Been buying organic 100% natural products.. in bulk…..

I love my job… I have been doing facials and eyebrows all day. I love products too so having run out of body lotion I decided to scour the internet for some suitable organic 100% natural products. I came across Organic Surge. The products are really reasonably priced and there is large range to choose from. So I decided to buy in bulk and get myself set up for a few months!

Have a look for yourselves;

It’s feeling really autumnal so I have been deciding what to have for tea this evening. I love root vegetables and have a hankering for bean stew of some sort… I think I may be really organised and get to creating before the hubster arrives home. Mmmm I can imagine it already!

He has been feeling poorly recently and after a visit to the docs it seems that he has a lot of inflammation all over his body. It’s unknown what it is but I think first things first… he has to be become really alkaline! The thing with any kind of illness that causes inflammation there is always something that can be done to help yourself. He already dips in and out of my diet and juicing but I think being in Germany for a while has caused havoc with his system. That and worrying about me…Bless him. He gave me the best cuddles this morning again. I couldn’t be loved any more than I already am, but I actually think he thinks he can love me more! I am happy for him to keep trying. I just don’t think I can ever compare to that…. well its fun trying.

I have had a few people contact me since the article in the newspaper last week. I am so happy to be able to help other people and of course I am always keen to hear anything new. Hearing other people with triple negative breast canSer is very empowering. Most of the people that contact me are stage one or two and I often think to myself if only I were in that position. At least they can be cured at that stage and make so many positive changes to help themselves.I have also had a call from BBC Radio Oxford. They want me to go and have a ‘chat’ with one of the presenters… Ooer.

Pete received so many alerts on Google last night regarding news on triple negative breast canSer. After scouring through he found that there has been some really positive research in Australia of two drugs being combined. Being pro active and not letting things go by chance Pete has emailed the doctor in Australia today, who has replied! He says currently the results they have had are in mice and it will be awhile before they trial on humans but at least it is promising! We will keep in touch with him and hope that he finds us a cure!

Here is a link to an article regarding Dr Baxter in Australia;

Clearly we are always looking for ways to get rid of the canSer and to elongate my life. I have been reading more about cyber knife recently. We have gone down this road before but I think I will pursue it if things don’t look good in a few weeks time.

I’ve just had a happy message from a lady in Australia who has just been told her canSer is NED (no evidence of disease).. I’m so pleased for her!


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