Triple Negative Breast Cancer day and the first day of GcMAF…

Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness day…

And the first day of GcMAF.

We spent the morning in our hotel room. Pete has set up his Swiss office of his business right here in our room. A lot has been happening here…

I have done yoga, sorted emails, done a sketch and started reading. It’s all the things I wish I get time for at home but never find the time.

At 2pm we went to the ‘clinic’ which is more of a stately home. We were met by lovely staff that made us feel really welcome. We met Prof Marco Ruggeiro who is a charming Italian. To being I had a full body ultra sound scan. Both Pete and I held our breaths as we hoped nothing sinister would be found. Our prayers were answers and actually the prof said my internal organs and lymph nodes under my arms looked great. Such a relief!

He couldn’t use sonography to look into my lungs. He wants to read the blood supply in my spleen as well as my pressure to tell if my lungs/ lesions are improving and are taking more macrophages.

I have been asked not to blog about my treatment at GcMAF. So I won’t detail exactly what I have been having. I can only assume it’s because of people comparing their treatments and the treatment is provided individually. The aim of the ‘game’ is to improve and increase macrophages which stimulate the immune system… There are a number of ways GcMAF /goleic acid can be administered; by injection, suppository in the rectum so the treatment works through the lover, by nebuliser and inhaling it into the lungs and eating it in a yoghurt.

Everyone’s treatment is different. I was weighed by a spectacular machine which told me my BMI, how many calories I should eat each day (2384) and it also told me my physical age… 33!Yeha! I’ll take that one.

Marco went into huge detail about keeping well with exercise, diet and supplements. He wants me to put on weight- mainly muscle and has prescribed me amino acids. 30 per day to be exact!

All in all it went well all except them requiring I stay until Monday. They want to treat me over the weekend too and then scan me on Monday. Initially we agreed but on trying to change flights, car hire, car park, hotel and work commitments the total additional charges would be about £2000!

I felt a bit annoyed at this as I had asked before I left if I needed to extend the time I had originally booked. They told me no. I will simply have to go without.

After my treatment the sun had shone and we headed to Lake Geneva to watch the sun set over the French and Swiss Alps… Absolutely stunning…..

Don’t worry you’ll get to the top soon!

Today the weather has been lovely. So we took a drive Neuchatel, a beautiful chocolate box town that resides by Switzerland’s third largest lake. We were equipped in walking clothes and meant business…

The language here is predominantly French so it is hard to remember that we are not in France. Especially when surrounded by boulangeries, patisseries and so on.

The day started with tea and a croissant and we headed up to the local church. Everywhere here is hilly and by the time we ‘climbed’ to the church which has a beautiful view of Neuchatel both of our lungs and hearts were bursting out of our chests. We had to laugh when an old Swiss lady met us near to the top of the steps and said in French, ‘Don’t worry you will get to the top soon!’ Ha ha! We must’ve looked awful.

All I think is its fresh air, great exercise and I get to see the world and spend it with the man of my dreams.

After 2 hours walking by the lake we drove to Morat, an equally divine town bathed in history. Here they had a town oompah band really going for it! I had a little wiggle to it before we left to go ‘home’.

This evening we decided to eat in Lausanne again- boy walking to the Cathedral was such a challenge- my little legs.

Everything is expensive here. Time for bed…

Day one of our trip to Switzerland feeling nervous…

The day started with my cat sat on my head licking my forehead. What a wonderful way to wake up! We headed to terminal five and caught our flights, then hire car to the hotel in Bussigny-pres-Lausanne, which will be our home for the next week. Thankfully the hotel is lovely (our room more so now we have a bath!)

I felt really nervous this morning. I’m finding it really hard to contain my feelings despite using breathing exercises. I feel emotional and tired. I’m physically over the sickness bug I’ve had all week and happily eating. We decided to be decadent and eat smoked salmon, drink champagne and do some luxury shopping… that calmed my nerves!

Now we are settled; lap tops set up, Wi-Fi connected and ready to go.

We are going to do a reccy and I think another early night. Tomorrow we are going to investigate the area and enjoy our weekend before the clinic at 9am on Monday.

Au Revoir!

Back home…..Waiting for a call from Dr Hembry…

Our last day in Switzerland was spent in Geneva. It is so beautiful and classy with lots of expensive shops. Lucky we didn’t go there sooner and have more time! Pete’s credit card may have taken a hit.

We got to the airport with loads of time and I was happy as usual to be going home. My own bed was calling me!

Sunday was just wonderful. For the first time in ages we had a sunny warm day here and I relished putting my washing out the line. (Sad I know…) But it’s the small things that make me happiest.

I have put the GcMAF I was given in the freezer and await instructions of when and what to do with it in the future. It is now Tuesday and I suspect they have been pretty busy at the clinic in with new attendees and finishing off with those that stayed over the weekend. I hate waiting (if you didn’t know that already!) and am eager to know what to do next….

Yesterday I had to catch up with clients that desperately needed some TLC and mostly their eyebrows tamed. I had to start the day with my rituals and catch up on homework as I am lagging behind the health coaching course. It’s amazing how much one can get done in a day. Ten clients later and finishing at 7.15pm Pete and I did a short stint of yoga to wind down before our evening meal…

Before I went to Switzerland I visited Dr Hembry and had blood taken for blood tests to show what my circulating cancer cells are sensitive to with things such as chemotherapy, complementary treatments and medicines and so on. It takes a while but I have just had the results. Looking at them it is gobbledygook. I am currently sitting waiting to speak with Dr Hembry so she can decipher them. On the first look there are some surprising results. It lists chemotherapies and how sensitive in percent. The first thing that caught my eye is Eribulin, which is the chemo the docs want me to go on next is 85%. It’s one of the highest on there. Capecitabine which we know was quite successful for about a year was only 75%.

I will wait till I have spoken fully to the doc then give a proper summary. I hope also to find out what my next move should be if any.

On returning I had a pile of post and in it was an appointment for another ct scan for yesterday. I called and found out that they wanted to get a baseline before I started chemo, which was due to start today. I have postponed it until the end of April or thereabouts. I want to go down different avenues before I leap into systemic chemotherapy again. Well at least wait and find out about the blood test results and what my options are.

As we speak the phone is ringing and it is Dr Hembry… so tomorrow I will give a huge update as to what happens next for me. Dun Dun Derrrrrr….. Dramatic enough? Ha ha!