First day of chemo.. DONE!

I took my first day’s chemo which is now vinorelbine. It’s funny as I don’t think I am nervous. I feel fine, calm but then bam! My tummy gets funny, my sleep is disrupted. It makes me wonder am I holding back my true feelings? This I know is not good for canSer. I think […]

Fermented foods are good for your gut….

Morning! I am feeling particularly spritely today despite a bad night’s sleep. I go on a lot about sleep but it’s so important in keeping healthy. The way I see is that I can go to bed early tonight so let’s fire on all cylinders today. I have used my morning wisely by meditating, doing […]

Bear Blog…

Claire has asked me (Bear) to guest blog today. We had the results of last weeks scan and we have been reminded in cold, unemotional science script that we do not have the answers yet, to the question “How do you beat canSer”.   The radiographer has told us that the main tumour has doubled […]