Healing my spirit

We have been trying to contact the doctor in Germany today but sadly he has been unavailable. We will just have to be patient. I received an email today with a list of herbal medicines recommended for me to take. Checking them out online it seems most are to boost immunity and have beneficial effects […]

Curcumin- miracle spicey ingredient

The weekend was lovely and relaxing yet I still feel very emotional- impatient, and full to the brim. I can’t understand why I’m feeling like this. I guess it could be the new diet clearing out all the toxins. Its been a few weeks now but only 7 days since I have really followed a […]

Scientists and Dendritic Cells….

Early start off to Reading to see a group of doctors who specialise in dendritic cell therapy. It was a very exciting meeting with lots of information on nutrition, how the immune system has such a huge part to play and how mood and stress levels affect it.  It was good to know our ten […]

Vitamin D- under doctors orders!

I received confirmation that my vitamin D test is above average. Prof Dalgliesh says its fine at the moment but I will certainly need to up my vitamin d supplement in the winter. I’m still waiting to hear from another doctor regarding cell therapy and I am really keen to move forward with that whilst […]

The Negative Health Service

Today  I had oncology appointment with the consultant to discuss more in detail and to collect results of MRI and CT scans. I don’t mean to sound off but to be told the scans were nothing scans and brushed over was a little alarming- to me that’s an amazing thing. The canSer hasn’t gone to […]

Day of complete chillaxing

We had such a restful sleep last night. We always do when we are on the boat. Time flies too. The weather today has been amazing and so warm. I can’t remember enjoying it so much there. I always love being alone with my husband. No pressure and time to forget everything. We laughed a […]

Crazy Sexy Diet

Saturday morning was spent doing chores together then exercise and smoothies then off to our retreat, the boat, to be alone and close to nature and to spend some time doing some serious reading. The weather improved slightly and we spent the afternoon rugged up. I managed to complete the Crazy Sexy Diet. It is […]