Bursting with love for all the support

Today has been mostly spending time pushing my wares! Ha ha! I have been on social media promoting my bracelets and egging everyone on to donate to the giving page that I have set up. I was worried to begin with but once I contacted a few friends the donations have started to flow and […]

Hearts for Harz

It’s been a few days since I’ve written my journal. I had a good couple of days finishing off the bracelets. I have mounted them on little cards I designed which have been printed for me and paid for by Pete, however I buggered up and didn’t proof them right and noticed a spelling mistake- […]

The results are in……..

Well what can I say.. Today is one of those days that I have something good to write about. The day has been looming for a week. Initially at the time of my scan I felt deep inside that everything was going to be ok but as the week wore on I let my head […]

I have everything crossed….

It’s been a few days and I always think when I am not blogging then I must be living a lot! Friday was a lovely day. I had a mammoth shop in a health food shop (sorry Pete!) then went for my monthly reflexology treatment. Once again it was amazing and I had real trouble […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I was greeted this morning by some lovely little gifts (the theme was hearts) from my Bear and the most beautifully written card. Bless him. He always makes such an effort. Sleep wasn’t his friend last night. It so unfair seeing him so concerned about everything but most of all about me. […]