Love today, not tomorrow

Before our journey began today I emailed Professor Dalgleish re my scan results and meeting with the doc re the trial.   He says that it is usual to expect some progression and it’s very common for nodes to swell reactive with cancer cells in the same region. He said the necrotic node could be […]

All packed and off to see friends get married

Again today started with the feel good factor. Since the last round of chemo my finger nails have practically fallen off. As we are attending a wedding next week I decided its about time to feel ‘groomed’ and girly again. They look great!   I then had to go to hospital to meet a doctor […]

Heart chakra increases experiences of tranquility

Today once again I focused on number three of the ten point plan. I met with two long term friends and their little people for lunch. It’s so life enhancing chatting. People may think discussing cancer all the time can be boring and a constant reminder but it’s actually quite cathartic (also as long as […]

Sparkly eyes… must be from all the green juices…

I had a great meeting yesterday over skype with a lady called Dr Kate James. She has a very interesting background being that she is a conventional doctor but her daughter and her mother both had cancer. This led her to research other methods as well conventional treatment. Instead of reaching for a prescription pad […]

‘Sending you much love and positivity’

Yesterday I went for another acupuncture session. The points that were manipulated were tender this time but I actually quite liked that. The feeling that something is being done, I guess. Michael, the acupuncturist said that my energy/pulse has improved since my first treatment. He did say my stomach and spleen feels a bit stressy […]

About the girl

Today I thought I’d focus on one of the ten point plan; Mental Fitness. Mental fitness not only means positive thinking but also being confident in the way you look and your self esteem. I want to give information to any ladies out there that have had mastectomy. This time of the year generally means […]

Love days like this…

Just a short post today- I am having the best day. I love our home and I love our garden. I’m so pleased to be home. Been cracking on with weeding and as the sun is shining and its sooo humid we are enjoying time together in the sun. Today I have posted on facebook […]

Auf weidersehen, adieu Europe!

We had a great morning in Brugge. It really is a beautiful cool little place with all the swans an’ that. 🙂 My arm is a little swollen from the vaccination yesterday but nothing to worry about. I have been really pleased with myself this time we have been away. I have stuck to my […]