I’m having a weird Wednesday

I’m having a weird Wednesday. In fact I am having a weird week so far. After the good news last week I had big plans for this week as it was predominantly free. I planned on doing lots of work updating my website and writing the survey, and exercising more and chatting with my builder […]

Senior couple holding hands

A Bear’s Blog for Friday….

I was sitting in the University Klinikum hospital in Frankfurt 4 weeks ago waiting for Claire to recover (a little bit) from her lung surgery and the German medical pamphlets caught my eye.  Whereas I am used to the leaflets explaining the mechanic’s of treatment and the processes of chemotherapy, surgery and “palliative’ care (I […]


Goodbye January, Hello February!

It’s February already.. Blow me down with a feather. January was one testing month and after my last blog we have been keeping busy as always. Madly we have been away again to Austria, skiing. I know, we are mad based on my physical health from my last blog, but the holiday had been booked […]


Think your life is dull, think again…

I warn you now.. This is going to be emotional and a long one. 2016 had started a little bumpy with the worst cold I ever had arriving on the first day of our Christmas holiday. Then banging my head and having whiplash didn’t help the matter. Especially due to the fact we were heading […]


Fighting for our lives…..

Friday night I watched Text Santa, a charity event on tv that helps raise money for three charities. They focused on stories of certain families that have been helped by those charities. One was making wishes come true for terminally ill children and another for Macmillan nurses who care for patients and their families whose […]

I’m feeling really festive!

I’m feeling really festive! Christmas presents all wrapped, secret Santa gifts, Text Santa evening tonight raising money for charities and everyone wearing their Christmas Jumpers….Eek! I’m like a big kid. The last few deliveries arriving today with the last few presents that I have bought for my nearest and dearest. I simply cannot wait! I’ve […]

Kitty isn't feeling as festive as I am!

What is the world coming to?

I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I wrote a blog. This time of the year seems to fly as everyone tries to catch up before Christmas. It’s such a crazy time. We have had the pleasure of celebrating our good friend’s wedding recently so it seems there is so much to celebrate! […]