What will you do when all this is over?

The weekend has been lovely spending much needed time at home with my man. Sadly my Bear has been feeling pretty rough now for a few days and all I could do to make him feel better is tuck him up on the sofa with the cat and lots of ginger shots and hot lemons. […]

Cannabinoids.. a canSer cure?

Today I have been to a Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning. It is the biggest coffee morning charity raising event with hundreds if not thousands of people taking part all raising money. I supplied some gluten free cakes… OK not sugar free but at least they were a little healthy! The thing with Macmillan is […]

It’s always good to have more options….

Today has been another lovely day. Another filled with great TV, The Great British bake off being one of them. It makes me laugh that under no circumstances can I eat the bakes but I do love to watch them create! Another lengthy night’s sleep and the reluctance to live my wonderful bed but it […]

In the Mood….

I had the weirdest night last night. We went to bed nice and early in order to catch up on much needed sleep. Well that’s Pete who needed it really but you know me always need more! But I couldn’t sleep and didn’t until about 2am. Whilst lying there the moon poured in through the […]

Deflated and unsure…

Pete and I went to bed early last night. So early we had about 11 hours sleep! Boom! I love the Zum Lowen’s beds. Dragging myself out of the warm and comfy slumber this morning I scooted to the clinic to have my bloods drawn ready for up and coming visits. I was due to […]

Be awesome today….

I got up today with big intentions to crack on and get really tucked into the nutrition course I am going to be studying online. It started a bit too soon for me as I was away on holiday and a new module opens each week so I have already been falling behind. So today […]

A perfect end to a perfect week…

Well what a fun filled week and weekend I have had. No sooner had mum gone home my best friend from school arrive. As expected we chatted like hyenas for many hours as well as filling our faces in between. We nattered about our lives since we saw each other which was about twenty years […]

Flapjacks are calling my name!

Every morning this week I have been getting up later than usual and doing meditation, yoga and exercise with my mum. We have been trying meditation with chanting. I actually quite like the repetitive chants and have found I feel quite grounded and alert after them. It’s nice having someone to do it with also. […]

A lucky streak at hospital…

This week I have the pleasure of my mum staying with me. It’s always nice having your mum about. We don’t have anything planned really as I need to get back to work and start earning some money and tending to many ladies brows before they get out of hand! But even so we have […]