I feel all.. floopy.

Wednesday morning I headed down to Tooting to St Georges again, this time not only to collect interleukin 2 injections but also to see Professor Dalgliesh. I left myself plenty of time but unfortunately my train was cancelled. I was too worried though. I got to the hospital half hour late and I expected to […]

6 years of Happily Ever After….

Saturday 19th July was our sixth wedding anniversary. Can’t quite believe it has gone so quickly yet feels like it was only yesterday. We spent the day just chilling and being together. We sat in the garden throughout the thunder storms and had a little dance in the rain. I have felt so very happy […]

UP, UP and Away!

Morning! I recently bought Pete a new toy. It’s a wristband that calculates your fitness and sleep patterns and more. The app that goes with the wrist band by Jawbone is called UP. The reason for buying it is that Pete is working out a lot and also wants to lose weight. I also don’t […]

I’m back!

I haven’t blogged for about a week and it hasn’t been through laziness or because I have been having ‘moments’ but because I have been away. Again? I hear you cry… Well yes actually. This time we decided that we would combine our Germany treatment trip with a road trip though France and Germany and […]

Two years and I’m still going strong!

Today is the anniversary of the day we got told I had only two years to live, that the canSer had spread to my lungs and it was incurable… Well here I am fitter, brighter, happier than ever. My life has been enriched by the support of so many people and my love for life […]

Time to heal myself….

Yesterday I cancelled my pranic healing appointment. I had to go to hospital but ever since I didn’t go last week as I wasn’t feeling up to it I have been undecided what to do. Last week because I didn’t cancel 24 hours prior to the appointment I was asked to pay. Ok this seems […]