3 hours wrapping presents.. bah humbug!

I have to admit it I have been a grumpy guts for most of this week. Not outwardly, massively grumpy but I definitely have not been right! I don’t like it. It almosts feels hormonal but that can’t be right. I have been negative and a little bit resentful of stuff.

I also feel a little blocked and uncentred. I have found it hard to relax fully during meditation and haven’t experienced any ‘colours’ during it either. I  do know that the scan results are playing on my mind but when I think logically, that I must trust and live each day, then I’m fine again. I need my own pep talk! I put it all down to being tired.

I spent 3 hours wrapping presents yesterday. I didn’t enjoy that either! Bah humbug! I had a great night’s sleep last night so I am feeling much more positive.

On a plus side though Pete has booked me to have session with a lady that does ‘The Journey’ process. I spoke to her yesterday and she was lovely. I have no expectations as I am not totally sure of what will happen and I don’t expect miracles but it could be good to really let loose what may have caused all the canSer?

Today I went to my friends for lunch and had a good natter then I went off to have reflexology. I have been looking forward to it all week! It’s divine and really, Claire Winters is the best. So very accurate and clever. She said that my neck and around my glutes are all very tight. OMG- so very true! She felt that my adrenals were working too hard. She suspects that it’s due to feeling a bit stressed. But overall she thinks my feet look and feel great. She says she can ‘read’ feet too (a bit like reading palms) and even describe things that are going on emotionally at that time! I asked about mine and she said that emotionallly I’m pretty balanced at the moment. She says that my lung area all feels really good too.

I floated home. I feel wonderful!

Pete has been sending me cute messages today again and I’m really looking forward to our weekend together. First though, Friday night.. nothing exciting.. cabbage for tea and an early night! (Rock and Roll!) Just the way I like it.

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