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We are back from the White Isle. It was sad to leave our lovely friends from the hotel as well as our new friends we had met this week. But I am always happy to come home. On arriving home we had a huge pile of post and emails to get through. I was delighted by a letter I received from a lady that had read about me in the Oxford Times Limited Edition magazine. She had seen a newspaper article of a canSer survivor that had got the ‘all clear’ from incurable cancer just by changing his diet. What was great was that the things he has mentioned he took are things I have been taking too; such as selenium, vitamin c, barley grass, and curcumin as well as eliminating meats and all dairy from his diet. This really lifted my spirits and just urges me to keep going too and confirms that I am doing the right thing.  This was then doubly reinforced when a friend emailed me the link to the same article.

Then as the evening progressed some wonderful friends who are on holiday in America sent a message to say they were actually speaking to a scientist or researcher that works a laboratory there where they say they have found a cure for breast cancer!! Well, I have spent a bit of time today already looking up the laboratory and I am waiting for a reply to my email with hopefully news on how soon it will be available. What’s really interesting is that it sounds like it is all to do with stem cells not drugs. This again reinforces the treatment I am already having in Germany. Once I have more information I will share this news with you.

As well as this my friend sent me a link with news that is in the Daily mail today with findings from a research centre in California whereby they are using the small pox virus otherwise known as the vaccinia virus may help treat triple negative breast cancer. On tests on mice the virus is actually reducing and kiilnig the canSer cells. it’s still early days but once again funny how it’s a vaccine not drugs?!

If you would like to read the article here is the link:

It’s crazy to think that it has only been three months to the day almost, that I was told that I have ‘incurable’ canSer. I find it very hard to be told that something cannot be cured and that they can indeed tell me how long I am expected to live. All the news though gives hope and really does make me wonder why it has taken so long. For now I am going to keep improving what I am doing and have today contacted a naturopath friend to get advice on my diet and supplements. As a well known supermaket says, ‘Every little helps!’.

Regarding the diet I (and Pete-although reluctantly at first!) have adopted was inspired by Kris Carr, a writer and canSer survivor. She is just releasing a new book full of recipes called Crazy Sexy Kitchen. I have mine on pre order and it will be released at the end of October. If you want to prevent canSer or just want to feel healthy I would highly recommend buying it. It’s already in the top 100 books on Amazon this month.

Can’t wait for my meal tonight. We are having chinese stir fry full of greens. MMMM. 🙂

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