Feeling better….

Friday again… Where do the weeks go? We have been to Germany and back yet again, this time to Duderstadt to have treatments at Dr Nesselhuts clinic. Literally on arriving at our hotel I had a message to go straight to the clinic. I got straight over and there and had an infusion of nivolumab. […]

TACE twice in two days…

Right now I am sitting in a restaurant at Frankfurt airport, having had two, yes two TACE treatments back to back. I have plenty of time to use as we bizarrely had a stroke of luck at the hospital. I don’t know if it’s from my incessant emails and complaints the last time I came […]

Another milestone……

Another great weekend passes and I have been living it up in London with my mum and sister. We met in London to celebrate mum’s birthday. I feel like I have been flying by the seat of my pants these last few months and there is still a lot to come. As I mentioned in […]

I made it to forty! Woohoo!

It’s been and gone already! Can you believe I made it to forty? I have to admit I doubted I would actually make this birthday when I was told almost three years ago that I had a limited life expectancy. I put my fortieth birthday as a goal and when the brain tumours arrived at […]


The pursuit of happiness….

I’m in the month of turning forty. I have always been a greedy girl and have stretched my birthday celebrations out for as a long as possible, usually a week, but as this year is a milestone and one that I was doubtful I’d achieve, I have made it extra long. So celebrations started last […]


Am I being a spoilt brat?

Mum has gone home this morning… We got so much done whilst she was here; sewing curtains and knitting blankets and gardening and more. Poor mum doesn’t get any rest whilst she is here! I hope she didn’t want one! It’s nice for her to be home I am sure but I always feel sad […]