I think it’s good news!

Yesterday I had a great day at a colour analysis class. My friends spoilt me at Christmas and bought me the day as a gift. I went along and with three other women learned which colours suit me the best. We had make up put on us and then shown swatches of colour. I am […]

Disturbing the peace…

I spent quite a few hours on Thursday night trying to get to sleep. It wasn’t jet lag keeping me awake but thinking that if only I could have some good news on Friday. The good news for me would be confirmation of ablation and vaccination trail being booked. I really tried to put as […]

Three months already.. another CT scan..

I have been out of communications for about a week. If you were wondering where I had gone well never fear… I was abroad enjoying myself. Pete and I took five days and spent them in New York City Baby! We had planned to visit there a few years ago but with everything going on […]

The Adventures of Cancer Maverick….

Today was reasonably eventful. Further to my thoughts of going to Germany to have TACE with Professor Vogl I had the opportunity to speak with another person who has been treated by him. Patricia peat from cancer Options gave my number to one of her patients. A lovely lady called me and we discussed all […]

I asked the Universe for a gift…

The last few days have been glorious and as I sit here now I keep looking into the garden thinking just ten more minutes till there is no more sun left… I have been trying to take things steady since Sunday and have laid off exercising properly. I have done some stretches and a little […]

Phew what a weekend…

Phew a few hectic days… Friday I had a brilliant acupuncture session with a new therapist recommended by a friend. He did auricular therapy on my ears too which was highly enlightening! It was interesting when he worked on my right side there was a definite resistance but when he placed a row of needles […]

Morning minutes are magic minutes…

Today has been an odd day. Mainly due to me having lie in. The start of a day really has a major impact on how it will pan out. I now realise why Pete says, ‘morning minutes are magic minutes’. He insists on being out of the house before 7.10am. Any time after that then […]