Today is the day….

Today is the day… For my next CT scan. I have been remarkably calm probably because I have been so busy I haven’t had time to worry. But now I am about to go out for a few hours I have to wait till 4pm on a Friday afternoon to have the said scan. I have to admit I am no a little jittery. I don’t really know why as I won’t be getting the results until the 11th Feb! This is only due to the fact I am away for a full week. So really there is nothing to be worried about at all today. It’s not as if my life changes today but I guess I know that as a result of today’s scan my life is going to change. Well if I let it. I am ever hopeful and really have a good feeling but I can’t help that niggling feeling in the pit of my tummy that throws doubt up in the air.

I have had the pleasure of sharing info with my TNBC friend and it feels good to know we have each other’s back. That’s what is great about these kinds of networks. But this time it feels like I really have a confidante. We are so similar and our drive to survive is the same. Lots of new information is feeding forth between us and new doctors and trial names are filtering through. It’s great having a new set of eyes on the subject. It’s amazing what one person can find that I never ever heard of!

Maybe I am also a little floopy as we are leaving tomorrow. I always get a bit nervous. I am anxious of making it to the airport on time, will the flight leave ok or will the weather have an adverse effect on the travelling? Will our transfer be ok, will the hotel be alright? It’s so silly but I will never be calm about travel. I guess it’s because I have no control over it.

I am going for reflexology soon. I haven’t had one in nearly two months so I am really looking forward to it but I am anxious that being Friday afternoon will the traffic from there to the hospital be awful and hold me up… Again there is no point anticipating what I cannot control.  I am thinking of every possible route to get me there with very little trouble. Maybe doing a coffee enema this morning hasn’t helped me feel calm. I feel jittery. Initially I felt vibrant dancing around the kitchen but now I am simply just strung out! Argh! Ha ha…

Chill Winston. ….

Right I best have a calming cuppa and then get on my way to an eventful afternoon. Bye!

Bear Rock….


It seems things go wrong just when we are about to go away. This was the case at 4am this morning when we could hear a burst pipe or constant running tap. On investigation we couldn’t find a thing but the worry of the house flooding whilst we are away next week was enough for both of us to get up and start the day. The positive in it was that I got everything done very early and managed to exercise for longer as I felt I had more time. The issue is getting sorted and I feel happy that we won’t come home to a soggy house. Well not at least from a burst pipe. I’m not too sure about the weather though. Everything is damp and moist. (Moist is a horrible word eh?!)

Today I have been getting things ready for the off and have also been working all day with clients. I like to squeeze as much out of my days when I am working. It makes it worthwhile. It’s chemo day one cycle three today. I have reduced the anti sickness down further especially since finding out that dexamethasone affects insulin levels. So far I feel great and haven’t had any signs of an upset stomach at all. Yay!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting to another TNBC survivor. Going back to what I said the other day about synchronicity, well this happened to be one of those moments. I ‘met’ a lovely lady whose story could have been mine. Same timings and exact same way that the canSer spread, to how we both felt in the beginning and the lack of changes we made then, to now. Of course talking to people in the same shoes as I can be humbling and I completely feel how they feel when they are going through mixed emotions and feeling vulnerable and the crazy thoughts that go through your mind such as throwing all your clothes away because you won’t  need them for much longer and so on.

But what it does make me realise is that we are all such normal (and may I say it about myself) ‘nice’ girls. We don’t want much out of life just to be happy. It’s not too much to ask is it?

It gets me every time to think where is the answer to this crazy disease? How can there be so many resources and experts looking for the answer for so many years but to no avail?

I still think the answer is probably staring right at us. Why haven’t we got any great inventors or scientists who can make that great discovery? People deserve to have a fighting chance. And this isn’t just for canSer but also for HIV and AIDS and other debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Life seems unfair sometimes… But then I think how lucky I am, then I am thankful again.

On chatting at length yesterday it was clear that my new friend has also bagged herself a ‘Bear’. My best friend bought my husband a Christmas present that was only delivered yesterday. It was a painting by an East London Artist, a girl from the area of my birth called ‘Bear Rock’. The picture portrayed a big bear head in choppy seas with a girl with a cat’s head sat on him. I couldn’t believe at how uncanny the painting was at depicting our life. Utterly awesome. But that makes me think that there must be many couples in such the same situation (and of course completely lucky to have themselves a Bear!)

One thing that cropped up during our conversation is how she feels bad and sorry that her husband has to go through all of this. I completely understand and I go through phases of feeling the same. But I think I’d go to the end of the Earth for my Bear, so why feel sorry or bad. We are dealt the cards it what you do with them that really matters. Love conquers all!!

I still have three clients left to do today then I really want to eat and go to bed. My bed has never looked so good! Ha ha! So Ta-ra! X

Fit to Fly?

Phew what an early start I had today. As you’ve guessed it sleep is highly important to me. I can’t get enough. I love being curled up all warm and cosy therefore getting up at 6am hurts me. It was only me that wanted to get up at 6am. I had a Skype meeting booked for 10am and in order not to miss my rituals then I had to get up early. I also know that I will feel great all day in the knowledge that I made the effort and didn’t miss any of the all important rituals that make me feel great.

As mentioned I had a Skype meeting with a fellow student as we are practising doing health consultations with each other before we are let loose on the public! (I want to do one of those ‘Wa ha ha’ laughs… you know the ones that sound all scary? – I’m not sure why?!)

It was lovely meeting a fellow student. We have a lot in common. To be honest I am finding that the majority of the people on the health coaching course are like minded and therefore have similar needs and goals. It’s quite liberating and aspiring to be part of that community.

Star Student!

As part of the course we have to do a test every quarter. I have just successfully passed my first one! Yay. 28/30.. That’ll do nicely.

After the Skype meeting I got on my way for my pranic healing appointment. As usual it was very relaxing and I feel spurred on by Les, the healer. He says that everything seems very good still and encouraged me by saying that I do a lot of cleansing and detoxing, including my diet, enemas, salt baths, and meditation and so on.  He says things like, ‘you won’t be on chemo for much longer’ and so on. Those sorts of comments ring in my ears. I feel that’s a very confident comment to make. However I will happily carry that with me, being a canSer survivor you have to keep positive and believe, and that is what I base my life on at the moment. I have never felt so ‘normal’. I feel inspired and excited by the future and can’t wait to learn more and help others.

Straight after my treatment I drove to the hospital and had my bloods taken in preparation for chemo on Thursday. As I am going to be away next week I will be taking chemo with me. It’s not ideal but I think I can smash it! I feel awesome. I have no doubt I can deal with it.


I am getting a little further forward with booking to go Switzerland for treatment for GcMAF. They have finally confirmed dates but I need to get a ‘fit to fly’ certificate as apparently some patients have lied about how long they have to live and if they were to die in the clinic then it would be shut down. Understandably really! I guess there will always be people who try to tell fibs when their life is at risk. I guess I will be contacting my doctor tomorrow to sort that out. And no doubt they will charge me for it! The NHS has to make money somehow.

So my week is flying by, I am feeling great and am chomping at the bit for things to happen. Of course I have a CT scan looming this Friday. I remain positive and upbeat. No point in worrying about what might not happen. Still if how I am feeling and looking is anything to go by the results should be good. If it’s not then… Nah.. No point even thinking or discussing it. Till tomorrow when I will have more things to be happy and grateful for.



Burns Night fiascos and a new week ahead…

The end to last week was highly memorable. We had friends over to celebrate Burns’ Night. I did lots of preparation in the afternoon and then Pete made magic by creating a perfect meal and lots of fun entertainment. Everyone made an effort by dressing up and we all had a brilliant time. Maybe too much fun on knowing that everyone felt pretty delicate the next morning!


The weekend then followed on by being a very chilled out one with our good friend staying with us. We ate healthily and spent quality time just being together. Even though it wasn’t packed full of activities I still didn’t want it to end. I never do.

I love being with Pete so much it always feels a bit sad at the end of the weekend. But I look forward to doing my own rituals and getting back to being really focussed. Mondays are the hardest I think and with this increasingly changeable weather it’s hard for feel bright when it’s so dank outside.

Nevertheless I have still been having fluffy feelings of how much I love my life and I can’t wait cuddle to Pete again.

I have today been practising taking consultations for the health coaching course I am on and as well as that studying for a test that we have this week. On following lots of other students online I have been introduced to many things. One thing I noticed today was a brand of products that are made in the UK and are completely customisable for your own individual needs and of course are completely organic and nasty free. I want to extend my own passion for health and nature into my business and today I found what could be the perfect range of products for me. I have contacted them and await some samples to try out. Once I know what they are like I will reveal all to you!

I still haven’t booked to go to Switzerland for GcMAf treatment. It seems I am still waiting to see what dates the clinic is available in March. I am not worrying too much but just know it could all be a bit of a rush when I do finally know what’s going on inside of me. I have everything crossed..

For ladies that need some motivation here’s a little lift for you….

Ultra refined pure omega 3’s the answer to inflammation?

Today between clients I have mainly been studying the latest module of my health coaching course.  Each week I am astounded as to the vital point or information I obtain is so very relevant to my personal health situation. Obviously every dietary theory covered will always focus on diseases and causes of disease. CanSer is mentioned a lot. The biggest cause of canSer as we know is inflammation of the body. Today’s lectures have been by Dr Barry Sears who invented the Zone diet. His medical background has led to him devising this diet and he mainly focused on silent inflammation of the body as the underlying cause to all illnesses. I won’t bore with you all the nitty gritty details but a major relevant factor of his diet is taking omega three fish oils.

It occurred to me whilst listening that I haven’t been taking any omega three supplements for some time as I was directed by a dietician that I could obtain this from natural fish sources. But on listening to the lectures it turns out that every fish has high levels of toxins frorm the seas and rivers they swim in. Even if they are organic they will contain high levels of toxins and as Dr Sears calls them ‘sewers of the seas’.  It is apparently highly important that everyone should take ultra refined EPA and DHA concentrated fish oils. Ultra refined means that all nasties would have been removed to leave the purest form of fish oil available. It is essential, as you know, that omega threes play in our health and if nothing else, can improve mental clarity and energy levels. But for someone with disease such as diabetes, heart diseases and of course canSer it could be game changer, for the better.

This has inspired me to introducing this supplement into my diet massively. There are no side effects of having too much of this stuff and I will look to have about 7.5grams of fish oil a day, in liquid form ideally. This amount was recommended by Dr Barry Sears. I feel a little excited. I know it’s another thing to take but I am all for improving every element of my body.

Now with all dietary theories you take some things with a pinch of salt but the reminder of the benefit of omega three fish oils is a great one and I am feeling very positive about having it prompted to me.

Tomorrow I have a Skype meeting with a nutritionist and I am keen to ask her many questions with regards to supplements and extreme diets such as the ketogenic diet. The last thing I want to do is become extreme and cause more inflammation. I believe life is about balance to the individual. What works for one may not work for another.


I have in the last few days been desperately trying to book my few treatment appointments and get an idea in my mind of what is coming up over the next few months. I guess you could call it controlling and I am not letting life flow but I feel that these things require preparation.

With this in mind I have been contacting Dr Nesselhut’s office and GcMAF to book in. I have been failing miserably. My emails haven’t been replied to by either clinic and when calling I am told to call back and wait for email response. Do they know me at all? I try to be patient but I am like a dog with a bone. Someone said this to me when I was working in credit control for Pete’s business. A good attribute to have when in that role I think! Ha ha! I finally got through to Nesselhut’s office who told me to call back this afternoon at 3pm. Me being me… and not being very clever forgot that they are an hour ahead in Germany. Nevertheless I called back and was told he was busy… again…

I called GcMAF and was told that despite being told yesterday that they would call me in the afternoon and take payment for the deposit I was, this morning told, that they are very busy and I would have wait a few days. This is like a red rag to a bull I am afraid. In the most polite manner that I could muster I asked what the delay was and why when they told me they would call yesterday I was now being told to wait a few days to give them money!? The lack of response spurred me to ask a question…. Do they know they are dealing with canSer patients? It’s the fact that they have no sense of urgency. The fact that they do not even have an automatic reply to emails or have the courtesy to send an email to say that the member of the team you are trying to contact is out of the office or that they will endeavour to respond within 24 hours, for example. Callme old fashioned but surely knowing you are dealing with people who may not have time and are living with a hugely stressful situation, doesn’t that warrant a better response and a more compassionate reply?

I should be a consultant. I have always been big on customer service and I am the hardest person to deal with as my expectations are massive but then I am the best at giving this advice. The response I got was, ‘yes, we are aware’. I felt like I was talking to a 12 year old with no life experience and not a care in the world. Needless to say this fell on deaf ears. Despite my efforts of asking for a particular person to call me and leaving my number I didn’t get a call back.

I took a deep breath and carried on with my day. I don’t need to panic or get myself in a tizzy but in my usually persistent manner I did call both clinics back this afternoon.

I had some success with GcMAF and did finally speak to the person who is dealing with my booking but I have been told to wait until they can book the dates I want… no further forward. I have to be patient.

Then I got a call from Dr Nesselhut. It’s always good to talk to him. He is such a jolly fellow. He said that his son had told him I had an allergic reaction to the last gamma delta treatment. He asked how I felt and how soon I recovered and how have I been feeling ever since. He thinks that this could be a good sign and mentioned something to do with tumour degradation. He wants to wait until my scan results to make a decision regarding my next appointment as if the tumours have reduced massively that less is better than more. So there I go again having to be patient. The urgency isn’t really because I want to go but because they get booked up so quickly. But this is the risk I will have to take. Well at least I know now. Dr Nesselhut finished the conversation wishing Pete good regards. Bless him.

Tonight I am going to have one of my usual Epsom salts baths to detox and purify my body and most importantly relax…

Here’s a sketch I did of my bath time…



What should triple negative canSer survivors eat?

This week is flying by and it’s Ffffriday! I have got that Friday feeling and the weekend is almost upon us. Today I had a very early start. In order to get everything done before my hyperbaric oxygen appointment I needed to drag myself out of my lovely bed at 6.30am! Well in fact Pete had to drag me out. He pulled back the duvet… the cruel Bear! But I have to admit I feel great for having got up done meditation, 10 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of  hard core extreme rebounding ( I sweat a lot, it’s not a pretty sight!) then heat and air for 30 minutes, jumped in the shower after body brushing and saying affirmations then juiced and had supplements.

I was as ever reluctant to go to the hyperbaric appointment, however they are such lovely people there and I kept myself calm and thought an hour and twenty minutes will fly by… (Please!?)

It did until about 15 minutes to the end and then everyone was jittery and looking at their watches. Thankfully the mask I used today was comfortable and I didn’t have any ‘moments’ whilst in there. It’s like anything, the more you do it the easier it gets.

I have since got home, done a coffee enema and had company. That sounds weird right? My kitty decided she would curl up the floor with me whilst I lay there relaxing for 15 minutes. I’ve done a few clients and now I am free for the afternoon preparing for our Burns Night tonight. A night of fun, frolics, tartan and haggis! (Mine’s vegetarian)


More deliveries

I have today received an order of Flor essence in the post. I was urged to buy this after reading many positive things about it. Flor essence is a great brand of Essiac tea. Essiac tea is a well known tea blend of Burdock root, sheep sorrel herb, slippery elm bark, watercress herb, Turkish rhubarb root, kelp, blessed thistle herb, and red clover blossom. It has been featured for many decades as a canSer cure in the early stages of canSer but the reason I bought it is that it is a great liver detoxifier and immune system booster. It can aid people whilst on chemotherapy and also be of comfort to those who are in much later stages of canSer. Laboratory experiments show that the blend possesses such properties such as; antioxidant, immunostimulant, and anti-inflammatory effects.

When the Essiac mixture was originally formulated by a Canadian Ojibwa healer an unknown number of years ago, it was intended to purify the body and maintain balance between body and spirit. In accordance with this, Essiac is frequently used for its antioxidant properties.

Because of it immune strengthening effects, Essiac is commonly used for treating pain and swelling associated with generalized inflammation (such as that associated with arthritis and respiratory tract infections), HIV/AIDS, other infections, and cancer.

I haven’t tried it yet but will let you know when I do.


What should triple negative canSer survivors eat?

I received an email from a blog

ging friend with a link to a website regarding food for breast cancer. Click the link below and it gives full information on what foods should be avoided and what foods that would benefit for those with triple negative breast canSer. The website Food for Breast Cancer is written by Sarah Charles, a breast cancer survivor with a mathematics degree from UCLA and a graduate degree from Harvard.  The information provided on her site is supported with a lot of scientific research and links to evidence. I have found it really interesting and quite exciting.

Here is the link:

Right enough chit chat I have neeps and tatties to peel and chop, haggis to prepare and I guess I ought to try and practise my Scottish accent. I bet everyone will think I am from Wales not Scotland! Ha ha! Pictures to follow.

Have a great weekend all!

Light and Love.



Ketogenic diet… it’s not that simple..

Today I had a Skype meeting with the nutritionist I mentioned. She specialises in ketogenic diets and helping cancer patients. What makes her so good is that she has a melanoma in her eye. She is actively doing the diet so it is tried and tested. She gave me plenty of information and I look forward to receiving more details by email. She said that the ketogenic diet is generally 80% fats from things such as coconut oil, and avocado then a small percentage of protein. Obviously I cannot have much protein as this turns to glucose and then leafy green vegetables. I would be limited with grains and seeds but I could have a small amount of lentils and low carb noodles.  She was very specific on grams of each thing according to my weight. So there is a scientific background to this. She specified eating my whole day’s food within eight hours and fasting for the rest. She also said that I would need to integrate into this diet slowly so as not to overload the liver too much. She mentioned the fact I was on metformin and said that it was a real benefit as this assists with limiting insulin. I thought to myself, good old Nesselhut thanks for introducing me to this!

Overall I think this is going to be challenge but I am willing to give it a go. I did ask if I was eating meat what she would recommend. She suggested lamb as good option as it digests well. I mentioned travelling to Germany a lot and she said how good bratwursts can be. If they are of good quality they contain no nitrates and are not over processed. This will cheer Pete up. And me actually. I love good sausage when in Germany.

I picked Patricia’s brains about supplements and she suggested taking digestive enzymes with meals to assist me. I told her I had read a lot about omega 3’s and she advised that whilst on chemo to avoid taking omega threes other than the oily fish that I eat. There are studies apparently that show omega threes can interfere with chemotherapy. This surprises me so much. I am always a bit dubious of those findings.

She supported me with having no dairy especially with having breast cancer but suggested goats butter as a good fat to take. She did also mention a good drink, well, concoction I would call it, to incorporate fats into my diet. It involves coffee but knowing I don’t drink caffeine she suggested using chaga mushroom powder. It apparently makes thick creamy drink that gives lots of mental clarity. I will approach this with caution.

Luckily for me she will be launching an eBook hopefully next week with tried and tested meal plans and some of which are vegan. I am keen to get hold of that! It’s like any new regime. It’s a lot to take in and try to understand all the rules.

I don’t love the idea of this diet. I am all for a simple life but in the process of wanting to keep this disease on its toes then needs must. Pete said the fact that it is reacting in an extreme manner inside me warrants an extreme response.

After such a positive meeting I left for a pranic healing session. After the fall out of missing my appointment last week it was good to finally see Les and have a lovely treatment. I genuinely feel great at the moment and despite chemo I feel that coffee enemas are really helping and my mental state is grounded and strong. Les feels that my energy is good and there aren’t really any weak points on me, not even in my lungs. He thinks the scan could be really positive. I am thinking as positively as I can and I can’t remember feeling as cancer free as I currently do. I feel quite free. Long may it continue.

Banish Blue Monday…

Another weekend has come and gone and as ever it has been full of fun and love. We visited our friends who we only see a few times per year. It’s not for the want of seeing them it’s just they are very busy people! After a thoroughly jolly time Bear and I headed off to use the facilities of a spa. We worked out, had a swim, steam and jacuzzi as well as a facial together. It was bliss and a great way to spend our Sunday.  Note to self must have more treatments together. It’s such a lovely way of maintaining closeness sharing time like that together.

On our return there were yet more deliveries waiting for me and I always get a little bit alarmed at the thought of what have I bought this time?! It’s amazing how quickly I forget. I have been ordering many new supplements that I have read about in a few books recently and in the process thought that a few may benefit me and also Pete. I am having a meeting this Wednesday with a specialist dietician so I will ask her thoughts on them before taking them. Once I have the low down I will share on here.

I have been preparing for the appointment by completing food diaries and divulging all the supplements and medication I currently take. The list is endless it feels like…

The thing with taking supplements is that you can get carried away. There is no denying that I feel great and would I feel great if I didn’t take these supplements? I know it is best to always get as many vitamins and minerals from actual food intake except for the obvious things such as vitamin D3 which unless you live in a sunny country and spend a great deal outside is needed in a supplement format.  It is possible however to get vitamin d form certain foods.

Here are some foods high in vitamin D;

Shitake and button mushrooms

surprisingly, the dried versions of shiitake mushrooms are high in vitamin D. This may be due to the fact that these mushrooms are great at sucking up sunlight. Shiitake mushrooms are also rich in B vitamins like B1 and B2. Make sure that you find mushrooms that have been dried in the sun, not by artificial means, in order to achieve the benefits of high vitamin D content.


A small, 3½ ounce portion of these high omega-3 containing fish will give you 90% of your recommended daily amount. Currently, it is recommended that people eat more of these oily fishes to infuse their bodies with the vitamins and omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that the human body cannot produce on its own.


Sardines are one of the best foods sources of vitamin D. One small tin can of sardines will provide you with approximately 70% of your daily needs. These tiny canned fish are also a great source for vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and selenium.



Eggs are another food that contains vitamin D in small amounts. Eating one egg daily will provide you with approximately 10% of your daily needs. I recommend eating free range organic farmed eggs from a local source if possible.


That said I still always have my eyes open and my ears close to the ground as you never know what could be the one thing that helps stop canSer such as modified citrus pectin which may prevent metastases. Hearing about these sorts of things with such bold statements stop me in my tracks and I can’t help but think well if it doesn’t do any harm then why not try?

Modified citrus pectin is derived from the pulp and rinds of citrus fruits which have been altered to produce shorter sugar chains. Thanks to these shorter sugar chains, the pectin is more easily absorbed through the intestinal tract and into the bloodstream. This has a mean ability to halt metastasis – the spread of cancer. In one study involving melanoma cells, MCP decreased tumour metastasis to the lung by more than 90%.Along with mopping up cancer cells MCP can also draw toxins and heavy metals from the body – often the underlying cause of disease. Well based on that snippet of information that has caught my attention and I wonder why I hadn’t heard of it before?

But as I say I have a list of about 5 supplements that have caught my attention lately and I will ask some advice before adding or alternating for some I already I take.  I don’t want to overload my body anymore than it already is.

I have today taken steps to booking to go to…. Switzerland! I am not off on another holiday but booking for a week at a treatment centre to receive GcMAF. After having received a lovely email from a patient who has just returned from there with nothing but positive comments I felt compelled to give it a go. The cost is currently less than having treatment in Germany at only 3000 Euros for the whole week plus hotel and flights. On checking out the data it seems it is very close to Lake Geneva and the airport is only about 40 minutes away. It won’t be until March but at least I know it is being booked. At least I get to see some of the world whilst travelling for treatment. There is always a bonus to every situation.

Today is apparently Blue Monday as it is classed the most depressing day of the year. I am unsure as to why as I feel that January has so much to look forward to. But if you are feeling blue here’s a little picture to cheer you up….



Light and Love.

C x

Happy Friday Everyone!

Who’s got that Friday feeling? It’s not as if I have anything to let my hair down for as my week has been altogether lovely as usual. The right balance of work and joy. However, there is nothing like a Friday. For me knowing that the weekend with my Bear is ahead and meeting our friends then going for a day at a spa courtesy of an anniversary gift is so much to look forward to. (It’s taken six months to book but we got there in the end!)

I was due to be working this afternoon however my client cancelled. I always think when cancellations occur that maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something. The energy that I put out there clearly needed me not to share my energy by doing facials or massage. Maybe as I had chemo yesterday and had an off day I need to build my energy up and be kind to myself.

Yesterday was day 21 of the chemo cycle, which means I had to take the higher dose of tablets and then I have a week off next week. Yay! I try to be really positive and not look for side effects but I can’t help it that I do feel a bit yucky. I’m much better today but yesterday and last night I suffered with diarrhoea and a very sore tummy. I decided despite this to have a coffee enema. I always think it’s best to get all the toxins out as quick as possible. I feel much better now. Just a little bit rumbly in the tum.

So being kind to myself is what I am planning on doing this afternoon. I have done some chores, like changing bed covers. I love changing the bed covers. It means that tonight the bed sheets are going to be crisp and fresh. It’s one of my highlights! I love sleeping so much… And sleep has been pretty good recently. I have been getting into a routine of eating earlyish in the evening, having an Epsom salts bath a few times a week and trying not to drink too many fluids late on in the evening. And of course we always go to bed at a reasonable hour. And to top it we are not drinking alcohol and we are exercising daily. I think this combination means we get really sound restful sleep. I must be sleeping well as despite all my efforts to lie in when Pete leaves in the mornings I am wide awake including this morning. Knowing I didn’t have any clients and the fact that yesterday wasn’t my best day I still woke bright and early. I am 3 months into the health coaching course I signed up for. Part of this week’s homework is to write ‘morning pages’ I guess they are a bit like writing a journal but you write absolutely everything that comes to mind first thing in the morning. Even things like,’ I feel sleepy’, ‘I want to go back to bed’, get written down. The idea is that you declutter your mind and eventually creative thoughts and intuition come through to grow as an individual. So being wide awake, that’s what I started doing this morning. It’s quite cathartic.

As part of my course I have a conference call or join a ‘coaching circle’ once a month. For about an hour I speak to other members in my group and a mentor. I had this call yesterday. I have to say it’s really interesting hearing other people’s thoughts and goals. Sometimes having canSer you think you are the only person in the world with problems but everyone has some kind of history and ‘thing’ they need to let go of. It’s very empowering and so far I am really enjoying the course and can’t wait to complete it and become a fully fledged graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

If anyone is interested in doing the course; it is an online course with modules released weekly. It’s really empowering as you are studying with people from all over the world and some of the best known health bloggers are graduates of the course. If you are interested in joining and making huge changes in your life and looking for a career change then click here and let them know Claire Grant referred you;

This week has been Happiness Week on BBC Radio One. Apparently January can be depressing and an anti climax after the highs of Christmas and New Year celebrations. I like it. I like Happiness Week. It’s an excuse to smile, be cheerful with everyone and spread the love. So with this in mind I heard this tune on the radio this morning and wanted to share it with you. If like me you want to get up and shimmy… Go on no one is looking!  Here is Gorgon City with Ready for your love;

I’m off to plant some seeds that were bought for me for Christmas. I am going to be growing goji berries, cucamelons, microgreen herbs and electric daisies (apparently these taste like fizzy sherbet and 9 volt batteries! Oo-er! And for my kitty I am planting catmint.

I am a domestic goddess!

Not to bring the happy mood down I just want to say my thoughts and prayers are with a lovely lady’s friends and family, as another good women is taken by TNBC. She was vibrant and a real fighter. She will be sorely missed.

Linda wouldn’t want to put a downer on ‘Happiness Week’ so with that in mind Happy Friday everyone!

Quitting sugar in all forms for the Greater Good…..

I need to quit sugar- in every form. I have technically stopped eating processed simple sugars (well almost a few biscuits might have fallen into my mouth at the weekend when I felt a bit sick. Pete said his dad said digestive biscuits cure all sickness!) But I have to give it up in all forms including starchy vegetables, fruits, and look on every label going. I already limit those sorts of foods and I have been considering the ketogenic diet but more and more things have been popping up recently. Last night I saw  a post on the famous ‘I quit sugar 8 week program’ by Australian Sarah Wilson again and then today whilst doing my coursework for the health coach course the speaker went on and on about how sugar is so toxic and what damage it can do. It’s not like I haven’t heard it before but I am hearing, seeing and feeling the signs and I simply cannot ignore them anymore. I have been ‘very good’ for such a long time although I do have lapses (clearly!). On the whole I avoid all things sugary, starchy and so on but during the winter months I have been known to have bread, potatoes, rice and pasta albeit gluten free, dairy free and so on. But I am getting the hint that this is simply not enough and I really should address this issue with a more serious approach.

Sugar is and will always be a ‘baddy’ not just to canSer survivors but to every single human being on Earth. It’s toxic and it’s addictive. There are no two ways about it. It pains me to say I have to give it up seriously but that’s the way the cookie crumbles (Argh more sugary foods!). Even if I didn’t have canSer with all the other health implications I would seriously be considering this anyway. And whether he likes it or not, I feel Mr G may have to do it with me. I’m not being cruel in dragging him into it but we all have ailments of some sort and I believe that eliminating all sugars will be benefit us both.

For canSer survivors this could be the thing that saves their life. Sugar really does feed canSer and it sucks up as much glucose it can get its hands on, so it’s a no brainer really to do it properly.

I have a Skype meeting booked with a nutritionist next week who is going to guide me through a ketogenic diet. I already have the idea but it would be really good to get actual meal plans and ingredients that I can eat.

I have also ordered the I Quit Sugar 8 week program book. It’s full of recipes and advice on quitting sugar. I’ll let you know how I get on. Don’t expect me to be happy all the time! Poor Pete. But it’s for the greater good! (Said Hot Fuzz Styly!)

Anyone that wants advice on this please don’t hesitate in checking out this website; or alternatively contact me for advice and support.

Light and Love. (I’m going to need it!)