Goodbye to Stan – Hello home!

Today I had my third and final session with Stan Dawes for reiki. As usual he was bright and breezy and as generous as other days he worked for almost a whole extra hour on me.  I simply cannot believe how quickly two hours goes! This morning I thought to myself that I would really […]

Went to meet Stan the Reiki Man

Today I drove to Romford of all places to meet Stan the Reiki Man! Yes a long way to go in the horrific weather we have been having but well worth it. I was a bit worried of what to expect but upon meeting him I instantly knew it was the right thing to do. […]

I’m back baby!

This weekend has been lovely… apart from the horrific weather yesterday! Saturday morning I hijacked the Bear to go Christmas shopping!That was after having a visualisation session with Peter. He read a routine out a book where quantum field healing visualtions were featured. It’s where I visualise going into my body, into the cells, the […]

Letter to CanSer

Acupuncture today. My energy is apparently better than before so the treatment was different. I had some points done in my hand that were working on both sides of my heart?!  Cool. 🙂 I have been saying my affirmations and really trying to say them like I mean it! I feel really well and I […]

Clean Sheets.. Mmmmm

We had a mega long drive again today but we have finally got home. I have been feeling so happy today.. probably the thought of getting into my own bed with clean sheets (I had forward planning before we left!)… Back to my kitty and some cuddles! Night Y’all!

Treatment number 4- Day one

We arrived in Duderstadt around lunchtime after a lazy weekend in Cologne. The weather is getting colder and feels like snow is on its’ way. Before my appointment at Dr Nesselhuts’ clinic we wandered around the little boutique stores and purchased our first Christmas presents. I’ve made a decision not to feel so pressured in […]