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Today I thought I’d focus on one of the ten point plan; Mental Fitness. Mental fitness not only means positive thinking but also being confident in the way you look and your self esteem. I want to give information to any ladies out there that have had mastectomy.

This time of the year generally means holidays and wearing bikinis or swimwear. I’m sure that like me the thought of donning bikini was like a nightmare. I trawled the internet but could only find swimwear that was, let’s say ‘not me’. Finally I came across this great site which is founded by a fellow survivor who has convinced Australian brand, Sea Folly to let her adjust and enhance the swimwear to have pockets sown inside. Also I would never have thought I could have worn the bikinis that I purchased because I thought they revealed too much but based on her sound advice I bought two amazing bikinis and noone would ever know. She also provides ‘beanies’ (soft beanbag type infills) that can be used in the pockets.

I absolutely love my bikinis which are bang on trend and worth every penny. This is the web address; http://www.aboutthegirl.co.uk/

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