I’m having a weird Wednesday

I’m having a weird Wednesday. In fact I am having a weird week so far. After the good news last week I had big plans for this week as it was predominantly free. I planned on doing lots of work updating my website and writing the survey, and exercising more and chatting with my builder […]

A Bear’s Blog for Friday….

I was sitting in the University Klinikum hospital in Frankfurt 4 weeks ago waiting for Claire to recover (a little bit) from her lung surgery and the German medical pamphlets caught my eye.  Whereas I am used to the leaflets explaining the mechanic’s of treatment and the processes of chemotherapy, surgery and “palliative’ care (I […]

Goodbye January, Hello February!

It’s February already.. Blow me down with a feather. January was one testing month and after my last blog we have been keeping busy as always. Madly we have been away again to Austria, skiing. I know, we are mad based on my physical health from my last blog, but the holiday had been booked […]