Ladies what lunch…

Today was a real treat. For a long time I have been in contact with a lovely lady who contacted me through the blog. She is kind and helpful and up until now just hasn’t found time to meet. We don’t live a million miles from each other so for the first time we met […]

Back to Bristol for blood taking…

A trip to Bristol for my mum and me again today would have been worry free had we not been woken at 4am with the sound of lorries hurling up our road. The noise was nothing we’d ever heard. It sounded like they were crashing through our house. Once awake we found out what had […]

Food for thought!

This week I decided I would find some recipes with certain ingredients in mind. There are so many super foods and having a cupboard full of wonder herbs and powders I thought it was about time I actually tried using them. I am not a natural cook and with a little help from my mum […]

Visit with another doctor today…..

We had a family outing to Bristol today. It isn’t as exciting as it sounds, well not in that way. Mum, Pete and I drove to have an appointment with Dr Hembry, a private integrated medical practitioner. (Mum came along for the ride..)I had read a lot about Dr Hembry and had been recommended her […]

Beauty despite cancer…

I have been speaking with many other TNBC survivors and have been feeling comforted to know that I am not alone. I feel empowered to stay positive and keep smiling. My friend suggested I write a letter to the Universe thanking it three times for something. I have thanked the Universe for keeping me well […]

Completely immersed in living….

Well… I’m back! It’s been more than a week since I have blogged and I can say I have missed it but I also didn’t have time to miss it. (Does that make sense?) I have been completely absorbed in Pete, my friends and the awesomeness of skiing and the views. Every single day I […]