I had better start practising my German…

I had the best nights sleep last night- all thanks to the acupuncture and healing as well as a tasty cabbage soup- Thanks Bear. x

This morning was very exciting as I had a phone call from Doctor Nesselhut in Germany. He is such a nice fella and gave me a breakdown of what to expect. I am going to be having a combination of dendritic cell treatment combined with Newcastle Disease Virus (kills birds but not humans- phew! but does kill cancer cells) over the course fo a week I will have a number of treatments as well having hyperthermia. This is where the body is exposed to body tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 113°F). Research has shown that high temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells, which is why i have an infra red lamp at home too. It all helps right? So Pete and I are off on a road trip to Duderstadt. I will give you a breakdown every day I am there.

Doctor Nesselhut says the combination of treatments is very effective in the lungs and brain but has also treated many triple negative breast cancer babes before.

Today I have also been trawling the internet for the additional supplements that I was recommended such as, red clover, astralagus membraneous, cleaver, ashgawandha, chaparral, and biobran. Now obviously it could get very expensive buying all the supplements but the way I see it is, what I am saving on alcohol I am spending on goodness! 🙂 From what I can see all of the supps are for major immunity boosting.

I sent my lovely clients an email today informing them of my current news. I am so lucky to have such supportive clients. Their emails are very are so kind. Warm and fuzzy inside. X

Healing my spirit

We have been trying to contact the doctor in Germany today but sadly he has been unavailable. We will just have to be patient. I received an email today with a list of herbal medicines recommended for me to take. Checking them out online it seems most are to boost immunity and have beneficial effects against cancer. I am seriously going to rattle! ha ha!

I am having a fasting day today- that doesnt mean not eating. it means having mainly fluids, smoothies and warm soups. This is to release more toxins that are bound up in my liver. It will prepare me for my colonic session on Wednesday. Also I had my second acupuncture session followed by healing. Wow it was really powerful. I understand energy but Lyn Ng (who is Michael- the acupuncturists wife) was really calming. I instantly chilled out and her voice was amazing. I can’t normally focus when asked to breathe with my eyes closed. My mind normally wanders but I felt such a strong feeling of happiness I felt like smiling.I had such a feeling of something pulling me and many colours in my mind. I can’t wait for next time. I left feeling centred. Lyn explained that the spirit has to be strong in my heart. Then everything else will fall into place.I think I will sleep well tonight. For details on any reference I make to treatments and books etc I will add to a page. Please contact me if you would like any details in the meantime.

Fingers crossed we get a reply tomorrow re going to Germany. No time like the present!

Curcumin- miracle spicey ingredient

The weekend was lovely and relaxing yet I still feel very emotional- impatient, and full to the brim. I can’t understand why I’m feeling like this. I guess it could be the new diet clearing out all the toxins. Its been a few weeks now but only 7 days since I have really followed a plan. I am not looking forward to having a colonic treatment this week but feel that will really help get the toxins out of me. To assist with breathing and meditation I felt that I needed clearer airways so I bought a neti pot. It’s bizarre. I simply pour saline solution through one nostril to clear out the other- the results are amazing! I haven’t been able to breathe so clearly in forever. I’m ordering curcumin as advised by Mohi from Natural Biosciences. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmuric. it is proven to help with cancer and prevent cancer. The only thing is you need black pepper and oil to help it to be absorbed into the body. I have ordered Life Extension Super Cucumin with Bioperine. Mohi is going to email other supplements to try as soon as possible as I have another CT scan at the end of August. He is keen to see if it has a positive effect.

Will be trying the infra red lamp tomorrow…X

Scientists and Dendritic Cells….

Early start off to Reading to see a group of doctors who specialise in dendritic cell therapy. It was a very exciting meeting with lots of information on nutrition, how the immune system has such a huge part to play and how mood and stress levels affect it.  It was good to know our ten point plan has been given the thumbs up. One of the docs really emphasised the importance of acupuncture, yoga and mediation for improving healing and boosting the immunity. Pete and I left buzzing. We just have to mull it over then if I choose to go ahead with it off to Zurich I go! As if that wasn’t exciting enough I then get a call from Prof Gus who says that my nodules are so small radio frequency ablation or microwave are not an option however he has spoken to a doctor in Germany who combines dendritic cell therapy with another immunotherapy( it’s all letters and numbers- very confusing) The prof says as my nodules are so small now is a great time for this type of treatment. So we have the German fellas details and will call first thing Monday. As well at that he said he had been doing a lot of research and has seen a drug called dipyramidole which is used for blood clotting and has other functions has a positive effect on triple negative breast cancer, available from doctor with no side effects or danger to my health. The prof says it’s worth a go! He is going to write to my doctor ASAP.

Oo also my infrared lamp arrived. The doctors we spoke to all agreed that cancer cells are very sensitive to heat, now maybe a lamp won’t work but it says it should heat up to 2 inches deep. I’m only 4 inches in depth so heck it’s worth a try until I have an actual professional heat treatment.

All in all a great day (plus I had the Bear with me all day) 🙂

I feel like singing Destiny Childs’ song, ‘ I’m a Survivor!’

I loved reading yesterday so much so that I carried on today and finished the book. It is full of the realities of cancer and dealing with it as Cancer Babe. It made me laugh and cry. It is so essential to be able to focus and move on in a time when it feels like its all doom and gloom. I feel like singing Destiny’s Childs’ song, ‘I’m a survivor!’  It’s given more me more drive to stick two fingers up at it (in the nicest possible way). It also focussed on making yourself feel girly and making an effort not only for yourself but for the man in your life. I totally agree; I love getting all made up and putting on my wig. It takes canSer away for a while. Any cancer babes out there wants guidance and to be made to feel good check out these guys; www.lookgoodfeelgreat.co.uk


I am seriously laughing at myself now as I decided exercising at home needed some variety so have bought a rebounder ( that’s a mini trampoline to us normal people) By bouncing, your cells get gently squeezed by the alternation of weightlessness and gravitational pull. As a result, toxins are flushed and nutrition floods your body. I can’t help but laugh at how I feel like a child or Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Tomorrow morning is going to be fun!!


Tomorrow is an exciting day for us. We are heading off to meet Dr Ray at his research lab to learn more about dendritic cell therapy. This is the next treatment I want to have, hopefully in the next few weeks, whilst I wait for results from the hospital.


Vitamin D- under doctors orders!

I received confirmation that my vitamin D test is above average. Prof Dalgliesh says its fine at the moment but I will certainly need to up my vitamin d supplement in the winter. I’m still waiting to hear from another doctor regarding cell therapy and I am really keen to move forward with that whilst I am waiting for results on genetics. The professor also mentioned that he has seen an article saying dipyramidole, a drug used for clotting which has other functions and that has previously interested him, is active in triple negative breast cancer. He is going to look into it further-maybe another possibility.

After acupuncture yesterday with Michael Ng, the numberness in my fingers and toes have changed. It doesn’t feel the same. Almost like they are coming back to life. Can’t wait for my next appointment.


My new book has arrived today- Crazy Sexy Cancer by Kris Carr. After reading her great diet book I really thought that reading this one could inspire me further and give me hope. I’m going to head outside for some natural vitamin D and have a good read – under doctor’s orders!


I’m loving the new lifestyle changes I’ve made and I’m embracing it all but suggestions of a neti pot used to clear sinuses and enemas (you know what they are used for!) are filling me with dread but I’m strangely curious.  Watch this space. I think pictures will need to be added. Ha ha!

The Negative Health Service

Today  I had oncology appointment with the consultant to discuss more in detail and to collect results of MRI and CT scans. I don’t mean to sound off but to be told the scans were nothing scans and brushed over was a little alarming- to me that’s an amazing thing. The canSer hasn’t gone to my liver or my bones! Whoop de whoop! I almost think the doc would’ve been more impressed had there been some metastases. The plan is to wait for results and go back in September. There was no urgency or worry that time is of the essence. We discussed our ten point plan but as expected water off a ducks back. The look in her eyes was defeat. She advised me to enjoy alcohol and any food I like- although she did think alcohol could be a factor. She doesn’t believe changing my diet would help. I walked out as expected, deflated. I am having another ct scan at end of August – I really want to know if the nodules are growing. Moving on from that- there is no point expelling thoughts or emotions on it.


Time for me this afternoon- I had acupuncture to help with energy flow and also on a spiritual level. I really enjoyed it but couldn’t help wanting to see what I looked like with needles in me!


Went to the hospital today to see Professor Middleton regarding Clinical trials

My, how the morning flies. I have been up since Pete went to work I have meditated, done some Davina, boy I hope she gets easier, then yoga for ten minutes. I have made my first ever green juice in our new juicer. A bit messy but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. today is the first day of my cleanse, including affirmations, a focus and meditation. Meditation is a tough one- but as I opened an email first thing this morning from a friend inviting me on a 21 day meditation. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Coinciding with the 21 day cleanse- perfect.


I went to the hospital today to see Professor Middleton to discuss clinical trials. He is a very nice chap. I have agreed to let them test my tumour to see if it has any other mutations so that I may be able to have other trial medication. It’s all options at this stage.

Day of complete chillaxing

We had such a restful sleep last night. We always do when we are on the boat. Time flies too. The weather today has been amazing and so warm. I can’t remember enjoying it so much there. I always love being alone with my husband. No pressure and time to forget everything. We laughed a lot and discussed foods. We got home to about an hour of sun left in the garden where we danced and sang. Our neighbours must think we are mad! I love the garden. Today I ate nothing but green veggies and fruit during the day and as usual master chef created us a healthy delicious dinner. Brilliant weekend with my bestest friend, Bear. X


Crazy Sexy Diet

Saturday morning was spent doing chores together then exercise and smoothies then off to our retreat, the boat, to be alone and close to nature and to spend some time doing some serious reading. The weather improved slightly and we spent the afternoon rugged up. I managed to complete the Crazy Sexy Diet. It is so inspiring and exciting to think that I am in charge of my body. The author focuses on meditation and yoga. She also spells with an S like this, canSer. This is to take its power away. I like that. I may have canSer but I truly believe that I am making a difference and it will not control me. I am in control it and if I have to live with it then I will respect it. But it’s not ‘my’ canSer.  Although I am doing yoga I really do need to find myself a class or teacher to learn more to become more spiritual and in tune with myself. I thank my best friend Lizzy Beans for introducing this book and way of thinking.