Amazonian women only had one breast and they were great archers!

The last couple of days have flown by. I have been busy as ever with my usual rituals and working. Yesterday I had an unexpected visitor during the day. Pete’s daughter came to our house home sick from work. Bless her. She has been having a real issue trying to get through to the doctors to say that she is ill. It really is a simple fact that if you do not shout loud enough you will get fobbed off. I did what I could for her and tried to impart some of my knowledge on complementary ways of looking after herself in the mean time, as the doctors flatly refused to come and see her. I understand it from the doctor’s point of view but when you are in pain it’s really hard not to think that there is something seriously wrong with you. And that’s another issue. The strength of the mind. If you focus hard enough on pain it just gets worse. I calmed Hannah down by deep breathing with her and making her peppermint tea. Within an hour colour had come back into her cheeks and by the time tea time came she was almost back to normal- for now.

It has been a few days since the Boston bombings. I have been thinking a lot about it and my thoughts and prayers have been all for those involved and their families. Tragic times and it’s at those times when I really don’t understand the world and the universe and what it’s all about? I don’t understand how an 8 year old can be killed and it’s just meant to be? I don’t know where to go with those sorts of thoughts…. All I can do is give positive thoughts and love.

My cold is practically gone and I simply cannot believe how quickly I have recovered. I really do think my breakfast juice has a lot to answer for. That and the immunotherapy, the acupuncture, the reishi spores.. blimey the list goes on.I have been having ginger in my juice this week and have been eating only vegan foods. I have made the effort to try and cook from my cookery books that I have mentioned before. Last night I cooked aubergine and tomato gratin. Tasty! Even Pete liked it.Tonight I am going to create something with butternut squash… ooo…exciting…

I met a lovely lady yesterday whilst working who told me she goes to ‘roller derby’. It got me thinking. I love roller skating and maybe roller derby is the thing I should go and try next. Something out of my comfort zone but gives great fitness. I am not sure about being bashed and thrown all over the place but I do own my skates and I would love to give a try. Should I or shouldn’t I?

Another thing I may try is archery. My Bear is a font of all knowledge and was telling me that Amazonian women used to remove one of their breasts as it would get in the way when they used their bow and arrows. He said they were sexy strong women yet they only had one breast like I do. Bless him. He knows how to make me feel good about myself. So that got us thinking. Maybe I should give it a go. Talk about a different twist on things and making a positive out of a negative. You never know the next female Olympic champion could be a woman who had a mastectomy! That would be amazing! I’m going to look into going to my local club in Oxford and giving it a go. I know I need arm strength- Well, that’s good as I did strong balanced yoga this morning and boy, my arms are aching although I do see some definition in them now.

Today I had an email from a lady in Australia who has found my facebook page who is also a triple negative breast canSer survivor. I am always so touched when I hear from other survivors. She seemed very anxious and alone. I tried to give her tools to help herself and also an outlook that may just enhance her life for the better. She too feels fear. She currently doesn’t have canSer but feels she it may have spread to other parts of her body. I hope it hasn’t for her sake but there is more to life than worrying. I know this now from having many months’, even years, worrying myself sick. You get what you wish for and by worrying about canSer or anything else, usually makes that thing happen. I advised to try and abandon sadness and to love herself. Today is the important day and although making plans for the future is positive in every way, today is what you have now. I look forward to keeping in touch with her. She looks like a beautiful woman. If I ever go to Australia I would like to meet her!

 In the last week there have been some really interesting pieces of research that keep popping up. Another piece of exciting news is by a company called Celldex therapeutics whose shares went through the roof when they launched a brain cancer vaccine called rindopepimut (CDX-011). However, late last year, Celldex generated a great deal of excitement after the final results from the company’s Phase 2b metastatic breast cancer study of CDX-011 were released. The results were so good that the company plans to initiate a randomized trial suitable for accelerated approval in patients with triple negative breast cancer in the second half of 2013. Wait what? This is incredible! We will keep our ears to the ground to hear more about this.

 Today a really old friend dropped by. I haven’t seen her for about ten years and she hasn’t changed a bit! I am amazed as to how many old friends are popping back into my life and it’s as if they never left. I feel enriched with friendship and am totally touched they are all getting back in touch, usually by accident.  I have more friends now than I ever have and I love it!

My Bear has just arrived home so I must go and start cooking!

Ciao. X

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