Another CanSer Survivors ‘Crazy Cancer World’…

Had my trip to Farnham for acupuncture followed by yoga with a little bit of healing thrown in too today. Acupuncture was good.. I had a needle put between my eye brows.. felt really bizarre and I bet I looked funny! Michael says today that my energy is feeling pretty good which is a change from my normal stressy pulse he usually takes. He has been working some lung points again as I have had this wretched cold this week, but I have to say I don’t even feel like I have had one at all! I feel really good about it. I actually feel much more calm than normal but lets face it my feelings can be so up and down every day it’s hard to know what has been the norm for me. Anyway, who cares about that except that right now I am feeling pretty settled in myself. I am regularly talking to myself and affirming, which is helping, and reading uplifting inspiring books, as well having lots of fun things to look forward to.

Yoga was great fun and I really feel taller. At one pont we sat opposite each other, Lyn and I, with our foreheads touching, chanting and clearing our chakras! Brilliant and weird how we both felt like one. Such a lovely lady.. I always want to give her a hug. Her voice gives me goose bumps when she is relaxing me or preparing me. She held my face today and said how beautiful I am.. Awww so nice.

A lovely lady contacted me via Facebook who also has breast canSer yesterday. She also does a blog and it was really interesting reading her journey so far. Hers started in July and she is just starting chemo and the whole hair loss thing. I have emailed her to lend an ear and any advice I can offer. She is upbeat and positive and calls it her ‘Crazy Cancer World’. I couldn’t agree more. Crazy….Hopefully I can guide her and give her a better chance of a full recovery.

It’s funny how things can improve and because they are so subtle I almost forget to notice. My fingers and toes have now regained full feeling in them. I think it has been like it for a week or so but I hadn’t noticed till earlier this week and didn’t want to jinx it incase it is was a brief fluke. I’m well chuffed and have decided not to focus on it so as to direct my positive thoughts on something else. I’m not sure why it has returned whether it be the bodys’ natural healing or because of supplements or treatment or what.. I like to believe it has healed because of everything I am doing.

Tonight I’m having a night on the sofa with the kitty. She has been ultra cute today. This morning she did meditation with me, then followed me into my treatment room where I have the airnergy and heat treatment. She decided she would sit nose to nose with me throughout and even stayed there whilst I was out. Then much to my surprise she even sat on my lap this evening. Who is this kitty? I can’t believe it.. It’s everything I have wanted..Wonder why the change in her? Or is it the change in me she likes so now graces me with her presence? Either way I am very happy for the little moments of love I get and I am grateful.  (It’s hard having a less than loving kitty especially when the Bear comes home from friends who have a 12 week old puppy…. Oh dear poor ol’ kitty can’t compete against that- Pete’s smitten but not with a kitten. :))

Night Y’all. X

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