Met with another Prof..

I am having trouble finding time at the moment. I feel hugely overwhelmed with things to do and things I think I should be doing… Mum stayed with me last week whilst Pete was away but unfortunately she was ill for most of the week. At the end of the week Pete and I went […]

Where’s the week gone?

I can’t actually believe it has been a week since I last blogged. I haven’t been away in fact I have been home the whole time. But Pete has been away and I guess I have just tried to keep myself as busy as possible. I have been busily making sure I have eaten completely […]

Forgiving the Soul…

Yesterday I went for my weekly pranic healing session. I know that people think I must be mad but each to their own. I get a lot from it. I suppose it is odd as I don’t have any physical therapy but I am open to believing in anything at this stage. Plus I have […]

You never know what tomorrow may bring…

The weekend was unexpectedly great. I knew we had a fun time ahead as our friends were coming to visit but sometimes it’s great to having any expectations and it turning out lovely. It always surprises me that you never know what tomorrow may bring. The weather was gorgeous and we had plenty of time […]

Dr Hembry gave me the results…

In my last blog I was just about to pick up the phone to Dr Nicola Hembry. She is a lovely lady and makes me feel very calm. We discussed the results of the RGCC test in detail. The first thing she noticed was the circulating canSer cell levels. Mine were (14.2/7.5ml, SD+/-0.3 cells). Apparently […]

Day five…Taken up the Eiger.. Ooer Mrs!

Sleep! Last night I had an amazing sleep. But that was after having pain in my heart/chest. I’ve noticed the last two nights my heart racing. I am putting it down to having the amino acids that were prescribed by the clinic. They do advise not to have them close to bedtime. I took my […]

Blog By Bear for all the other Bears….

So Claire is having her treatments and I thought I would write a Blog for all the Bears. This is fraught with issues however. What analogy fits best? I first thought Head Coach but the more I ponder it the more I think Colonel is the way to go.   So when Claire had her […]

GcMAF Day 3… Wonderful day in Montreux

I checked my email frit thing this morning and noticed a message from a friend of a friend who is here in Switzerland having GcMAF! I quickly replied and planned to meet her. Wow! How small is this world? I had an early appointment today and it was nice to get it out of the […]

Day two…

We started the day in the gym this morning. Pete was helping me do exercises to open my chest so I can breathe more- taking in more GcMAF using the nebuliser. My appointment wasn’t until the afternoon so we spent the day doing homework and Pete skyped with the office. It’s amazing how comfortable we […]