Had a call from my GP to see if I’m ok.. how nice?!

After my lovely relaxing evening last night I had a wonderful sleep although I did dream about vampires?! Not sure what that was about? Anyway brushing over that I have noticed that I am feeling much more motivated to get up in the mornings rather than lie in. I feel that getting my rituals done earlier would make me feel better and I actually feel better for jumping up out of bed when pet e leaves for work.

This morning I did the ‘twin hearts’ meditation that was given to me by my pranic healer. I had to do some exercises first to warm up the energy then I followed the instructions of the guided mediation to give love and peace to the whole world. It finished with a smiling and opening the eyes. What a lovely way to start the day.

I have been working on my nutrition course today and I feel quite organised and proud that I am systematically using my time wisely. I don’t want to allow myself to feel over whelmed.

I don’t if it’s from having the pranic healing but I do feel less worry today. I feel certain that I am going to beat this. I like feeling like this. Long may it continue…

I had a telephone call from my GP today. He called as I have asked him to sign a consent form for me to have hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He said that he had seen me on TV and asked if there was anything he could do. He said I seem to be getting on just fine and that if I ever need a chat or to see him that I should call. I thought how lovely it was for him to actually call me. He didn’t need to. I feel touched-A nice warm fuzzy feeling.

Pete and I have been exchanging a lot of information with another TNBC survivor recently. It is amazing how similar we are and the lengths that we would go to overcome this disease. I am so proud of my Bear. He works so hard and then researches in his spare time. I honestly believe without his support and intelligence I would not be as well as I am now. I’m a lucky girl…

The day in the life of… Me!

Today I have been for my pranic healing session. Following on from the last treatment I have abided to the new suggestions Les made with regards to removing all crystals. I really like the healer as he has such a calming effect. I trust him, which I guess is essential if you want to be healed. It can be odd going to these types of therapies as the changes can be subtle, especially with pranic healing as it there isn’t any physical contact but I definitely do feel something. A few funny things happened today whilst he was working. My ears popped at one point then when he was working behind me my spine clicked. It never does that. I have an incredible heat rising in my chest area too and I feel a bit woozy.  At one stage he said he was going to be putting energy into my lungs and I may feel something. I didn’t think I would but I had a definite aching sensation. It’s weird but I love it. I truly believe that he is healing me. He said that he felt my base chakra had already changed size since I saw him last and was quite amazed. He said it has reduced in size and is the size it should be now. He also said that he felt my lungs were better but that the top right still had more there than the rest of the lungs, but he felt the scan results should still be good. I hope that he is right!

Now I am home I have the house to myself for the evening whilst Pete is out working. I have decided I am going to make the most of my time alone and have a coffee enema and another salt bath. This time I am going to try my new ila spa products.

I had a lovely surprise today whilst scouring twitter. I noticed a tweet from Nicola Jane mastectomy lingerie who was promoting their blog with me in it!  It was all about a day in the life of ME! He he… If you’d like a read here it is; http://blog.nicolajane.com/the-day-in-the-life-of-a-cancer-survivor-claire-grant/


I have had a reasonably easy day today with a good friend visiting bearing gifts! She shouldn’t have but what a treat. We put the world to rights… Just as we should!

Got to go the cat is going nuts… she must want feeding again!

Three month scan already here! Urgh.. I don’t like this day. Everything can change.

The weather this weekend has been a tad windy to say the least. We went to Brighton to see our friend and check on our boat… Oh the poor boat. It is being bashed and thrashed by the elements. Worse still we had to sleep on her through the stormy winds and waves too.

It made for a very unsettled night but by morning despite the wind it was very crisp and bright. It certainly made us feel alive. My hair looked a state but I felt the stinging on my ears from the cold wind and it made it all the more comforting to go into a warm house.

On arriving at home we decided to settle down catching up on TV programmes all snuffled in our winter lounge. It sounds like we have a mansion… we don’t but we do have two TV areas. The snug is my favourite. Small, cosy and seaside themed and then our lounge where it is womb like and earthy. In preparation for the week ahead and the end to the weekend we both had an Epsom salt bath, with lovely aromas from incense and chilled tunes playing. You’d think that after that I would be floating away but I became really unsettled. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I can only assume it was because of the dreaded CT scan that was booked for today.

It doesn’t matter how much self talking and pepping I do I still get anxious before the three month scan. It’s because I worry about what may be. I think you have to be a very strong person to be able to stay calm and not fear the future. I am good most of the time… just not last night.

It didn’t stop me from sleeping probably because I was so wrecked from the lack of sleep on the boat (that I was sure was going to sink!)the night before.

Today has been great. I love getting back into exercise and all my morning rituals. Today I did rebounding and I find it such hard work which is great. I love knowing it working every cell in my body.

I try to weigh things up in my head. I know there are things I am slack on but then I think of all the things I do religiously. Ever the perfectionist, it makes life difficult staying positive and not being critical. I’ve tried to think if I know deep down what is going on inside of me. I have had funny sensations in my chest recently but then when I think when they happen it is usually when I am feeling a little stressed, so could be nothing.

The CT scan came and went today. It is always so fast and I don’t get time to really think long and hard in the hope that I willing my body to reflect itself as being in perfect health. I hope so very much that my results are good. I won’t get them for a week. As always this coming week will be a tough one. I am going to work harder at meditation and hope to buy a new mediation cd from the pranic healer tomorrow to start using a fresh. It’s good to keep things interesting. A bit like changing supplements and diet every now and then. The body likes change and it keeps it guessing. Variety is the spice of life and all that.

It’s done now… I say the same things every three months. It just goes to show that it never gets easier. Well it doesn’t for me as I care so much. I think I make such an effort that nothing less than success is enough.

Success is what I currently have I know. But I want more! At least I will keep trying for more but feel very satisfied with what I have. I don’t want to look back and feel disappointed. The key is to live in the present and be grateful.

Pete is great when I’m uneasy. He held me so tight last night that I couldn’t move. Just how I like it. I’m his teddy bear!

This week is a good one with a lot to look forward to so I am simply going to put the scan tot eh back of my mind and know that everything is going be ok…. It always is.

It’s weird hearing yourself on radio!

This morning was a very early start. What with appointments at hospital and such, I agreed to speak to BBC radio Oxford about me and my story, at 8am this morning. That meant getting up at 6.30am. I had to drag myself out of bed as I didn’t sleep well at all. Not sure why, just one of those things.

I have to be honest I was dreading it a little bit. That’s how I get when I’m nervous. Silly really because as soon as I arrived at the studios I was welcomed by the producer of the show and Malcolm Boyden, the presenter. They were both very nice and I immediately felt at ease. I discussed my story with Malcolm at length and then before I knew it is was over. What on earth was I worried? It makes you wonder how many people put things off just because of the way they think it might go. The mind gets in the way of letting you live. I knew in my heart it was right to go along and chat but there was a little devil on my shoulder trying to tell me not to go. I’m very thankful that I do not listen to this little chap on my shoulder that often. If only I could shut it up when it worries me about the future or more importantly when a scan is approaching. My friend said to me I just need to think of the scan results as information that I take away and work on. It doesn’t matter what they say just as long as I know I feel ok in myself. She’s right. It all goes back to not worrying about what may or may not happen.

I have had a lot of information given to me following my Skype meeting with Cancer Options earlier this week. It was filled with great advice and some changes and additions to supplements and the introduction of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. As we know cancer doesn’t like oxygenated blood therefore having pure oxygen inhaled would really give it a run for its money.

This is how it works. As tumours rapidly grow and expand, the network of blood vessels bringing oxygen to the cells cannot keep up, leaving cells starved of oxygen. This would kill normal cells but cancer cells switch on a protein called HIF which in turn switches on other molecules in the cell. This cascade encourages new blood vessels to form around and into the tumour helping the tumour to adapt by using alternative methods to produce energy.

A cell generates energy to grow and survive inside tiny power stations called mitochondria by using oxygen to fuel chemical reactions.

Oxygen levels are monitored by a protein called CHCHD4. When oxygen levels fall below a critical level, this protein activates the HIF response. Lab studies have shown stopping HIF response stops cancer cells from growing and developing blood vessels.

When too much CHCHD4 was switched on in oxygen-starved cancer cells, large amounts of HIF were activated. This kick started a sequence of events that allowed cells to survive in low oxygen. A lot of work is currently being done to develop drugs to interfere with this signalling sequence which allows cancer cells to utilise hypoxia in this fashion.

It is believed that tumour hypoxia contributes significantly to treatment failure and relapse among cancer patients because cells in the hypoxic zones of solid tumours resist traditional chemotherapy for at least two reasons: first, most antitumor agents cannot penetrate beyond 50-100 micrometers from capillaries, thereby never reaching those cells in the hypoxic regions. Secondly, the lower nutrient and oxygen supply to cells in the hypoxic zones of tumours cause them to divide more slowly than their well oxygenated counterparts, so hypoxic tumour cells exhibit greater resistance to chemotherapies and radiation which target rapidly dividing cells or require oxygen for efficacy.

Hypoxia also contributes to the invasive and metastatic potential of aggressive cancers by

promoting genetic instability and accelerating the accumulation of mutations that can ultimately give rise to drug resistance.

Recent research is investigating the theory that low oxygen levels can be a mitigating factor in developing cancer and also in cancer metastasising.

I have heard a lot about this but figured I would need to travel for it but it turns out there is a hyperbaric chamber only a mile away from where I live. This is great news and what’s more it is cheap because it is a registered charity. Having spoken to them today it will be simple for me to get going with this should I choose to do it. I simply need my GP to sign a form then I can get cracking.


I had a lovely reflexology treatment yesterday. If you haven’t tried it I would highly recommend it. If you are local then I suggest you to go the therapist featured on the resources page. She is amazing. I left feeling chilled and thoroughly worked out! Can’t wait for my next one…