We’ve topped £7000!

I woke up being totally snuffled again this morning… I have had a big smile on my face all day today. I love my Bear. He is so kind and caring and full of love. I wish people told him how lovely he is more. He deserves happiness in his life. Bless him. X Yesterday […]

All preened and ready for the big day tomorrow

Thursday was a great day. I headed up to Birmingham to meet my friends who took me into the centre and we had a proper girly lunch. Talking about everything… I love letting off steam. It was interesting talking with friends about families, change and their natural fears for the future being parents. I suggested […]

Essentially stable disease

So I received a copy of the letter that goes to my doctors after my clinic appointment today. I don’t know why I bother reading it as I always get a little bit flustered by it. It states that I am on palliative care… I have mentioned this before but I must be feeling a […]

A perfect bank holiday weekend….

Another bank holiday weekend gone in a flash but a very memorable one. Saturday was fine weather so the Bear and I got to cleaning the car for the wedding the next day. Pete was the chauffeur for the bride and brides’ father. He felt they needed time on their own to discuss whether she […]

Sooo tired…. someone wake me up!

Yesterday was an odd day for me. I felt completely and utterly wrecked. I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open and felt incredibly achy. I put the aching down to exercise. I had done Davina Intense DVD which focuses on HITT training, which means it is all very short and fast. But I did think […]

The BIG Day.. Results are in!

So today was the BIG day… the results day. I coped quite well I think. I didn’t lose any sleep and I didn’t worry myself sick as I have done in the past but my heart rate was definitely higher whilst waiting today, and to make it slightly worse there was a 60 minute delay. […]

I am the Fairy Claire Mother!

Another weekend has passed by with a blink of an eye. As ever it was action packed. Friday night we met friends for dinner and made news friends too. It was an evening of much laughter and goofing around. Good for the soul and how my cheeks ached. I went to bed with a smile […]