Bah humbug…..

We are well and truly on our way to the end of the year. Christmas is less than a month away and to be honest, it can stay away. I don’t mean to be all bah humbug, but I am still fighting the end of the year off. I loved this summer and have reluctantly been plodding along through the rest of this year. I don’t like the shorter days and I am already looking forward to spring and summer 2017. So much so that we have already been preparing for it by having a new patio laid.

It’s been a few weeks of being unsettled. My dad and brother have been staying with us and laying the patio. Sadly the weather was atrocious whilst they were here and what should have been one weeks work became two, purely due to the rain disturbing the work.

As usual, as soon as they left the weather improved. It may be colder now but at least it is dry.
However they still did a great job. All that needs to be done now is a big clean up. As you can imagine the place has been left looking a bit like a building site! Tomorrows job; jet wash the drive.

Why am I being such a ‘bah humbug’? I don’t know really. I normally love the festivities, but this year I am lacking motivation to decorate the house and I don’t even want a big tree. We have decided to have Christmas day on our own and we will not be going skiing over the festive period.

We are, however, making a visit to the Germany Christmas markets next weekend, but it will be tied in with a visit to Professor Vogl. My last treatment of 2016. That should get me in the Christmas spirits.

Then comes the thought of New Year’s Eve and even this isn’t bringing much excitement or inspiration. My main goal is to not wake up on New Year’s Day with a hangover. This festive season could be very quiet. I fancy having days out and visiting places in England I have never been before. I want see family and go out walking. I don’t want to sit in doors eating and drinking the whole time.

Even when it comes to the thought of presents, I don’t want to buy lots and I certainly do not need anything (other than a really clean house!) I am not down or unhappy I just am not feeling it this year.

On the health front, I am cough free and generally feeling good. I haven’t done any rituals or exercise in a long time but I am getting back into it this week. I have Deepak Chopras most recent 21 day meditation challenge to do and I really feel the need to stretch. I want to get ski fit in preparation for the New Year when we hope to go skiing again. The only thing that I am feeling is tired. This is due to my haemoglobin being low. Not low enough for any treatment so I just take it steady. Long term treatment is the reason. This aside doesn’t stop me trying to encourage it to improve, I even ate liver whilst my family were staying. Urgh…..

On that note, it was brilliant spending time with my brother and dad.

This week someone posted on a local facebook page of our village;

I would just like to let the people who live on Steventon Road in Drayton know that we drive past and love looking at the dragons that are on the front wall of their house. They paint and decorate the dragons according to different celebrations/ events. The kids love it (and so do I!)

I was so surprised with how many comments and likes it received… This makes me feel so good. I always wonder if people think I am a bit mad but it turns out it makes people happy. Well today I have once again decorated them. Just a few things to add then I will post them on social media and my next blog. I hope you like them….. They make me laugh.

So I will leave you hanging….until next time.

We had some good news this week; Josh, my stepson has been given a place in next year’s London Marathon, running for the charity we raise funds for; Breast Cancer Now.  He is stoked and so the training and fundraising begins. April may seem a while away but before we know it -it will be here.

Here is a link to his page. Please check it out. He could use the support. I will post updates of his training over the coming months.



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