I’m a miracle apparently…..

It’s a rainy day here in the UK today. I actually really like it. It’s refreshing and feels like starting a new and there is so much to be thankful for. We returned from Frankfurt on Friday night after being offered an earlier flight by BA. Thank you! It was nice to get back just […]

A post by Bear….

Hello, its Bear, just a picture of me too so that you know its me.  I wanted to talk to all the friends and family. Living with canSer takes a lot of adjustment and understanding and from all of the brave ladies that I talk too, something becomes very clear. Firstly they are all the […]

Supplements.. It’s a minefield

There are many supplements that I have taken over the last three years since I was diagnosed with incurable canSer. It is a minefield but as you can see from my website I have listed the ones that I feel are beneficial and have added their benefits. The thing is I wrote that three years […]

I met an angel….

Whilst in Duderstadt last I was sitting having the infusions and a lovely lady came in asked me if I was English. She began talking to me in detail about herself and who she was. Her name is Raquel and she works alongside Dr Nesselhut by helping his patients who travel from Portugal and need […]

Scan results just in….

Well, well, well…. I did not expect that. Today I finally got the scan results from the scans I had a few weeks ago at the Churchill hospital, Oxford. Actually today has been very good in many ways. I have had many distractions today prior to getting to hospital and also whilst at hospital. This […]