Today was the first day I have really felt happy and not scared.

Today was the first day I have really felt happy and not scared. I can’t explain why? I am guessing that the positivity app really must be helping along with the diet, exercise, supplements, support from friends and family. The love and joy that Pete is giving is so nurturing it takes my mind off everything. I don’t feel tired or negative.  We went to the hospital and got the CT scans then posted them to Prof Dalgliesh. Peter and I went to our favourite health food shop, Bean bag that has seen us regularly for the last couple of weeks to buy Bromelain. I’m so excited about this supplement. Then we splurged on a juicer and steamer pans. I’ve never been so excited about household appliances!


It was just a really lovely day seeing friends and chatting and generally feeling up beat. I’ve been generally excited all round. J


Core of pineapples are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Four years ago today we got married. Started my day with exercise, a nutrient rich smoothie, supplements then off to London to spend some romantic time revisiting where we got married and then off to see Professor Angus Dalgliesh. We were armed with our research and scans that we had obtained from the hospital to see what his thoughts were on our ’plan’ going forward. Unfortunately the hospital, despite me asking for all images and scans, hadn’t included the most important ones – Grrr. Anyway the Prof said we didn’t need any diet and nutritional advice as we are doing great except one more special supplement we really have to get – Bromelain. Bromelain derives from the core of pineapples and is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! He has had some patients in the same position as me literally curing their own cancer. Well I am in! Off to buy some tomorrow. Back home for some homemade soup  including seaweed a la Bear then snuggled up to watch Lewis (It has been a Lewis extravaganza, one on every night this week!) with my gorgeous husband. Text lots of friends too as they are all keen to know how things went- Team Grant! Night. X

He kept giggling and moving until he fell fast asleep

Today has been a busy day! Peter and I spent all day working on the website compiling every section. My typing skills aren’t the best so it took us all 7 hours in total. It was good to get it done but really felt drained at the end, almost overwhelmed with the enormity of our situation. It’s all very well having cancer, but living and breathing it every waking hour is not good. Peter joined me whilst I did my positivity hypnotherapy application. Let’s say he finds it hard to relax! He kept giggling and moving until he fell fast asleep. Ha ha. I think I will be doing it on my own in future.

I pray for it to work for me

At the hospital this morning for a CT scan of my abdomen followed by an MRI scan. Lovely having Peter there too. Back home to a lovely green smoothie full of zingy lime. The sun is shining today so between exercise, yoga and relaxation I sit with a glass of alkaline water reading my new book. We bought a filter jug that makes the water alkaline. It really tastes great. I have been testing my urine with ph strips to see the level of acidity and alkalinity. I am now almost perfect. A blood test kit arrived today too to test me for vitamin D (Google Vit D with TNBC). You wouldn’t think a prick in the end of the finger would hurt so much!

This evening our lovely friend Paul Doran Jones (England and Northampton Rugby player), came over for a very healthy dinner created by my Bear. It was so lovely to see him and have a big old cuddle.  I got a text just before bed from Christy, the lady who has had dendritic cell therapy. It was good news! Her tumour hasn’t grown in 8- 9 weeks since she had the treatment vaccine. She is over the moon. It gives so much hope. I’m buzzing and too excited to sleep. I pray for it to work for me. I truly believe that the change in lifestyle, thought patterns, nutrition as well as the treatment I’m hoping to have, will be a success.

I have embarked on ‘project me’

Today Peter called and booked an appointment to see Professor Angus Dalgleish in London for later this week. I have embarked on ‘project me’. Peter helped me do the housework yesterday so that I could have more time for myself. I received a book that I ordered in the post today, Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet. It focuses on an alkaline diet. She has cancer also but it has stopped growing through eating raw, organic mainly vegetarian diet.

I have decided that today I will do an aerobic session with Davina McCall, and then later learn some yoga followed by my breathing app then the Andrew Johnson positivity app. I feel so positive but quickly get so down. I try to be upbeat for Peter but I can’t help being scared. I am waiting to hear from a lady who has had dendritic cell therapy too how the results of her CT scan have gone. Judging by the fact she hasn’t contacted me yet maybe the results are bad.

Birthday weekend

Hi it’s Claire taking over the blog. It was Pete’s (Bear) birthday weekend. We invited a group of our very good friends to stay and had a weekend of fun. The boys went off road driving and got very muddy; we had a BBQ in the rain- The great British summer. (I’m not complaining!) Followed by a competition between the boys at pool; then a lovely meal at a Thai restaurant. We both felt like we didn’t want to celebrate but actually it was the best thing for us. I got to talk to the girls and they all offered advice about so many things.  I really have started to take small elements from everyone I come across. My friend Sarah suggested a ‘mood board’ whereby I put hopes and dreams and things to visualise on a board with such things as where I will be in July 2014 as well as a really cool app for breathing and hypnotherapy for things like relaxation and positivity. I’ve already purchased them! My best friend Lizzy (Beans) helped with nutrition, Jonno’s dad is an acupuncturist and Emma discussed NLP techniques of letting emotions release. It was lovely. Feel very happy.

PARP inhibitors

Met with Lisa Walker head if Genetics at the Churchill. She very simply explained the effects of BRCA 1 & 2 Claire’s family history seems to indicate strongly that the gene may be present. Bloods were taken and the results will be back in 4-6 weeks. Could have had them in 12 days from the states but this was £3000.00.

Lisa also confirmed that Professor Harris is the main man in respect to clinical trials of PARP inhibitors.


We then met up with Claire’s breast care nurse Gill Stoker who helped us to obtain copies of all the CT & MRI scans for Professor Dalgleish next week.

Lots of muddy waters

Did more research into Biosciences and Dr S Ray. Lost doesn’t quite add up and the Company that he is the Chief Scientist for is almost bankrupt. Redermis.

However what does this mean and is it relevant – have also found masses amounts of info supporting cell therapy – this seems to be the pattern with cancer. Claim, counter claim and lots of muddy waters.

Today’s whiskey tango foxtrot moment is “WATER” full of poisons so off to get a filter.

Mr Slevin at the LOC put me in touch with Professor Angus Dalgleish at St Georges University Hospital, who is simply a genius. We discussed Dendritic, immunology and RFA and diet.

The big thing to come out of this is that Vitamin D3 is a must – looking at 2000 – 4000 IU per day. That’s 100mg.

Stuck into researching

Today was very exciting as Claire came to the office and we really got stuck into researching. She also booked her first acupuncture session.

The biggest outcome of the day was full understanding of the importance of Ph and Oxygenation.

Had an email from a Harley Street contact recommending the London Oncology Centre. Emailed them to find out why they are special. From the web site it just looks as if they have comfortable sofas – whereas we are looking for something truly radicle.

Starting to feel that Professor Harris at the Churchill is the top man – he just doesn’t have the top resources. Maybe we can combine the two

We would give it all away

Claire has met another fighter and added Aloe Vera to our armoury in the nutrition front as well as having lots of information arriving from various sources – nothing yet leaps out as quick win, except the cell treatment and we sign the consent forms today.

She also hears about Bosom Friends for the first time.

Interestingly we are told that treatment on private medical in the US is known to be much better than in the UK as it is not tied by budgets. This seems ominous and I can feel a shift from, is there help, through can we get help, to can we afford the help.

Let’s hope we can, because right now if they said put everything you own and everything you ever will earn into a bag, we would give it all away.