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Welcome to TripleNegative.co.uk

Knowledge gives us all strength. Please share yours to make this the biggest ever single source of intelligence on a single cancer type. We, is the first thing to address. Many people fighting this cancer aren’t doing it alone, and being strong for the person you love most in your life when they are facing tough times brings its own troubles and tests. If you are feeling like you are facing this alone then we will be your loved one, we hope to bring strength, shared experience and above all hope to all of us.

Personal Experience

Through our own personal experience with triple negative breast cancer and the difficulties we have experienced as well as the huge amount of positivity that we have encountered, we want to try and create a place that will help to fight, face up to and live with triple negative breast cancer.

The Ten Point Plan

We spent an enormous amount of time researching cancer and the methods for beating this disease and have devised The Ten Point Plan. This is a list of ten areas for consideration should you be diagnosed with cancer. From Specialist Consultants to Mental Fitness

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Triple Negative Breast Cancer Explained

About 10 – 20 percent of breast cancers are triple-negative, but you may never have heard of triple negative breast cancer before you received your test results. Hearing new words and not understanding what they mean may make you feel scared and overwhelmed.

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My Blog

Since being diagnosed I have been writing a  blog to instil confidence of those suffering from cancer and to talk about new ideas, my feelings and a lot of the fun things I get up to on a daily basis. Please feel free to leave messages, its great to hear from you all.

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Fellow Fighters

One thing you may notice is missing is any kind of medical qualification. That’s because we aren’t Doctors or Scientists. We are fellow fighters and as such, just want to be a conduit to the great people who are giving us ability to go on, until a cure is found.

As such we have not checked everything that we bring to you, that;s for your research, as every person is different and the one thing we value above all else is treating as a person not a cancer.

Please help us with your own experiences and we can make this community a force for good and another positive action against Triple Negative Breast Cancer.


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Some of our Guestbook Entries

Snippets of what some of our visitors have written…

Hi- quick email to say that I have been following your blog now for about couple of years now. Had TNBC around about the same time as you and came across your Facebook page couple of years ago. just wanted to say what an amazing person you are and have been for the long while. I really hope that it all works out – fingers crossed and must admit I do check in most days to make sure that all is well. love and light xx.

Jyoti Castagnetti 7th December 2014

Hi Claire, I’ve been meaning to say hi for a while, sorry for the very long delay… So I’m the tall blonde (breast cancer survivor) who was celebrating my birthday with a group of girlfriends at Es Vive, Ibiza in June. We finally got talking (and dancing) by the pool on the day we left, Sunday 1st June. I could tell you were special before we met and then when we did I knew why.. A few of us drop in and read your blog…. Sending you all our love and positive thought… Laura xx

Laura Moody 10th October 2014

Hello! You inspire me as I go through my life’s journey with a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer on April 15, 2014. I live in the US and am grateful for the world wide web to connect me to you! Thank you for your wonderful blog!!! Best, Britt

Britt  Praker 12th July 2014

Hi Claire and Peter, I am another TNBC from the Gold Coast, Australia, bi-lateral surgery, chemo and rads, followed by a precautionary hysterectomy. I have just read your blog from start to finish. Congratulations on your amazing research, tenacity and courage. You are an inspiration. I hope your CT scan results after Easter are the best ever, and you can have the ablation you so want to try. Thank you both for this wonderful website. Glad you enjoyed NY – we are off there in September, and to see New England in the fall. (We lived in Surrey for 6 years in Virginia Water.) All the very best to you both, and much love. xxxx

Michelle Russo 27th April 2014