blog, hoovering, food shopping and planning for next week’s clients. I am so happy to be home.......

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Triple Negative

It's like living in a movie! My fifteen minutes of fame...

by Claire15. October 2013 15:55

Yesterday felt like a great day to start again.. As it were. As my treatment appointment wasn't booked until late afternoon we decided to take the opportunity to start a fresh and start as we mean to go on when we return home. We spent the morning exercising, swimming and having a sauna to clear our skin, steam room to clear our lungs and cold showers to stimulate our senses! It felt good to eat less and only fruit and then to use the rest of my time reading Mind over medicine. I love days like that. Pete and I had such a lovely time together.. It was a good day. 

Treatment went fine. I had Newcastle Disease virus jab and hyperthermia. It is pretty standard and nothing to report about again really especially as I rarely have any side effects.

The day went a little squiffie after that. We decided to watch a movie. Unfortunately for me and Pete it turned out to be a scary movie. Everyone knows I hate those sort of movies not only because I become so drawn into it but I just want to be happy! The only good thing about the movie was Brad Pitt... The repercussions of this was that I end up replaying it in my mind and lose sleep over it. I know it is only fictional but my problem is that my life seems so surreal that I find it hard it to define what is real life and what is not. I simply can't believe that I have canSer. It's like someone is playing a really sick game with me. That's why I can't differentiate between reality and fiction.

My life feels like one big drama, action packed movie. It's full of highs and lows, laughter and tears. I just want there to be a happy ending. Well actually I would simply like there to be an ending. Sometimes I find it so hard to absorb.

 Needless to say I woke today feeling very tired and anxious. I let myself get all consumed and started to worry about my treatment, what the future holds and what if's. Silly I know and not helpful at all. Luckily Pete held me tight and told me everything is going to be ok.

Today's appointments were more significant. I had zometa infusion to stimulate the gamma delta cells followed by the dendritic cell vaccination. As usual the clinic was busy and there is usually a waiting time to see Dr Nesselhut for the vaccination but today there a much longer wait than usual. I understand that things can get delayed but after waiting an hour and a half both Pete and I were becoming very frustrated and nervous. It seems silly especially when we know what to expect but nervousness never leaves you when sitting in a waiting room.

Finally Dr Nesselhut arrived and was a jovial as always. He talked a lot about lectures and new business he is doing around the globe. We tried to ask direct questions about my treatment and specifically for triple negative breast cancer. He says it is all biological and nothing is specific to types of cancer when it comes to immunotherapy that they provide.

We were saddened to know that despite having quite a large amount of blood taken last week that they used it all for the vaccination this time and haven't kept any for my next visit. Also we were advised that Peter would need to give his blood and cells at the clinic every time and could not have it taken in the uk and couriered to them in Germany.  This simply ends that every visit now has to be for an extended period of time. Of course this is not ideal and puts so much pressure on us. I know it's a no brained and we will work it out but it would just be nice for things to be getting easier.

I asked Dr Nesselhut how frequent he believes we should return for my next round of treatment. He suggested four to six weeks. Again this needs some time consideration.

On my return to the UK in approximately two to three weeks from now I will be having a CT scan to see how I am getting on. I feel trepidation as I know that immunotherapy can cause the tumours to appear larger initially as they could be covered in dendritic cells not cancer cells. I know that when my oncologist sees this he will assume it is canSer cells and change my chemo regime.

There are so many variables and I have to keep my witts about me. It's up to me the path I take and nothing is black or white and there is no right or wrong decision. it has left both Pete and I feeling very mixed up. Not only could I be having side effects from the vaccination and zometa infusion I also feel quite emotional, overwhelmed, frustrated, confused and scared for the future. I also have feelings of hope and positivity but boy what a mixed up day.

Today is the first day when we haven't enjoyed being here. Tomorrow is our last day and appointments at the clinic then we can make our way home. Its like an end to a chapter and who knows what the next one brings.

I don't want to act like a petulant child but I want to stamp my feet and say I have had enough of this now! But I can't.. Life and canSer isn't like that.

There has been some interesting news today though... I appeared in a national newspaper! The article featured me and Professor Dalgliesh from the Cancer Vaccine Institute. It discusses the usage of immunotherapy and it's success and possibilities for the future... my fifteen minutes of fame. Hopefully it will increase awareness and help raise money for the charity for essential research.

One more night away from home. One more movie night. I have been promised that tonight's movie is a romantic comedy. I hope so I can't possibly manage any more emotions!

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Triple Negative

3 days in prague!

by Claire12. October 2013 08:06

We have been in Prague for 3 days... How time flies. Our journey from Germany looked very straight forward but no... Nothing is that simple. The main motorway all of a sudden stopped and we were taken off it and into the depths of the Czech Republic. Now I don't know if I am 'fuller' than normal but this made me ultra-stressed. The sat nav was taking us up little dirt tracks and at one point took us to a dead end where it actually though a road went. I could feel myself getting hot and flustered and tempers flared. Thankfully the motorway reappeared and the end of the journey into the city was actually quite painless. I laugh at it now but at the time I felt sick with stress.

The last few days have been great with plenty of walking, sightseeing, learning about the history of Prague along with weird and wonderful foods and drink. I am now at a point where I am longing for 'normal' foods.

Sleep has been amazing... One of the best beds ever!!

We have walked for hours, slept plenty and enjoyed each other’s company immensely. 

Our adventure takes us back to Germany tomorrow where my treatment continues on Monday. 

I feel relaxed but odd at being away from home for so long. I miss kitty but I do relish my time alone with my man. I've always wanted to go to Prague so there's another one ticked off. 


A quick visit to Leipzig

by Claire9. October 2013 15:46

Another night of very disturbed sleep is leaving me with very sore eyes. I have no idea why I feel this way as I should be very relaxed with all this time on my hands but I guess that's often the way.

We checked out of our hotel in Duderstadt this morning and I attended my appointment at the clinic. Today I had hyperthermia and an injection of Newcastle disease virus.

I was intrigued as always to see the different faces now at the clinic. On my way out I noticed more Portuguese people and one man in a wheel chair with a film crew equipped with a large camera and tripod. I guess they must be making a tv programme on it.

We drove a few hours east to a city called Leipzig. This is half way to our next destination but to break up our journey. We have a few days until my next round of appointments at the clinic. Rather than stay in Duderstadt we have taken the opportunity to take in more of Europe. So far today we have seen where Bach is buried, where Goethe drank and wrote Faust. There is a statue of Goethe and Mephisto. It's meant to be lucky to stroke Goethes foot. It's quite a nice place but it's a good thing we are only here for a day.

I'm going to take this opportunity to try and rest... I'm looking forward to our next stop!


Triple Negative

Someone is looking out for me! I dodged a bullet....

by Claire8. October 2013 15:49

I had an early appointment booked for today with Dr Nesselhuts clinic. Today was the day that I was to have all my white bloods cells harvested by a process called leukerphresis. I have had this done before, a year ago, but as I have had so many treatments they had run out of my cells to use. I thought I was ok about having it done again. It doesn't cause any side effects really and is pretty harmless however I must have been nervous and anxious about it as I sweated all night long and had odd dreams. When we arrived at the clinic we met with Dr Nesselhut himself who proceeded to discuss having my white blood cells harvested. He said that in the past few weeks he had found that two of his patients who were very advanced with different canSers had also had leukerphresis for the second time. Previously the cell therapy had given them astounding results and like me needed more cells to continue with the treatment. They then had the leukerphresis and have found since then the canSer has exploded and grown much bigger and spread throughout the body. This has lead Dr Nesselhut to change this protocol. He thinks that the lack of white blood cells is actually making the canSer ravage the immune system. He thinks even though the canSer I have isn't as severe as those two cases he certainly doesn't want to risk it growing and spreading especially as it happens in such a short space of time. Therefore I have had about 20 syringes of blood which will be enough for two visits instead. The upside to not having leukerphresis is obviously clear plus it is also makes it cheaper. The down side is that it means I will need to visit for about a week or so every other time.

We both felt very sad for the two patients who had such terrible luck and hope that they respond really well to the next treatment that they have. We also felt incredibly lucky that we'd dodged this bullet and that the Universe had granted us this gift. It's funny because I had obviously been worrying about this procedure. I had mentioned to Peter that I was concerned about having my cells harvested especially when I have been on chemo for so long. It's a known fact that white blood cell counts drop during that kind of treatment.

Dr Nesselhut did say that he has been getting astounding results with the gamma delta treatment and that I am to continue with that treatment as planned. 

We have noticed many Portuguese patients in the last few days. Since the day Dr Nesselhut was featured on Portuguese tv they had over 10,000 telephone calls that day! They clearly cannot cope with that many patients and have confirmed that they have to commit to their current patients. Again I feel very lucky that I have had the opportunity to have this treatment before he became so very popular!

After we left the clinic we felt a little bit aloof. We don't like change usually. Of course this was good change. We bought lunch and got in the car and set off to our favourite place in the mountains. We got our blanket and had an alfresco lunch by the river where we first went over a year ago. Despite it being cold and fresh it still looked beautiful and we both felt very serene. 

We're back now at the hotel and I'm tucked up all warm and snug having a cup of green tea. Reflecting on the day it has dawned on me that there really is no point worrying about things. I worried about having leukerphresis and it actually didn't happen. A lot of wasted energy and feelings for nothing! I definitely feel like someone is watching over me and feel very grateful and blessed.

It is our last night here for a few days. We have another night of movie watching planned and lots of sleep. These early mornings are not for me! But before I go to sleep I will be telling the Universe what I am thankful for and share a lot of gratitude.

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Triple Negative

European tour- days one to four

by Claire7. October 2013 09:52

We've had a brilliant few days. Driving all over Europe never gets tiring. Not for me anyway! Pete doesn't seem to mind either. This weekend was spent walking and taking in Amsterdam. It's not a place I've ever really had a desire to go to but I would highly recommend it! Unsurprisingly the red light district and the cannabis coffee shops aren't why it is so appealing! There is so much to see and do and the coffee shop culture is lovely. Pete did some research and we hunted down many watering holes that had a lot of history from the oldest to the famous frequented by Rembrandt. The only down side to the weekend was the state of our feet! They are very sore despite wearing apparently comfy shoes.

Yesterday we made our way from there to Duderstadt stopping on the way in Munster. Pete lived near Munster as a child so was intrigued to see if he could remember it all. We discovered an authentic German eating house and put a big old smile on Petes face by having a hearty German meal.

This fuelled him up ready for the next leg of our journey to our usual hotel for the next three nights. Knowing Duderstadt as being a very sleepy town we were hugely surprised to find it heaving with people and stalls. Apparently we had missed the Apples and Pears Festival which is an annual event here. We did manage to have a quick scour and take in the atmosphere before ey all packed up as well trying some of the local delicacies and delights!

Arriving at our German home it was such a pleasure when all the staff seemed genuinely pleased to see us. As usual the room is great and we came really prepared with movies on a USB stick. It's great staying in a hotel but sometimes it is nice to have home comforts so of the next three nights we are able to watch a movie all tucked up in bed with a cup of tea.

We had an early start today with an appointment for both of us to have our bloods taken. They have to test my blood before doing leukerphresis tomorrow to ensure I dont have HIV etc. They did the same for Peter but also took 200mls of his blood as he is providing his gamma delta cells to me.

Now that's done we have time today to mooch, do some work, write some emails and meditate.

I stupidly forgot my medication dispenser full of my supplements. They are safely with the hotel in Amsterdam. I am having it posted to here... But what an epic fail!I simply keep forgetting things!

I'm having a lovely time and just hope it stays that way. 

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Triple Negative

Packed my trunk...

by Claire3. October 2013 15:57


So yesterday was an exciting day that got even more exciting by the evening news. I had a tip off that my ‘piece’ was being televised on the evening news. Argh! I did everything I could to avoid watching myself but Pete filmed it! Ha ha! It is so very odd seeing myself on TV. But everyone seemed to like judging by the text messages and messages on facebook and twitter that I got. Then to top it off I was featured on Lorraine Kelly’s show this morning urging everyone to bin their bra’s for charity! If you blinked you may have missed but I it brightened everyone’s days up! Ha ha!

I have been busily getting ready for our mammoth trip to Germany. As well as this I had a visit from a photographer from The Sun newspaper. Again I felt very awkward standing grinning from ear to ear. I just hope the photos look good!

There are plenty of Breast Cancer Awareness products for sale during this month. One company offering their services is Stella and Dot.

 Stella & Dot are a high fashion yet affordable and accessible jewellery and accessories brand with fantastic quality pieces seen in Vogue, Red and Instyle. They are only available online and through a network of stylists who host pop-up boutiques in homes and events. Every year we support Breakthrough Breast Cancer where they have some select, absolutely lovely pieces that are available to purchase and they give away 100% of the net proceeds to the charity - the boutique is open now!
As well as this, my friend Kate is offering the opportunity for anyone who would like to host a pop-up boutique specifically to support the charity during October, a raffle prize to raise funds PLUS she will give away all of her earnings on the night to the charity too. Sounds like a really good deal to me!


If you are interested please don’t hesitate in contacting me and will I give your details to Kate.

I am just finishing off my clients for the day and I am feeling a little excited about my travels as we are having a stop off in some new locations either side of having treatment. I am dreading leaving my kitty but know she will be in good hands. I have done everything I can think of... but I am sure I have forgotten something.

It’ll be an early night tonight in order for a very early morning... Urgh... I don’t do early mornings if I can help it! But I get to go trucking with my man. We get to catch up and laugh all the way through Germany. That I cannot wait for. Yeah!

I’ll do my best at keeping the journal/blog going whilst I am away.... I have everything crossed that I will feel good all the way through it.

I feel like singing Nelly the elephant has packed her trunk! (Weirdo!)

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Triple Negative

Breast Cancer Awareness month.. can you help?

by Claire2. October 2013 14:17


It’s that time of year again... Its’ October so that means one thing – It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. You can show your support in many ways. The high street stores all have products they are selling with a percentage going to well known charities. Here is a link to what’s available;

It’s been an interesting few days for me.  I sadly caught Pete’s cold bug... I had that sore feeling in the back of my throat and it started to spread and I had that dreaded feeling of how bad will it get? But I persisted with positive thinking and a few ginger shots. Phew they certainly clear the airways and stimulate the system. I had been told lots of old wives tales, so went to bed with hot lemon, had a n early night, put olbas oil on the burner AND put Vicks on the soles of my feet then out on socks. That’s a weird one right? Well low and behold the very next day I feel as good as new. I don’t even have a sniffly nose or even a hint of a sore throat. That has to be the quickest I have ever got over a cold. Pete is stunned. He is still battling with a chesty cough. Woohoo! I am very happy as I was very worried what with our Germany trip and treatment next week approaching so quickly.

I have been cramming in clients before I go away. This next trip to Germany is going to our longest in a year. I am looking forward to it but also dreading being away for so long. There is so much that has to be organised.

Amidst all of this there has been quite a stir with Breast Cancer Awareness month. Today I have had Emma Vardy, a reporter from BBC South Today interviewing me and asking all about me and my story. I have no idea what I said. I hope I haven’t waffled and that I made some relevant points! I don’t think I will be able to watch myself. I’m not sure when it goes out, sometime this week I have been told.

I also spoke to a reporter from The Sun’s healthy pages. The reporter had spoken to Professor Dalgliesh and got the low down on immunotherapy. So I should be featuring in that in the next few weeks too.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement I also saw on Lorraine Kelly’s show that there is a campaign to bin your bra in conjunction with the House of Fraser, Elle UK and the charity Against Breast Cancer. I had to do a 10 second piece to camera as to why I am binning my bras. Let’s face it I have plenty since I had a mastectomy.... If you would like to get involved with it here is the link. It’s a great way to get rid of all those old bras you no longer need;

So that’s my fifteen minutes of fame but I sincerely hope it spurs everyone to get involved to really check themselves, not to be afraid and to live life to the fullest. Don’t laugh at me when you spot me in the media!

If you would like to support Breast Cancer Awareness month please do let friends, family and colleagues about the charity ‘wish’ bracelets that I personally hand make. All proceeds goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and The Cancer Vaccine Institute.

Here is the link to donate and order your bracelets;



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Triple Negative

What will you do when all this is over?

by Claire30. September 2013 10:53


The weekend has been lovely spending much needed time at home with my man. Sadly my Bear has been feeling pretty rough now for a few days and all I could do to make him feel better is tuck him up on the sofa with the cat and lots of ginger shots and hot lemons.

I took the opportunity to do some retail therapy with my best friend Liz and we shopped for more fresh produce for a meal that Pete said he wanted to cook us (despite being ill)

It’s funny how much money gets spent on food these days. In days and years gone by my money would have spent on going out and alcohol. It feels much nicer knowing I am spending it on fresh organic produce now though.

I received a new book in the post this weekend too, Mind over medicine by Dr Lissa Rankin. I love books that have lots of scientific evidence in them and when the author has completely changed their perception of healing. It motivates me more to really believe that anything can happen. She mentions in it how the words of the doctors telling you that the disease is terminal or incurable is so harmful and actually causes illness. I completely agree with that. I find it very hard to shift those words from my mind. I have been told it therefore it should be true? No definitely not. Doctors cannot explain what they call spontaneous remission yet it does exist. I’m looking forward to reading the book fully.

Yesterday my friend Alex ran the Nottingham half marathon and achieved her personal best of one hour 36 minutes! Wow what an achievement and she has raised so much for our charities!

The total of my fund raising now stands at £9605. It’s creeping up but I am hoping that we can achieve £15,000 now as our new target.

I had a reiki treatment on Friday by my friend Sarah. I love being a ‘body’ and ‘helping’ out when someone needs to practise their treatments. It’s such a treat. But whilst treating me Sarah felt that something kept coming up that she wanted to mention to me. She kept hearing the question, what are you going to do when all this is over?’ She asked me outright...It is true that some people relish being ill and love all the attention. She didn’t feel that of me but she does know the effort I go into writing my blog and having the website and facebook. It could hold me back and limit my healing if I didn’t have any forward plans. I knew immediately what she meant but I do know what I will do when I am well again. Peter and I would love to see the world and take some time off. That would be for about four month’s maybe. Then I would like to consider having a baby. For my work I would like to continue being a therapist but I would like to have a direct impact on others and do some voluntary work. I thought maybe I could do free treatments on patients that are going through or who have just completed cancer treatment. Offering comfort and knowing how they feel could be something that other therapist just don’t have. I understand how it feels to be bald and what the lethargy feels like. Obviously raising more funds to help others would still be high on my list but I do have hope and I do feel that the end of this can be seen.

This week is busy as we are off on Friday to Germany for my next round of treatment over there. There are lots to do before then. So I must crack on!

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Triple Negative

Cannabinoids.. a canSer cure?

by Claire26. September 2013 17:20


Today I have been to a Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning. It is the biggest coffee morning charity raising event with hundreds if not thousands of people taking part all raising money. I supplied some gluten free cakes... OK not sugar free but at least they were a little healthy! The thing with Macmillan is that you never know when you may need them right from diagnosis right through to end of life care. A truly worthwhile charity.

In the post I received a lovely thank you card from my friend who stayed last weekend. In it she enclosed an interesting article from the Sunday newspaper regarding a lady who has decided to stop having conventional treatment and now lives day to day healthily avoiding sugar and dairy and not being afraid of dying. She wasn’t given long to live yet she is still here and vibrant. She said that she takes a cannabinoid tincture that she gets from the USA. This is really interesting as I had been given some in-depth information about cannabinoids benefits from a friend in the medical industry. The challenge was, a year ago, where to get it from. I have decided to research this further as it seems it may have the ability to stop tumours growing. Obviously when cannabinoids are mentioned you automatically think getting stoned.

Here is an extract from a website that explains how cannabinoids work;

If you’re looking for the latest advances in medical cannabis, then you need to know about CBD rich strains. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the many cannabinoids that make up the medicine's active healing properties. In order to qualify as "CBD Rich", the product must have more than 4% CBD. Research has identified CBD as the main ingredient responsible for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. In addition, CBD shrinks tumours and inflammation. CBD is also good for reducing pain and helps with insomnia. It has significant analgesic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduction in anxiety and stress.

All strains that are CBD rich have a lower THC content. THC is the ingredient that makes one feel "high" or "Stoned". CBD acts to mitigate the "High" of the THC. For this reason, most recreational strains have been bred to reduce the CBD content. As science delves deeper into the therapeutic properties of cannabis, CBD is proving to be the most significant player in the art of healing.

I am really intrigued by this and although I don’t expect there to one miracle- cure- all medicine it goes within my belief of the ten point plan of combining different elements to get the best possible life.

I have also been reading lots of forums and have come across some really interesting survivors stories one of which has been helped by Julian Kenyon from the Dove Clinic in Twyford.

Here is a good article and advice on diet by Julian Kenyon. Now coming from a doctor it does help reinforce what I have already been doing;

I am really interested in having a nutritional test to see if I am lacking anything. I am looking to improve and want to really know what is going on inside me. Don’t we all?!

I am now getting ever more interested in meeting Dr Kenyon.....


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