Back to the land of the living and there’s much to see and do!

We’re back to the land of the living. I’m feeling a bit emotional from tiredness and sad at leaving there for yet another year and having made such strong bonds with complete strangers who we can now call friends. There are too many highlights to the week for me to mention but if I had to it would be spending time with our old friends and making new ones. Of course Marsha, our friend’s daughter really made it for me. I mentioned her in my last blog. She has been living with her new parents for 12 years now. She was adopted by Patricia Messenger and her husband Brendan who live in Ireland. Patricia is a radio star and during a work venture to visit orphanages in Russia she saw Marsha. The conditions were unthinkable and unliveable but even though I am sure Patricia would have saved all the children if she could, on seeing Marsha it left her feeling haunted.

Today Marsha lives a rich life full of love and fun and makes the most of every second. They as a family are so lovely to be around. I find myself wanting to sit with Marsha and ensure she is ok but she seems to really take everything in. Her parents treat her so kindly that it fills me up every time I think of them. Such selflessness inspires everyone they meet. I can honestly say most people couldn’t do what they have done and to think that they will care for Marsha for the rest of her life as she needs one to one attention. It certainly puts things into perspective and nothing seems hard really when you see them. I feel honoured and so very grateful.

The moment I walked through the door I started to get my life back in order. The washing has been done. The food shop has been done and my week planned for clients. The food shopping was all important as although we didn’t eat terribly it isn’t the same as eating our foods. My fridge is full of fresh green veggies and fruits and my first home made smoothie today was just great.

I have had time to plough through my emails and there has been a lot of activity with Google alerts on all things triple negative. There is a new phase two clinical trial in the US for a combination of two drugs. See the article here:

As well as a very interesting article by Lord Saatchi, introducing a bill aiming to help find a cure for cancer 18 months after he lost his wife to a rare form of the disease. The peer claimed the current treatment was “medieval, degrading and ineffective” and the law was a barrier to a cure. His Medical Innovation Bill aims to prevent doctors from being held liable for clinical negligence if they innovate during cancer treatment. Watch this short film about it;


Things coming up in the calendar are, of course, Breast Cancer awareness month in October but also Macmillan Cancer Support are holding their national coffee morning on Friday 27th September. Last year just from holding the coffee mornings and people making small donations they raised £15 million! Macmillan is an integral part of cancer care. They help so many people right from diagnosis to end of life care. Any excuse for tea and cake!! I best try to see if I can make some healthy ones!
Here’s the link to find out more and get your pack to hold your own coffee morning;


Even though we are back from holidays and the summer here definitely seems to have gone our fun hasn’t. We are heading up north this weekend for more friend antics. I honestly can’t remember having so many friends before! How lucky are we?

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