Flex the mind muscle

One of the ten point plan is mental fitness. This for me has been the hardest point to crack.  (That along with giving up alcohol!) everyone says how positive and upbeat I am and I am- most of the time but as friend said I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t have a wobble. Some […]

Magnetic and mystical

Today after a day of relaxing and enjoying the sounds of music, laughter, wind in the palms and the splashing of water we decided to take a trip to Es Vedra which had been highly recommended a visit. We had been told it is very mystical. Well that was enough for us! We had to […]

Hippies, Light and Love

I’m reading ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ by Richard Carlson. In it are short easy chapters filled with lessons and ways of relieving all the stress and worries, as it says the small stuff. Most of what we worry about is irrelevant. Trying to understand life and let life flow is something we are trying […]

Raising awareness in the national media? Gulp…

I couldn’t sleep last night as I was too excited… With the generosity and kindness continuing… A friend who owns  a friend who owns a PR company Blythe Weigh, has kindly offered his time and skills by trying to make this site connect to many more people. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness of […]

All aboard the chill out train- choo choo!

Throughout my life with canSer I have been so incredibly fortunate to be rich in abundance of love, kindness and generosity from everyone. Since we have been married we have made an annual trip to Ibiza where we have met many wonderful people who are now such good friends for life. We always stay at […]

The Simple Things

For me life has always been confusing. Even more so when faced with a life and death situation. Day in day out one’s head and thoughts can drive you crazy. One minute being up and the next down. A constant emotional rollercoaster. In the last two months what I have noticed the most that makes […]

Marijuana could help stop canSer spreading!?

As usual the search for a possible cure or treatment that may extend my life and the lives of others continues and it’s amazing what one can find on the internet! Just so you know I didn’t find the info below… Pete did. It gives new meaning to getting high! 🙂 A pair of scientists […]

Vaccine number 2-Cocktail of cells and proteins

Second day in Germany for treatment. Good news came from Dr Nesselhut. We were all ready to ask as to when I could have the new vaccine containing P2X7. Two reasons for being apprehensive; 1.He may say I have to wait. 2.The cost. Once the words were spoken he looked a little puzzled and said, […]