What will you do when all this is over?

The weekend has been lovely spending much needed time at home with my man. Sadly my Bear has been feeling pretty rough now for a few days and all I could do to make him feel better is tuck him up on the sofa with the cat and lots of ginger shots and hot lemons.

I took the opportunity to do some retail therapy with my best friend Liz and we shopped for more fresh produce for a meal that Pete said he wanted to cook us (despite being ill)

It’s funny how much money gets spent on food these days. In days and years gone by my money would have spent on going out and alcohol. It feels much nicer knowing I am spending it on fresh organic produce now though.

I received a new book in the post this weekend too, Mind over medicine by Dr Lissa Rankin. I love books that have lots of scientific evidence in them and when the author has completely changed their perception of healing. It motivates me more to really believe that anything can happen. She mentions in it how the words of the doctors telling you that the disease is terminal or incurable is so harmful and actually causes illness. I completely agree with that. I find it very hard to shift those words from my mind. I have been told it therefore it should be true? No definitely not. Doctors cannot explain what they call spontaneous remission yet it does exist. I’m looking forward to reading the book fully.

Yesterday my friend Alex ran the Nottingham half marathon and achieved her personal best of one hour 36 minutes! Wow what an achievement and she has raised so much for our charities!

The total of my fund raising now stands at £9605. It’s creeping up but I am hoping that we can achieve £15,000 now as our new target.

I had a reiki treatment on Friday by my friend Sarah. I love being a ‘body’ and ‘helping’ out when someone needs to practise their treatments. It’s such a treat. But whilst treating me Sarah felt that something kept coming up that she wanted to mention to me. She kept hearing the question, what are you going to do when all this is over?’ She asked me outright…It is true that some people relish being ill and love all the attention. She didn’t feel that of me but she does know the effort I go into writing my blog and having the website and facebook. It could hold me back and limit my healing if I didn’t have any forward plans. I knew immediately what she meant but I do know what I will do when I am well again. Peter and I would love to see the world and take some time off. That would be for about four month’s maybe. Then I would like to consider having a baby. For my work I would like to continue being a therapist but I would like to have a direct impact on others and do some voluntary work. I thought maybe I could do free treatments on patients that are going through or who have just completed cancer treatment. Offering comfort and knowing how they feel could be something that other therapist just don’t have. I understand how it feels to be bald and what the lethargy feels like. Obviously raising more funds to help others would still be high on my list but I do have hope and I do feel that the end of this can be seen.

This week is busy as we are off on Friday to Germany for my next round of treatment over there. There are lots to do before then. So I must crack on!

Cannabinoids.. a canSer cure?

Today I have been to a Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning. It is the biggest coffee morning charity raising event with hundreds if not thousands of people taking part all raising money. I supplied some gluten free cakes… OK not sugar free but at least they were a little healthy! The thing with Macmillan is that you never know when you may need them right from diagnosis right through to end of life care. A truly worthwhile charity.

In the post I received a lovely thank you card from my friend who stayed last weekend. In it she enclosed an interesting article from the Sunday newspaper regarding a lady who has decided to stop having conventional treatment and now lives day to day healthily avoiding sugar and dairy and not being afraid of dying. She wasn’t given long to live yet she is still here and vibrant. She said that she takes a cannabinoid tincture that she gets from the USA. This is really interesting as I had been given some in-depth information about cannabinoids benefits from a friend in the medical industry. The challenge was, a year ago, where to get it from. I have decided to research this further as it seems it may have the ability to stop tumours growing. Obviously when cannabinoids are mentioned you automatically think getting stoned.

Here is an extract from a website that explains how cannabinoids work;

‘If you’re looking for the latest advances in medical cannabis, then you need to know about CBD rich strains. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the many cannabinoids that make up the medicine’s active healing properties. In order to qualify as “CBD Rich”, the product must have more than 4% CBD. Research has identified CBD as the main ingredient responsible for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. In addition, CBD shrinks tumours and inflammation. CBD is also good for reducing pain and helps with insomnia. It has significant analgesic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduction in anxiety and stress.

All strains that are CBD rich have a lower THC content. THC is the ingredient that makes one feel “high” or “Stoned”. CBD acts to mitigate the “High” of the THC. For this reason, most recreational strains have been bred to reduce the CBD content. As science delves deeper into the therapeutic properties of cannabis, CBD is proving to be the most significant player in the art of healing.

I am really intrigued by this and although I don’t expect there to one miracle- cure- all medicine it goes within my belief of the ten point plan of combining different elements to get the best possible life.

I have also been reading lots of forums and have come across some really interesting survivors stories one of which has been helped by Julian Kenyon from the Dove Clinic in Twyford.

Here is a good article and advice on diet by Julian Kenyon. Now coming from a doctor it does help reinforce what I have already been doing;


I am really interested in having a nutritional test to see if I am lacking anything. I am looking to improve and want to really know what is going on inside me. Don’t we all?!

I am now getting ever more interested in meeting Dr Kenyon…..

It’s always good to have more options….

Today has been another lovely day. Another filled with great TV, The Great British bake off being one of them. It makes me laugh that under no circumstances can I eat the bakes but I do love to watch them create! Another lengthy night’s sleep and the reluctance to live my wonderful bed but it has been another good day. My days do not have to be filled with experiences for them to be good. I simply like to potter. Prepare meals, organise bits and bobs, clean the house and sort through photographs as well as clients tucked in between.

I have been replying to a few forums offering my advice and experience to other triple negative survivors and have come across a doctor whom I have heard a lot of recently. His name is Prof Dr Vogl. Another German doctor who has a clinic in Hallwang near Frankfurt. He specialises in radiology in particular transarterial chemoperfusion or TPCE. I know sounds ‘out there’ right?

The long and short of it is this; It is where under local anaesthetic catheters are passed into the tumour, in my case, my lungs and a large dose of chemotherapy can be applied directly into the tumours. It is apparently far more effective than giving the whole body chemotherapy because you can a0 use a much higher dose as it is localised and b0 it doesn’t leave bad side effects and c0 can be done as an outpatient. Also he can stop the flow of blood to the tumours therefore making them die. Of course this isn’t a cure for canSer but can obviously elongate a patient’s life. I thought to myself it was worth investigating and found an email address to the Prof. So I emailed him. And within an hour I had a reply with him explaining that he could offer me the treatment depending on my CT scans. Well, well, well… this does give me options. I am intrigued and following my next Germany visit if my CT scan doesn’t look as I had hoped then I think I will send him a copy and see what his thoughts are.

So another option… it; s always good to have more options… Germany seems to be rocking great treatment.

I saw this inspiring article online earlier today that I thought I would share with you…

15 wildly successful people who overcame huge obstacles to there. Kris Carr is one of them J



In the Mood….

I had the weirdest night last night. We went to bed nice and early in order to catch up on much needed sleep. Well that’s Pete who needed it really but you know me always need more! But I couldn’t sleep and didn’t until about 2am.

Whilst lying there the moon poured in through the clouds and I thanked the Universe for everything as normal. I then began visualising. I imagined the lymph nodes being polished and scrubbed to keep them clear. I thought of blue force fields around all other parts of my body so that do not get infected and I imagined me using a really cool Dyson hoover with a really strong pipe nozzle to suck up each and every entire tumour. It’s the first time I have actually seen the whole thing be sucked up and fully removed. Whilst all this was going on I had such warmth in different areas of my chest and back. So much so it was throbbing. First of all I thought it was me perhaps making it happen. But when I got up to go to the bathroom it was really thudding. I couldn’t help but think that maybe I was being healed by someone else, maybe John of God still? I felt really positive about it. I hope that when it the CT scan comes round my feelings are right.

I was reading an article in my therapist magazine yesterday and they have a feature on a lady called Patricia Peat who was an oncology nurse before starting her own business in helping canSer patients with treatment and advice. She helps advice on all aspects of treatments from orthodox to complementary. Some of the information she provided for the article was very in depth therefore I have decided to email her and see if she has any nuggets of advice or treatments that may help me. I am guessing she must know the cutting edge treatments and who provides them. This could be really helpful for not only me but for the other ladies that have been contacting me.

I saw a notification on Google from someone trying to find out what treatments are available to stage four triple negative cancer patients. The message seemed so strained that I couldn’t not help. So I have registered with the forum and given my details and offered my assistance where possible. If I am doing so well surely I can help someone else.

Today has been lovely so far. I dragged myself out of body nice and early to go to an acupuncture appointment. I try to keep all appointments to the afternoon however today was different. I was advised by my acupuncturist that today I had to have it as a morning appointment due to the five elements. This time of year is the Earth element and on this day at 10.30am. By working specific points related to the Earth element balances and nourishes that particular element. Mary called it a ‘harari’ or seasonal treatment. I felt incredibly sleepy whilst having the treatment and I am pleased I haven’t had any clients booked for today so that I can take it easy and let it do it’s thang!

You’ll be please dot know I have got over my grumpyness from yesterday. I have adjusted my mood and now feel totally at ease with starting the nutrition course at the end of October.

So to use my time wisely and plan for the future I have made some changes to my mood board as prompted by Polly Noble. I have altered some things and there is still room for more to be added… As you can see the focus is on healthy mind and body as well as some goals for the future. What do you have on your mood board?

Deflated and unsure…

Pete and I went to bed early last night. So early we had about 11 hours sleep! Boom! I love the Zum Lowen’s beds. Dragging myself out of the warm and comfy slumber this morning I scooted to the clinic to have my bloods drawn ready for up and coming visits. I was due to return at 11am for the next hour long treatment but as they had time I had it all done at once.

I had a chat with the nurse whilst lying there. She was telling me how much easier things are now.e asked if I remembered last summer with all the Portuguese patients. Do I? Boy yes. It was so busy and many mistakes were being made.

I asked why it wasn’t as busy now. She said it had calmed down since people had started abiding by their appointments. She said that for a shirt while people would stand there at the counter demanding an appointment. They had travelled from Portugal without having an appointment and cry until the doctor saw them. It’s amazing what desperation does to one. The staff would start at 8am and finish at 8pm. I guess that’s busy over there.

Thankfully peace had been restored.

An hour or so later we met with Dr Nesselhut who was lovely as usual and this time had a doctor from Amsterdam sitting in with us.

We explained again the scan results and he seemed concerned by the necrotic ones that were active in my lymph nodes. He said that he would like/expect no changes so if the next scan still showed a lot of change then we need to let him know so that he can change our protocol. Pete mentioned the fact that I’d had head/neck ache for sometime and Nesselhut insisted on getting it checked out by way of bone scan. He said it is probably nothing but better to be sure… Not what I wanted to hear.

Pete also mentioned my cough and explained Prof Harris’s thoughts on it. Nesselhut was less concerned but suggested codeine at night… Not sure why.

A lot of conversation was banded about things that could be done and what was inbound. He talked a lot about anti pdl1, pd1 and more. We said we thought I had already had that. He said in the vaccination, yes, but not injected directly into me. He said the quantity required would result in the cost of £100,000! He suggests it works better because when administered in the vaccine we are just training the dc cells, whereas administering it into the body, it attacks the protein cloaking the canSer and therefore has a much better response. They have high hopes for this.

Pete not knowing the price asked when we could start that treatment. Nesselhut said not yet then told him the price….. Jaws dropped. Let’s hope I don’t need that then!

Whilst chatting about triple negative Nesselhut said that they had amazing results for those who had not waited till they metastasised for dc treatment.

He says the success rate for those who have the treatment is 100% over 5 years. If only I knew about his work before the canSer had metastasised.

For someone like me he said there was a 30-40% success rate over 5 years… Well I guess that’s me in that 30-40% then!

This is great news for any TNBCers out there. It isn’t the worst thing ever to have that diagnosis and despite needing funds if you can obtain them, then go for it. It’ll save your life.


I had my vaccination intradermally and intravenously. My arm is currently as big as a balloon. The biggest reaction yet. I feel fine. I am longing to be at home but then who doesn’t when you are sat at an airport.


Thoughts have worried me this afternoon. I guess if I am being ever alert then I know in my gut that I should get my headaches checked out. If I am being less cautious then I want to wait.  I have neck ache. It feels like I need a bloody good massage. The thought of having an MRI scan fills me with dread.


Whilst having a green tea this morning I suddenly felt sick and had to rush to the loo where sadly I vomited. What caused that? Don’t know….


Last night I spent a little while trawling through FB, as you do. I saw a post on The Huffington Post. I’m not one to follow blogs, bizarrely enough on other canSer survivors, but this one caught my eye. I read it to Pete and we both cried. Not wanting to ruin it for you, the outcome isn’t all happiness and joy but the power of the internet has meant her post has gone viral and her husband has written to thank everyone now that she is gone. I’m reading far too many posts of late of women dying before they are 40, not just of breast cancer but bowel cancer and more.

Here’s a link to Charlotte Kitleys’ final blog that she wrote before she died;

Followed by her husbands reply; Well, it’s not quite the end…


I don’t think Charlottes’ post was all doom and gloom but full of love, hope and happiness. I will take her advice and run with it.. I advise you to do the same.


Night all. Hopefully I’ll be home soon tucked up in my favourite place with my favourite person plus the little furry one.



Be awesome today….

I got up today with big intentions to crack on and get really tucked into the nutrition course I am going to be studying online. It started a bit too soon for me as I was away on holiday and a new module opens each week so I have already been falling behind. So today I thought I would dedicate an afternoon to it and catch up. Unfortunately in my haste and panic last week I emailed the course administrator to discuss the possibility of postponing the start of the course till October so that I wouldn’t miss too much as I am away in October for about two weeks and wasn’t sure f ii would be able to get anything done whilst away. Bearing in mind I simply asked to see what their thoughts were. Unfortunately they have already gone and moved me onto the October course and as I sat down today to get cracking on the course content I found I couldn’t log on. Boo! I have felt frustrated all day. I think I have made a boo boo. I should have stopped worrying and just got on with the course… Now I have to wait until the end of October to get started. Ever since I have booked myself on the course I have been having doubts. I get a bit like that when I am nervous. I think I am anxious of the expense spent on the course and I am feeling pressure as I really want to succeed and put it to good use but I doubt my ability and my drive and motivation.

I decided instead to crack on with other things that have been on my to do list such as updating my mood board. The more I think about what I want to achieve out of life the more I get frustrated. I don’t think I have a clear set of goals. The thought of canSer hanging over my head makes me feel restricted. I won’t let it stop me from my daily life and my aspirations but I am a simple girl with simple needs. All I want is for Peter and I to be happy, earn a good living and be in love. I want the nice things like see the world and have time out and to continue my work as a therapist. I’d like to expand my repertoire every now and then but I am now not sure what I really want?!

I want to inspire people. I want to help people. I want to be a person who is calm and above all happy with myself. I want to be healthy and canSer free. To do these things I think I am on the right track with my daily routine of exercise, meditation and yoga. I know I need to up the ante with my diet and really become ultra focussed. But when things become second nature I forget that they are good for me and that I am actually making a huge effort and being a ‘good’ girl!

I also did a coffee enema today, the first one in over a month. As expected I am buzzing from the caffeine. I do feel clearer though. It’s great to have a clear out but one must have probiotics after.

I have also been de-cluttering my study drawer. It’s definitely the time of year for a huge change. I feel colder and the lack of daylight has an impact on the way I feel. I know I have been abroad only recently but one of the main things on my mood board is foreign holidays and destinations. I want to see the world. I would love to have a few months away with Pete but then I forget that it would be impossible for me to do that as I have to have my bloods taken every three weeks for chemo to start again. CanSer sucks. Although, I can’t feel sad. I watched This Morning today and a lady was on there that has canSer and has her nose and roof of her mouth removed. At that very point I thought to myself how very lucky I am. There are always people much worse off than ourselves. I am so grateful for the way I feel and the fact I am actually very well considering my diagnosis.

Time to put things back into perspective and stop moaning. OK today didn’t go as planned but I did get lots of good things ticked off my list. I am just a bit cross at myself for having doubts and now will have to start my course at a later date. It’s the old saying of, ‘be careful for you wish for’….

A perfect end to a perfect week…

Well what a fun filled week and weekend I have had. No sooner had mum gone home my best friend from school arrive. As expected we chatted like hyenas for many hours as well as filling our faces in between. We nattered about our lives since we saw each other which was about twenty years worth! It’s mad what people remember and as Clare and I used to live together when we were doing our GCSE’s there were some very funny memories! It’s amazing how much you can talk without taking a breath! Haha!

This week with family and friends has been so good for the soul. I feel enriched and happy and now on balance ready for anything. The week ahead looks busy but I feel settled.

At night before I sleep I have been saying thank you to the Universe even if it’s for one little thing during that day. It puts everything in perspective and makes me feel complete. I actually feel less like have canSer today than I ever have. I am treated as if I am well by everyone and I talk about the future and what my retirement years will bring. This is a shift in me. I have always looked to the future but for once I am not letting my health stand in the way. The possibilities are endless and I, as well as thousands of others, are simply waiting for a cure…

I have been bowled over by the generosity of my new friends too. I have received huge donations from people I only met briefly on holiday. I must have made an impression on them!

It’s only one week today that my friend Alex runs the Robin Hood half marathon in aid of my chosen charities. Here is a link to the race details; http://www.robinhoodhalfmarathon.co.uk/race-info/half-marathon.htm. I couldn’t even contemplate running that far so I am thrilled and touched that she is making such a huge sacrifice to do this to raise more funds!

If you would like to donate to support her and Breast Cancer Breakthrough and The Cancer Vaccine Institute then please click the link:


Well the sun is out and it’s 23 degrees. My Bear is on his way back from a boys weekend and I feel he may be a little delicate… so I am getting everything ready for him to crash when he walks through the door then a cup of green tea in the back garden… A perfect end to a perfect week.

Today is World Gratitude Day.. what are you grateful for?

I twisted mum’s arm to stay another night and she has just left this morning. I didn’t take much to convince her to stay. We had a lovely day yesterday having tea and flapjacks with my friend whilst we exchanged eyebrows treatments for haircuts.  Then off I went to the farm shop then onto have my nails done. It was warm and sunny enough to have the top down on my car too so a really treat getting some late summer vitamin D.

The week has flown by with mum being here and last night we had a real giggle watching TV comedy. I will miss and always hate her leaving but there is always next time…

Pete has gone away for the weekend with the boys from work to a chilli festival! So I am eagerly waiting for my old school friend to arrive for a few days of chatting and girly stuff.

I spoke to Pete early this morning whilst he snuck out and left the boys all snoring from over indulgence last night. I’m sure he won’t me saying that he has a lot on his mind and that amounts to worrying about me. He so wants me to be well and be healthy but the fear and the worry about finances and what will bes can just get too much at night. When he shows his fears and worries I can’t help feel overcome too. It brings it home doesn’t it when your nearest and dearest are fretful. It’s so hard on family to have to sit by and also feel what I do. I strongly urge anyone going through this with a loved one to also embark on mediation and spiritual practice. Pete hasn’t yet factored meditation into his daily routine but everyone is different and cope in their own ways.  I know for me that despite all the work I do I still feel very overcome at times. I read so many success stories of people that had only one to live but then the canSer has gone and they are alive years later canSer free. I just get the feeling whenever I speak to an oncologist at hospital that this isn’t the case for me. I guess they don’t want to give me hope. It is hard for anyone around me and for me personally to actually believe I have a life threatening or worse terminal illness. For all the hard work and the treatments that I am having you would think it only fair that I should be one of the lucky ones but that’s how weird life is. Things could get much worse before they get better. Or they may simply stay the same and I should be thankful for what I have got; a great life, perfect (almost) health surrounded by love and many prospects for the future.

Deep down I know we have made the right decisions and I know we will continue to do what we can. Pete 100% believes in the cell therapy. I am willing to give it a break and see what happens on chemo alone. On our next visit to Germany I will ask Dr Nesselhut if we can extend the times between appointments. This could be useful to us financially and emotionally. It takes a lot each trip to get time off work and re gig our diaries. I just feel grateful for having the opportunity to travel there with such a supportive and loving husband.

Today is World Gratitude Day. I think this is a lovely way to tell those you love how much you care and thank them for everything they have done for you. What are you grateful for? I am grateful for so much this list is endless. I am grateful for the life I have been given and to all the support from all well wishers and fund raisers. I am grateful to Dr Nesselhut and his team and to the loving care I get from my Bear. He knows this but it still is nice to be told. Make sure you tell those around you how grateful you are today.

Flapjacks are calling my name!

Every morning this week I have been getting up later than usual and doing meditation, yoga and exercise with my mum. We have been trying meditation with chanting. I actually quite like the repetitive chants and have found I feel quite grounded and alert after them. It’s nice having someone to do it with also.

Yesterday I had clients all afternoon but in the small time frame beforehand I decided to get my healthy cookbooks and experiment with some recipes. We baked some healthy seeded flapjacks made with nuts, dates and agave. Obviously I try not to have any sugar where possible but these looked so good I had to give them a go. In future I will try altering the recipe and add stevia and fewer dates. But at least it is all natural products. We made loads of them and now they just keep calling my name! Ha ha. I also made almond butter. It’s very tasty and a great alternative for me as I do lack things to spread on ryvita or rye bread.

I have seen a lot of research in the last few days of some really positive news on treating triple negative breast cancer of all stages. It seems they are finding that TNBC is very treatable with chemotherapy of different kinds but also that the fixing the faulty DNA is also a great solution.

I have also been hearing a lot about Heidelberg in Germany. Pete and I visited there for a day in June. Pete seems drawn to it. Then on holiday a friend mentioned that her friend was going therefore alternative cancer treatment. So me being me I decided that was enough to look into it further especially when Pete sent me an article on a guy who was told he couldn’t be treated or have surgery by the NHS because the prostate cancer he had was so entwined that they couldn’t operate. He paid £4000 and had the surgery in Heidelberg and he is now cancer free! The website seems to have a lot of information and expertise in treating many kinds of cancers and I can send my medical information along and they will advise me if they can treat me or not. I am not suggesting that treatment I have had recently with Dr Nesselhut isn’t working or that the next step in a few weeks time there isn’t going to work. Quite the opposite. I have a really good feeling about it but it doesn’t hurt to keep my options open. I think when I go to see Dr Nesselhut next I will ask him what he thinks about Heidelberg and their clinics. It gives me more hope though. I think I will fire Professor Harris an email and see what his thoughts are.. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

I have also been sent some info from my friend Wayne who has lung cancer who has seen some really interesting information on photodynamic therapy. This is already featured on my website but I was advised that it was something I couldn’t have here but on reading the article Wayne sent me it could be something worth investigating further. I was told that I had so many tumours that they were so small and too close to airways that it could be dangerous but I think this is worth investigating further also. I now don’t have any in my lymph nodes and the ones in my lungs are so small that it could be a good time to get rid of it?

Mum, Pete and I went out for a cheeky mid weeky meal last night to a local pub. Boy, I find it hard trying to eat vegetarian let alone vegan in so many restaurants. It was also a struggle initially not having an alcoholic beverage. But by not having any by the time I got home I felt really good about myself and know I just don’t need it. Good thing really considering I am now going to be tee total for at least forty days.

I received my herbal remedy from Brazil yesterday with a message from John of God in it. He said ‘Having been a gem miner, I have learned that in order for a precious stone to show its true beauty, it must first suffer the process of refinement, likewise each child, a rare diamond of creation, must be polished in order to realise their superior destination.

Great suffering is generated as consequence of the world going through great transformation. In the midst of this, the ability to sustain our lives and strengths must reside in our trust in the Supreme Being who is God.

Finally I leave you with the words of Christ in the gospel of john (ch.15 v.12) ‘This is my commandment: Love another as I have loved you’.

The remedy is passiflora which is passionflower. I have taken this information from a website;

Passiflora is the perfect herb for nourishing the nervous system, working gently and safely to reduce anxiety.

Many people find the pace of modern life extraordinarily fast, throwing up continual challenges as to how to cope with the continual demands on their physical, emotional and mental resources. This brings up the need for remedies that can soothe and strengthen the nervous system and spare the adrenal glands.

Passiflora is the perfect herb for nourishing the nervous system, working gently and safely to reduce anxiety. Instead of sedating the nerves, which can cause other effects such as drowsiness and a feeling of being disconnected, Passiflora reduces levels of anxiety in the body. This makes it easier to deal with everyday situations that would otherwise be draining.

Passiflora works on the physical body, relaxing muscles to reduce tension and that unpleasant knotted sensation that brings your shoulders up round your ears when you’re tired or stressed! It also works on the emotional symptoms of stress, lessening the feeling of being on edge with a nervous system that’s continually jangling. Keeping things calmer during the day means that the body finds it easier to switch off at night, allowing a more peaceful sleep that will refresh all the systems for the morning. This is extremely important because the restorative action of sleep, both physical and mental, makes the body better able to deal with the demands of the next day. Not sleeping well makes everything far harder to deal with.

Taking this remedy for stress or nervous anxiety and tension is extremely easy because it has no contraindications or side effects. It won’t create physical dependency and doesn’t cause drowsiness or problems with concentration. In fact, as it promotes better sleep, it may increase energy and improve memory and mental focus.

Much of the strain of dealing with on-going pressures can be reduced if you have more confidence in your ability to cope, and this feeling is promoted by seemingly small improvements in areas such as memory and concentration, which come from a better nourished nervous system and more refreshing sleep.

I am sitting here smiling, thinking John of God is a genius. It makes so much sense to prescribe this following his treatments. Anyone going to see him or receive healing is clearly worried and under immense stress or else they wouldn’t want or need healing. I also understand now the need to remove alcohol. I am not too sure why chilli has to be removed but can only imagine that it inflames the body and disturbs sleep.

Well I have a big tub of the remedy and I will add it to my daily supplements.

The week is flying by and mum is going tomorrow… Well maybe… I may just twist her arm to stay another night…



A lucky streak at hospital…

This week I have the pleasure of my mum staying with me. It’s always nice having your mum about. We don’t have anything planned really as I need to get back to work and start earning some money and tending to many ladies brows before they get out of hand! But even so we have been making the most of our time together. Well actually I have been roping her into trawling through cook books with me and making a list of recipes we are going to try out. I love nutrition and I love food but have never found cooking and combining flavours as something that comes naturally to me. So I have made an executive decision that there is only one way to change that and that’s to take the time and learn. I love eating veggies and I want to eat fresh natural foods so I have been referring to books such as Honestly Healthy, Crazy Sexy Kitchen and Guilt free Gourmet to get my kicks. Today we bought our ingredients and extra special tools… I plan on making myself a little recipe book with my own tweaks and recipes eventually, things that will really help everyone not just us canSer babes!

I went to hospital today also and had a blood test in preparation for my next round of chemo that starts tomorrow. I was feeling very luck y when on arriving at the pharmacy my prescription was ready for me. This normally takes over an hour to prepare as they never have the confirmation from my oncologist. Then when I walked into the blood test area there wasn’t a single person waiting. I was asked by the phlebotomist how long I had waited… I said I didn’t! But then I thought my luck had changed when I saw on the screen that there was a 90 minute wait to see my oncologist. Boo… I couldn’t believe I had so much planned today and this was going to seriously hold me up. Knowing the nurses I decided to ask if it was necessary for me to see the doc as I had my drugs, had my blood test and I felt fine. Luckily my oncologist called me to see him in the corridor in between patients and we had a corridor consultation. He gave me more paperwork, asked how I was doing and how the website and communications were going and said that he felt having looked at my recent scan that it was stable. That the miniscule increase in one the tumours in one lung were too difficult to see if they were actually a real increase or not. However despite this he said he wants me to have a ct scan sooner than normal. He said that there are plenty of other things we can do if there has been an increase or spread. I don’t didn’t want to hear this to be honest. I don’t want it sooner. Anyway I am not sure when sooner it can be done. I go away to Germany in two weeks and coming back from there I am advised not to have a scan for at least two weeks. So I am guessing it will end up being in November when I actually want it to be. I will have to organise that with Prof when I get the letter from the hospital.

So I was lucky after all. I skipped having to wait hours for my appointment and we went about our afternoon with a skip in my step! I had a visit to my favourite health food store, Bean bag in Witney. I bought a few new items that I have been reading about and just came across by accident. I bought Maca powder and Coconut Manna.

Maca powder is a Peruvian root vegetable containing a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and every essential amino acid. Maca powder is perfect in smoothies, juices and protein drinks.Maca powder can be stirred into your daily smoothie, juice or protein drink. It is also particularly delicious when combined with raw cacao products.

Coconut Manna is a delicious whole food, made of pure, dried coconut flesh. This tropical “melt in your mouth” treat contains 16% fibre and 7% protein and nourishing fats. Warm it up to spread the goodness. I think I am going to use is purely from the jar as well as spreading and in smoothies for a creamy texture.

I have cupboards full of ingredients I have barely used and don’t know what to do with. I have a mission of experimenting in the next few months.Watch this space….

I simply cannot believe that I will be starting round 14 of chemo tomorrow! …. Blimey this year has flown but also feels like so much has happened. And so much to come……

Breaking news! Pete Just sent me some really this exciting news. There is going to be vaccine being trialled to prevent the reoccurence of breast canSer including triple negative breast canSer. It is in the US but wow.. things are happening.. For more info click on the link;