OPC and Himalayan Salt….. More insights from our German healing place

The journey to Maastricht in Holland- our first night on the way to Duderstadt felt like it took ages. We arrived at 11.30pm. We were staying in an old cinema- very cool.

Before our next leg of the drive we got up early and investigated Maastricht- overall summary- a very trendy, chilled place.

It took another 4 hours to get to Duderstadt and Germany seem to be doing work on every major road!- Grrr…

As we approached the Harz region the weather became unseasonally warm at 20 degrees and sunny. The colours of the trees this time of the year are just so beautiful (yellow ochre and burnt sienna- we discussed this in the car!)

Before my 4pm appointment for hyperthermia and the NDV jab we went to have tea at the Angel ladys’ coffee shop. She greeted us in her usual way and started chatting. It seems she has been recommended a special formula for some health issue she has that are manufactured in the UK. Her husband came along and gave Pete more info whilst I went for treatment. (This time with Cindy.. my favourite! :))

I returned an hour later to a wealth of information and Pete surrounded by books and paperwork. It seems that there is one thing called OPC which is Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidins which is contained in almost all plants particularly in the woody and fibrous parts, such as nutshells and kernels, rinds, leaves and skin. It is present in gingko biloba, mistletoe, and considerable amounts in red wine-Bonus! The pharmaceutical product is chiefly obtained from the seeds of red grapes.

Pete had heard of this 10 years ago from the owner of a vineyard in Bordeaux who had been exposting the pulp from his wine making to a cosmetic compnay  retailing out of the Gallery LaFayette, a miracle antiaging product that apparently rejuvenated cells.

It seems it may have been true but at the time the vintner astounded pete by telling him this was now being used in canSer research. Fast forward 10 years to OPC.

The literature Pete was given is all in German but so far we have ascetained it’s an incredibly strong anti oxidant and prevents cell oxidation that stores sugar and acid in fat reserves and the vascular system and this seems to be achieved by it’s blood thinning capabilities (our lights go on as this is now the 3rd time blood thinning has been mentioned in respect of canser treatment)

The second way in how it works  is more mysterious. In initial trials the success levels were extremely high however in clinical trials adminsitering OPC the results were appalling. Researchers studied the difference between the 2 groups and what became apparent was that the first group all took differing supplements. When this was replicated in the second group the success was immense and therefore it seems that although the OPC itself acts as and antioxidant it is it’s effects on the supplements in the vascualr system  that is most miraculous- hugely improving their effectiveness. So once again helping the body to help itself- The body is a temple!

That wasn’t the only thing- Mr Wolf (yes, the Angel ladys husband is called Mr Wolf) then said that something else was even more important. He said that our cells have a heart and membrane and an area filled with liquid. This cell was present on the creation of all life millions of years ago. It has developed to create all life on earth. However the liquid in our cells has been affected by this development and lacks all the componenets of life. However at creation God or the Universe preserved this moment and teh 48 minerals that made up that fluid frozen in time in the salt of the Himalayas. He said to simply drink a glass of water with a tea spoon of Himalaya salt every morning and our cells would take the elements they lacked and once again become full of the minerals of perfect life and not death. This is incredible because we already use himalaya salt in our food and I’m going to start having them in my baths (less harsh than epsom salts).

We can’t come to Duderstadt without pete being freaked out. Somehow Mr Wolf and pete got chatting about our angels! Mr Wolf said, ‘Yes, my wife does see angels’. His wife had mentioned us to him but she said what was even more incredible about us was the love that surrounded us that she could see. Awwwww. That’s lovely.


Back at our usual hotel (second home). Pete has some books to read (all in German) but he likes the title of the first chapter in one book, ‘Dasfranzosische paradox hanger leben mit rotwein’ ( go and translate.. :)) We’re off to the bar for some research!

A little bit about my treatment today… Boy Germans are so efficient. I love this but heck, they don’t mess around when giving injections! Yowzers!smiley-yell.gif

I feel well chuffed about the Angel ladys’ comments on our love and what she could see in the way of energy….

A black board in our kitchen says, ‘ Kitty and Bear love… That’s it. X

Off to Germany for treatment number 3…. wonder if we will see the ‘Angel’ lady?

Yesterday I had acupuncture followed by a one to one yoga session which then followed with a short healing session. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but the happienss was taken a way slightly by bad traffic on the way home. I have to admit ever since the treatments and yoga my head has felt like ‘mash’. I can’t think clearly. Last night we had terrible weather. It was so stormy that it kept both the Bear and I awake. Today I had plans to do some exercise as it has been about two weeks since I have done any. I think my ankle could handle some exercise but not bouncing. But I feel so tired today. I feel a little overwhelmed with stuff to do and it’s not that much really; my usual morning rituals, packing for Germany, clean the downstairs of the house and one client at 12. Nothing is flowing and I feel foggy.

At acupuncture yesterday Michael talked about my visit with Dr. Kate. He suggested that the next time I go we spend some time on ‘focussing’, which is an exercise where I focus on how my body feels and to let it go. He says that my energy is still a bit stressy but he is happy with how it feels at the end of the treatment. He worked a lot on many channels but the most sensitive was the heart channel agian which governs the emotions.

A whole heap of books arrived from Amazon today. More to read.. it will happen in due course. I’m going to start with ‘How your mind can heal your body’. I really believe that I am doing everything I can possibly due physically and I feel so positive most of the time but I do feel that there is something like today that makes me feel blocked and not convinced. I have to actually read a list of the things that I am doing to remind myself. Surely the cold is proof in the pudding that I am well. Today the cold, even though I sound congested is much better. It isn’t affecting my chest at all, which is unheard of for me. It would normally be lingering for weeks.

I read an article in the Daily Mail yesterday regarding the ‘timebomb’ that breast cancer is going to cause in years to come. Apparently because the population is living longer the NHS aren’t going to be able to cope with the amount of people getting cancer. That;s why I cry out now to anyone, make changes now! the client I saw today has taken on board the diet with the juicing that I do and suggest. She says she has now passed it onto 4 other people. Brilliant. Small changes that can change your life for the better.

Friday on Channel 4 is Stand up for Cancer night at 7.30pm. Cancer Research UK is joining forces with Channel 4 to bring you Stand Up To Cancer. The live event will see some of the biggest stars from TV, film and music come together for a fundraising extravaganza. Hosted by Davina McCall, Alan Carr and Dr Christian Jessen, we’ll be inviting everyone to get involved, show their support and raise millions for the fight against cancer. If I was going to be in the country I would watch it so please watch it for me! smiley-laughing.gif

My client gave me the name of a good reflexologist today, that’s two names I now have that I am going to contact. I have a feeling that reflexology could be really beneficial to me. So much to look forward to…..

So not long til I leave with the Bear to get on the road to Germany for treatment cycle number 3, wonder if we will see the ‘Angel’ lady?

We are staying in Maastricht tonight then the weekend in Munich! Should be interesting, let’s hope there isn’t any traffic to hold us up. I could do with a good night sleep.

Jasmine oil good for mucus membranes… :/

Naughty cold. It has gone to my chest. Which is what I feared the most. On the plus side though I don’t feel bad and I’m actually not coughing that much so hopefully it will pass really quickly. Let’s face it nothing bad wants to be living in my body with all the action packed foods and supplements I am taking in!

Today I have had a day of clients. Typical in itself that I am not 100%. I can’t decide if it set to make me feel better or if it’s a sign of not booking clients in. The fact of the matter is I feel so much better having had a day like today. I got lots done and it was lovely to see my lovely clients. (Aswell as making some money, seeing as all I do is spend money at the moment!)

I ordered myself some dead sea salts and essential oils today as recommended by the doc I saw last week. I am very much looking forward to having a bath filled with salt and rose otto. I have also decided to buy some jasmine. As expensive as it is, jasmine popped into my mind the other day. The key benefit is that it is good for the mucus membranes. Sounds terrible eh?.. but it is really good for chesty coughs and respiratory illnesses plus it smells divine. On reading about today I noticed that having a rose or jasmine plant in the garden for their fragrance, ‘call’ angels (if you believe that sort of thing.. and I clearly do! smiley-smile.gif)

I think that once I have done my jobs I am going to have myself a bath tonight with a bottle of olbas oil at this rate! I have everything crossed that I am well enough for treatment in Germany. It is a bit late to tell them as they need to know a week before my appointment as that is when they take my blood cells out of the freezer and start preparing and priming them.I’m back there for an appointment on Thursday.

The Dr. Kate emailed earlier today and said that maybe the cold is associated with the letting go and moving forward work we did last week. The lungs certainly are the organs that allows us to do this. She advised though, that if I feel unwell and have a temperature to go to my GP incase I need antibiotics.

Right now to do the ironing and tick another job off my list. Ta-ra!

There is an ancient saying, ‘ By the fruits shall you know the roots’…. so there, we should sow the seeds of happiness.

Sunny, cold, love filled Sundays

Phew, yesterday was manic. I was feeling really full of cold and yet still determined to not get neurotic and think it worse than it is. I am thinking that on the up side my body is full of anti inflammatories and immune boosting supplements that getting a cold is good for the body really. It could be that my body is getting rid of stuff and preparing for the autumn and winter or it could be a ‘healing crisis’ from the treatment that I have received this week.

Either way I really have to keep it in perspective. loads of other people have colds at the moment and I’m not pointing fingers but you know who you are that gave me this one!

Sadly despite knowing that I should stay at home and rest Pete and I had to work- moving his business to new offices. It was actually really good fun and all the staff were so upbeat and hands on it really made it a wonderful experience and so good to know that when they go to work on Monday that it’s all done and packed away. Every box. I made sure of that! A lovely bunch of people- Pete’s lucky to have them.

Then off to get Ray to take him shopping then home for his favourite (and only meal) I can cook- omelette. He hasn’t been out of the house for a couple of weeks and although he only comes to our house he was so happy. Time flies. Once he had been taken home we were then free.. and bushed! Off to bed at 9pm. This cold really has taken hold and I was feeling really sorry for myself. I knew I would feel better once I had a good nights sleep.

Spoke to my friend from Ibiza yesterday who has a talent for customising clothing. She wants to create a top with our mantra, ‘Light and Love’ on it. She has got the saying in 14 different languages to use. How cool. I cannot wait to see it. 🙂

Today has been filled with love and cuddles and the Bear and I have been discussing intuition whilst he has been cooking a tasty cream of cauliflower soup made with beans not dairy. I love sunny, cold, love filled Sundays like today-my favourite! (oh and watching rugby on TV- oh those big boys and their legs. Cheeky.) I have also noticed a change in our kitty. She actually loves us at last and has been sitting on our laps?! I know. A Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment! Bless her. I knew I’d break her down in the end… maybe she felt crowded and overwhelmed before; what with all the angels in the room! 😉

I’m off for some bear fur, food and rubgy boys legs.. Laters Potatoes… X

Boo I have a cold…

I had quite an uncomfortable night last night despite being so happy to be back in my bed. Everything is hurting and I have a cold… Boo.

Today I went to London to be measured up.. that’s all I am saying at this stage. It’ll all come clear in due course.

To be honest I could really have done with a day at home, however opportunities and one off situations arise and sometimes mean making that extra effort. I find going by train and travelling alone quite therapeutic.

After my meeting today I accidentally found my way at Oxford Circus surrounded by shops calling my name.. Oops! Sorry Pete! 🙂 it is part of the ten point plan.. remember for self esteem and feeling good! ha ha.

I have ordered so many books in the last 2 weeks. One of them is called The Purpose fo Life ( I know sounds really heavy but isn’t- infact it is the book that changed Nicole Scherzingers life. There’s a little useless fact you all wanted to know I am sure! :)) I can’t wait to get stuck in to them all but I really need to dedicate some time to reading.

I am really taking on the advice from Dr Kate. Today I do feel tired and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’ve eaten a lovely organic salad from Pret a Manger and I feel like I really must be kind to myself. The thing is get worried when I stop and I allow the illness to take over, but I’ve only actually got a cold. I just need to be warm and rest with lots of organic food.

I have to remember to be kind to myself and and I’m doing the best I can do.

I’m on a journey.. (I hate saying ‘journey’- I sound like someone on the X Factor!)

This morning started with an epsom bath, meditation and yoga.

Second day at Doctor Kates. I wasn’t sure what we would cover today but again it flew by!

We discussed in detail the supplements I am taking. I have been feeling overwhelmed with the quantity and have decided to drop a lot and replace a few of them with new ones. They are all very much immune boosting. Kate discussed the effects of foods on the body. A lot of what I have currently been eating and drinking are having a ‘downward’ effect which means they are hugely metabolising and although they are massively antioxidant and immune boosting the overlap could be making my body work harder. (it makes me think of my favourite saying ‘Keep it simple’) It’s funny because she mentioned how sometimes I may be drawn to warm rather than raw foods. She really taught me to learn what foods help certain organs. I have come away with many recipes, info and yet more supplements and tonics.

Kate discussed the scientific evidence some of the supplements have, in particular reishi (especially for triple negative breast cancer) and reishi spores. Reishi spores are difficult to obtain but a well know Chinese doctor swears they will fix canSer!

She discussed a lot about how although I feel better and well, that my pulse was weak in places. That I have to start stopping! I mustn’t do any hands on treatments as I’m too depleted. She recommends I start recieving more treatments particularly acupuncture and reflexology. She urged me to have more baths but to use dead seal salts and pink himalayan salt not epsom, and to place crystals in them. I get the feeeling that she is suggesting things that wil be softer, nurturing and kinder to me.

I discussed that I used to be so holistic and somehow I have moved away from it. She believes I know a lot and I am already doing and making the right positive changes but I must try to listen and trust my heart.

She played devils advocate by asking, ‘What would happen if you just stopped worrying about your next scan and whether the canSer had got bigger? I said I had to know so I could deal with the next problem, She replied, ‘ because there will always be a problem?’

We did EFT to release the feelings of anger I have against the comments from the specialists at the hospital over the last year. She made me look at everything with a different view. I do feel ‘lighter’ now.

I feel her strong sense of belief with the reishi spores and acupuncture is amazing. I didn’t think she could really teach me much but she has, and now I have a clear plan- 6 weeks on reishi, reishi spores and chaga then 4 weeks off. If by my next scan things haven’t improved, the dose will be doubled.

Kate said she woudn’t normally notice with other people but she felt and could see, that I am protected. She said, ‘Whether you call them light beings or angels, whatever, you are being protected.’ OK- that got me. She hasn’t seen and doesnt know about my blog. She said that I have a lot of glow and great energy. 🙂

I do feel that the things I have been drawn to are right, although I may not have thought they would benefit me in a such a way, such as youga, acupuncture and meditation.

So there it is- I’m on a journey, the fog is lifting, things are becoming clearer. I have to trust, believe and be kinder to myself or if I don’t then I won’t be strong enough and cope as well as I could. (I hate saying ‘journey’. I sound like someone on the X Factor!)

There are miracles out there but Dr Kate really does think combining conventional treatment such as surgery, chemo and radiotherapy with alternative treatments such as tradional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbs, nutrition will give individuals the best possible chance of remission. and that;s the whole pint of my ten point plan!

My battle isn’t with canSer it’s with myself….

We discussed what I’d say to canSer. Do I believe that it is part of my body, since the body created it? No. So I told the canSer that I repsected it but it’s not welcome.  She tried to calm me by saying that having the tumours stop or slow right down in growth is probably better that them going altogether as this makes it a stable disease. Kate said that a study of 80 people who died from other ways than canSer, all had autopsies and over 5% of them had primary canSers that they didn’t know about. They had lived happliy with canSer but hadn’t known. I know she is right and I know I have to cope with living properly in the knowledge that it’s there, possibly- it may have already gone! 🙂  But as long as I spend time worrying about it and wishing for it to go and trying to control it, it’s winning because I am giving it power and energy.

So a summary- I need to be kind to myself. I need to listen to my heart and be more intuitive. And I have to over come the constant need to know what is going to happen to somehow change the outcome. I must continue with my plan and really help myself in every positive way. That’s an action plan I think anyone would struggle with but I am game on! True control comes from doing nothing. That doesn’t mean stopping trying to help myself. It means letting go. I can only do the best at that time and trust it is the best thing for me.

Water horse, water dragon and a warrior- Me?

We had the best nights sleep. Apart from staying in the biggest bed, we were staying in rural Northumberland- no light or noise. It was so peaceful.

I drove myself to Dr Kate James’ house which was also out in the countryside by a farm.

I have to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. First impressions (anyone that knows me, knows that I am quite OCD about certain things!) were ‘oh god, I’m scared’. It was a very ‘floopy’ home; very spritual and hippy- not what I expected from a conventional doctor. However, I know I was meant to be there and couldn’t wait to get started. The day was filled with discussing nutrition, diet, supplements and more.. To be honest there was so much talking it’s hard to remember what was said!

Dr Kate works very intuitively. She ‘feels’ what you need, which sounds totally crazy but the herbs she recommends she has done her homework on as she knows and studies the scientific background to each thing. It made me realise that she may have a ‘feeling’ she should offer it, but also knows the effects on the human physiology.

A lot of Kate’s basis is from Chinese medicine. She massivley urges me to have acupuncture more, Chinese herbs, and tonics as well as Chi Gung.

She likes to know what ‘type’ of person one is on a Chinese astrological chart. It works by taking your date of birth including the hour you were born. It gives her an insight into what elements are stong in your character as well as the animals. Each animal and element has certain characteristics. So I discovered I am a water dragon and water horse with a lot of earth. Apparently that means I am very intuitive, protective, always on the go (hence the water, more like a waterfall than a lake as it’s always moving) fiery, driven but also a warrior! Or maybe she meant ‘worrier’ as I am certainly that!

I actually felt better knowing that I was actually born this way and haven’t become a neurotic, high maintenance, pain in the backside! ha ha! Knowing that ultimately helps with how she treats and teaches me. It was fulfilling knowing that I am intuitive. I just need to trust myself more. Listen to my heart and not battle my head.

After a hearty home cooked organic lentil and root veg soup we carried on with Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is really intersting, otherwise known as tapping, I repeated words and sayings that Kate said, as if it was from me and my thoughts. Blimey what an effect! I totally felt overwhelmed and started crying. I think what got me was to know that I felt so out of control and that I don’t really know the real me, as I always want to please. I felt a sense of calm after we finished. 6 hours really have flown by!

On the road to Northumberland for some EFT and more…

Last night I spent a bit of time trying to look online as to whether there are any benefits that may be available to someone in my position. Now it’s not because I feel I am owed something but every little helps, especially as I didn’t have a health plan. That is something I would urge everyone to do! I thought that this could be something other survivors overlook also. I have been advised by a friend that there is something called a DS1500 report which fast tracks benefits such as Disability Allowance and Attendance Allowance. To be honest it is all very confusing but what I would say to anyone is contact the Department of Work and Pensions to see what you could be entitled to. This of course is adding onto to free prescribtions that we are entitled to.

Last night was a turbulent one, which is totally out of character for me as I sleep like a log normally these days. I feel like, maybe, I could be getting a cold but I’m not sure. I certainly hope I am not. I wonder if it is the supplements I am taking? I have increased my dosage of reishi and chaga as recommended. Also maybe it could be the airnergy? Who knows, I just hope I am not getting a cold or that I am showing symptoms of the canSer (which by the way I think is definitely going!) and that my body is simply adjusting to new things. Echinacea is what I need!

Right so, I am packed for a few days in Northumberland. I will be spending the next two days working with Dr Kate James, the intergrative medical practitioner. I am hoping to learn emotional freedom techniques, release some issues, learn lots of stuff and come back feeling renewed. It’s a long drive there but I won’t be driving. I am the co pilot. 🙂

I have emailed Professor Dalgliesh a number of times recently but hadn’t got a reply. I decided that I would call him as I want to see what he thinks I should do regarding the ‘microwave’ treatment. Thankfully he was there and he seemed really upbeat and kind asking how I am feeling. I told him the pan of action with the rest of the treatment in Germany and that I will have my next scan in December.

He said that he will check my previous scan that I sent to him and says that having microwave treatment combined with viro/immunotherapy has great synergy because as the microwave will blast the solid tumours the dendritic cells and vaccine will work on the cells that are left floating around. Apparently they are trialling something similar at the moment for colon cancer. They are using ablation with chemo or radiotherapy. Makes perfect sense to me! So i have left it with him to come back to me with the thumbs up or thumbs down.

I got ‘pinned’ in the heart……

As part of my meditation at the beginning, I downloaded an app for my phone which was a 21 day Deepak Chopra guided meditation. Since then I have subscribed to their newsletter. This morning I received a link to the Healing Wisdom section which was focussing on ‘mind and body approaches to preventing breast cancer.’ I was so thrilled to read that everything they mentioned with regards to diet, external factors such as stress, toxins and more were totally reflected in our ‘ten point plan’. It was brilliant to read the information on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I particularly liked this:
When we connect to our innate wholeness through spiritual practices, it allows us to access our inner healing abilities. We strengthen our defenses against abnormal cells and activate the pathways that give us health and vitality. By understanding breast cancer from a mind-body-spirit perspective, we begin to see it as a phenomenon of the mindbody. We can then start to make choices that are most healthy for our physical and emotional layers while accessing our deepest source of health and natural balance through spiritual practices.

Here is the link to the whole page. It’s really worth a read; http://www.chopra.com/files/newsletter/Oct12/Oct12-HealingWisdom.html#

I had an acupuncture session today. The first time in about a month. The points that were ‘pinned’ felt really good. What I mean is that, it was between pain and pleasure. It didn’t hurt but it definitely felt like a dull ache, some more than others. Michael explained that he had worked some heart points which were the most sensitive to me. In acupuncture working the heart channels works on steadying and balancing my emotions. Well that explains why they were so sensitive then! And also he worked on my kidney points. This is where all life force and energy comes from. Again wanted to boost and balance that energy to make me stronger. Next time I go I will have a healing session afterwards with Lyn. Can’t wait.

I decided to have a big ol’ beetroot and carrot juice this afternoon. I have had my usual green juice for breakfast and plenty of nuts and lunch but now to get those superfoods inside me as an extra boost. Beetroot is classed as superfood because of betacyanin which is the pigment that gives red beets their color and is believed to be responsible for helping fight cancer. Well it looks good and tastes sweet and if its organic, fresh and unprocessed I believe you really cannot go wrong.

Im having a visit from my step son this afternoon with his friend, Amy. It’s always nice having visitors especially now that the days are getting colder I’m less likely to go outdoors. I sound like an old lady! Well you know what I mean! I like to stay warm and cosy.. 🙂


Packing tonight for a few days away to Northumberland. Never been there before…. I’m looking forward to it and the long drive there. In the old days I would have said it was like trucking and Pete and I would have insisted on having a Yorkie! But now I am guessing we will be eating almonds! ha ha! Ahhhh, funny. 🙂


Navajo Indian rituals, Vegan pasties and being thankful?!

So with having a sprained ankle the idea was I was meant to have an ‘easy’ weekend. An excuse to snuffle up and read those books I am itching to read. Yet somehow I don’t seem to have achieved that until now. I really find it so hard to stop trying to get everything done. And by ‘everything’ what I mean is stuff that doesn’t really matter! Ironing, gardening, tidying up cupboards, sorting out my wardrobe etc.. I think to myself I’ll just get those things done and then I will sit down. The ‘energy’ this weekend at home hasn’t been brilliant and it’s all because of me feeling unsettled until now.

On the upside, the weekend has been filled with tasty food I might add. Pete  really has taken on board my vegan diet and has made spelt chickpea casserole pasties. OMG amazing! Then our neighbour gave us home grown courgettes and using other home grown ingredients made a delicious courgette and onion soup. I really cannot get enough food inside me! That’s the great thing about having this new life is that I don’t calorie count. Of course that is the last of my worries but really if you want weightloss simply make positive changes like I have and it will drop off. In fact the opposite is now happening. I am struggling to keep weight on! I never thought I would ever hear myself say that. It’s got to the point where I really need to have a wardrobe sort out as nothing fits me! Argh! (To all my friends rubbing their hands together… yes a wardrobe sort out -you will be benefiting! 🙂 )

For both Pete and I, the last 3 months (I know only 3 months right? Seems like forever) have been about changing our mind sets. The question of ‘what is life all about?’ gets banded about and learning to love, feel compassion and making different considerations now. We struggle with anger and fear.

Pete has even embraced different cultures in particular the Navajo Indians. On researching, they seem to have such a connection and understanding to the earth and the universe. It may all seem like mumbo jumbo to many reading but when in our position you want to learn and understand as much as possible. The material things seem unimportant and there has been a huge shift in us. He has read today about some sort of smoke ritual to heal the emotions and spirit. It uses sage which is burnt like incense to cleanse and soothe. This made me realise that I already do this in a treatment that I offer. LaStone therapy is a hot stone massage using basalt lava stones. It originates from Arizona but the lady who invented it was very connected to the Indian way of life. At the end of the treatment to cleanse the aura there is a ritual which uses white sage. It is lit and smokes, this is then fanned over the body. I cannot believe that I actually have this still and have known about it for about 15 years. In fact a lot of what I am learning or I should say re- learning I have already been taught about in holistic therapies. I have known all of this for so many years but allowed myself to lose touch. And that’s how I think I have lost touch with listening to my body, my heart and my gut or intuition. I have ignored the signs, and over ridden my deep feelings. I trusted others when I knew inside something was wrong. I am so thankful that this has given me a chance to wake up- to me. The real me.

Back to Pete. He has, from a child, been taught to follow instructions, so inspite of what his gut or heart has told him he hasn’t listened. This for him is all so new and we both seem to be waking up. We consider other people so much more. We love and are thankful so much too. We just need to get the right balance.

So despite not having the weekend that we had hoped for (Pete wanted to head to the coast but the weatherman got it wrong) I am now sat down and although doing my blog I feel that I am fully relaxed and feeling the love especially as every time I walk around the house I am reminded of the love from my friends and family from all the hearts that I have been sent.

I have quite an exciting week ahead.. X