Bear Blog… Giving thanks and gratefulness

When we first had the news of Claire’s terminal diagnosis, we made a conscious decision that we would not seek to raise charitable donations to fund Claire’s treatment. We knew it would be very expensive but we felt it right that we should firstly use every resource that we had to pay for this ourselves, so the big fire sale began. At the same time it became obvious that research needs to be funded and that there were many who were simply constrained to the standard path of health care by finances and not will to live.

So we started to devote all of efforts to raising money for others. We are very lucky to have a circle of friends and family who feel likewise and are full of love and the passion to help others and the fund raising has been to say the least frenetic.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the happiness, love and sense of achievement that this has bought to all of us. Put frankly I could not recommend involvement in charity for a cause that means the world to you, with all your loved ones, colleagues and neighbourhood, more highly.

Last night we attended a Ball to celebrate the contribution to charity of the whole Property Agency business in the UK. We were astounded at the feats of funds raising. Swimming the channel and then immediately swimming back again, 300 mile kayaking trips, cycling the length of Britain carrying golf clubs and playing a round of golf every day. The list was breath taking. Image then our surprise when during these proceedings we were singled out for a special mention and were bought on stage to receive the Award as Fund Raising Champions of 2015.

This was of course highly embarrassing but all I could think of were the in words that the Chairman bestowed on Claire, in front of that audience of generous, giving and simply very decent people. He spoke of how she copes with the disease, of the inspiration of her blog and of course the lengths she and all our friends go to, to raise funds for charity.

No one strives for charity for awards, but I will be forever grateful that this was given in recognition of this achievement and especially for the lift that it gave Claire. She deserves it, she needs it and she will be stronger for it.

So perhaps if you know someone, who is brave, who fights for others and who never seeks thanks – do something today. Recognise and appreciate them. Whatever they say, tonight when they go to bed they will be smiling and they will be stronger forever because of what you do.

Light and Love


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