It’s been a few days and I didn’t mean to keep everyone in suspense. I attended my clinic appointment on Tuesday fully expecting to get my scan results from the scans I had done last week. Pete met me there and we didn’t really get time to talk or be nervous as we were called […]

A first for Pete and I…..

This weekend we had a first. Peter and I went to church together for the first time. I haven’t been to church since I was a child and used to go to Sunday School and be part of the girls brigade. Peter suggested we go and get to know our community. We leave so close […]

A quick update….

I went for a blood test on Wednesday. I’m intrigued to know if my haemoglobin is improving. I’ve had a mixed week but generally pretty good. I’ve had bouts of sickness, vomiting, headaches and generally feeling rough but also many high points of feeling normal. It has been a battle trying to verbose the sickness […]