Side effects again dominating….

Last night I had the second il2 injection of round five. I tell you, the side effects get worse. By 8pm I had full shivers and felt rubbish. I gobbled up paracetamol again but they didn’t have the same soothing effect. I went to bed in a pickle. Thankfully though I did kind of sleep. […]

Tomorrow we run in memory of Leanne….

I went down to London yesterday to the London Clinic to have the next IMM101 injection. I am getting used to hopping on the train and underground and have it timed to perfection. Yesterday however despite my fine tuned plans I arrived to find that all the trains to London were cancelled. Oh no… This […]

I want to have a little rant….

I feel like having a little rant… I received an email from a lady at GcMAF asking me for some feedback on how I was and if I had received any scan results lately. I waited until I got my results and replied and explained that I had stopped having the goleic acid injections at […]

Squeezing everything out of life….

I am so sorry for the lack of blog since my last one, which was quite an exciting one! I have been ultra busy since then. Last Wednesday I went to London to collect more interleukin two injections and also had a quick chat with Professor Dalgliesh. He seemed very excited when I told him […]

Scan results day… Not as bad as we thought?

Phew…. today has come and the dreaded wait for scan results is over. Before I give you a full break down of the results, I’ll just say that the last few days despite having this horrific wait and awful trepidation looming over me I have actually been feeling physically and emotionally so much better. I […]