Every girl loves a little green box….

This weekend was a real treat. After having taken all my crystals away and hidden them and also removed the crystals from my body including my engagement and wedding ring we decided that I couldn’t very well wander around without anything on. I felt naked without them. So we decided to take a trip to […]

A real treat delivered to my door!

Yesterday I had a real treat when a package arrived for me. In it were some gorgeous products given to me by Ila-Spa. I love anything made locally and even more so when they are so good for you! Ila Spa are organic handmade luxury skincare and spa products from the finest, ethically sourced, natural […]

Today I tried out… pranic healing

I have had a day of me stuff today. I know it seems that every day is a ‘me’ day but I really got cracking with therapies for myself. I started the usual way although I was awake at 4.30am. Sleep isn’t great for Pete lately and it goes to show how hard it is […]

New research could be a two pronged attack

Through our research and alerts, which are coming in thick and fast, Pete has been reading about the possibility of a drug that can break down the protein on the surface of canSer cells specifically for triple negative breast canSer. On thinking this through Pete said if they combined that with cell therapy it is […]