A belated Happy New Year… Come on 2016!

I am so surprised how long it has been since I last wrote a blog. I guess that means I have had a lot going on and nothing major to report but actually I have written so many blogs in my head I wish they could all be done telekinetically!
I wanted to wish everyone a lovely Christmas and New Year but I simply didn’t find the time. Now that’s not something I am proud of as writing this blog is really important to me and I love sharing the love with everyone too. As I always said this blog isn’t all doom and gloom.
So let me take this time to say a big huge thank you to all my lovely friends and family and followers. Without you I wouldn’t be here.

A quick synopsis of how 2015 ended. Christmas was great fun with my mum and step son here at home with us. We had the pleasure of ‘German’ Christmas on Christmas Eve with my step daughter and grandson! What a cutie he is. I had great pleasure in giving our gift to them; a toybox that I had made and decorated with dinosaurs. Something I hope that he loves and uses for many years.
Madly we decided to go away on Boxing day, the 26th, getting up at 3am. What?! I hear you cry. I know, it seemed like such a good idea at the time. That said who needs their bed when they are about to spend a week in snowy Austria.
Sadly, Austria wasn’t all that snowy when we arrived. However we were staying in a high resort and the pistes had been managed amazingly. In fact almost all pistes were open for the whole week. By the end of the week new snow started falling. Thank fully for them. That meant we got the best of it all to a degree. Bright blue skies, clear visibility, and warmth, so not having to wear so many layers. In fact it was positively balmy! Sunbathing at the top of a mountain is the simply the best! Go Tina Turner! I hadn’t forgotten how to ski and we whizzed around the resort loving it.
There were a few hiccups and hindrances however. On arrival as it was early our room wasn’t ready. That’s fine. We still went out and enjoyed the first afternoon testing all the pistes. The staff had said they would move our bags to our room. We came back asked for the room number and key and promptly went to our room to get ready for dinner. We walked in to complete darkness then heard a few foreign voices speaking to us! Whatttttt? We got out of there quick and trying not to blush too much went to reception and found she had given us the wrong room and room key! Ha ha.. how embarrassing.
The next night the fire alarm went off. In our daze we got dressed and went downstairs and stood out in the cold There wasn’t a fire. So with all the confusion I asked the receptionist what was going on? She said nothing. So we went to bed. Weird night.
On the day of arrival I started to feel really rough. Just a sore throat and stuffy nose I thought. How I was so wrong… For the rest of the stay I felt terrible. It was possibly the worst cold I have ever had. In fact I am still blowing the weirdest coloured stuff out of my nose I have ever seen. ( Too much information?) I blew my nose 7 times the other night in the space of one minute and it still wasn’t clear. I am right now so bunged up it is unbelievable.
The rule when we go skiing is that we never miss a day. The only reason to miss a day would be hangover usually from the apres ski the day before. No. Pete won’t allow it. And it was the same with having this cold. I tanked myself up on decongestants and pain relief. In fact getting out and about was the best thing we did all day. We did finish very early some days and I got tucked up in bed fully clothed as I couldn’t stop shivering.
The other downside to having a cold is that my appetite went through the floor. I came home lighter than I went and now I am not feeling bad about all the Christmas gluttony.
The weather being so warm meant the snow conditions were icy at times and then by the afternoon like slush. We are experienced at skiing and know how to handle this situation however one afternoon I fell flat on my face. I banged my head and really hurt the left side of my body. I was wearing a helmet thankfully but my head really hurt and then a few hours later my neck was absolutely killing me. Whiplash. Great, my week was going well. Luckily the head repaired quite quickly but it did give me migraines at night along with such sore muscles in the neck. The migraines and neck ache really scared me. It made me question whether the brain tumours are back. I thought in my gut- nope. But I had been having the odd migraine before the bang on my head. Why? I was worried of mentioning it to Pete as it scares the devil out of him too. But stupidly my mouth flaps too much and I divulge everything to him. I quickly back it up with details of how it was different the last time.
It sounds like I was just having all the ‘luck’. However Pete also wasn’t having the most ‘luck’ either. He fell twice during the week which left his bottom black and blue. He also got the cold and a cough he hasn’t been able to shift for months, once again got worse. What a bloody mess we were and still are, actually.
All the time this was going on, in our minds, all we thought was what are we going to do about going to Frankfurt next week. Earlier in December I was umming and arring about my next appointment with Prof Vogl for microwave ablation. We eventually decided sooner was better than later but then this cold and cough came. If it had been last week I definitely would have cancelled however as I am really feeling ok all except congestion we have decided to proceed with our plans.
It’s not how I really wanted the beginning of our New Year to go but I figure that I slam everything now that it could give me a chance of a GREAT 2016.

I want to take this opportunity to let my Bear know that he was an absolute star last week. I didn’t want to do anything. I cried most of the days and whined about how bad I felt almost 24/7. He simply hugged me and said we would have fun no matter what. Can you believe a cold reduces me to tears more than canSer?
I tried not to think about going to see Prof Vogl. The procedure is going to be tough purely because I am scared of being awake whilst he ablates the largest tumour in my right lung. It’ll take 15 minutes apparently. I just hope I don’t feel a thing. That is my fear.
We have to stay a little longer than normal and I am acutely aware of the pressure Pete is under to run the business and get the year started off fast and furiously. He seems very upbeat about it all. However we have to drive to Frankfurt this time. I am not keen on flying home when I have just had my lung punctured. However I hope that I recover as well as I did when I had radiofrequency ablation in 2014 as I am due to fly to Hannover the following week to see Dr Nesselhut for my usual cell treatment.
Oh the life of a triple negative breast cancer survivor eh?
I am of course blessed that I can have all these treatments and that despite a big snotty nose and a deep voice I am living well and symptom free. I generally nowadays don’t think about dying of canSer. I am certain I getting there.
So with you being completely updated I hope that 2016 brings everything you want and need. Most of all love and happiness and a cure for triple negative breast cancer and treatment to keep us living longer and healthier. Light and Love.

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