My Girl Lollipop…. Fa la la la la

‘My Girl Lollipop…’ This is what I see when I look in the mirror! Ha ha. A very slim girl with a puffy round face. It’s funny. I am not complaining! It’s just strange looking in the mirror. Pesky steroids. What’s been happening you ask? Things have been very up and down recently and I […]

Bah humbug…..

We are well and truly on our way to the end of the year. Christmas is less than a month away and to be honest, it can stay away. I don’t mean to be all bah humbug, but I am still fighting the end of the year off. I loved this summer and have reluctantly […]

She may be beautiful, but she is brutal!

I’ve already been to Frankfurt and back again. A flying visit as usual. Left on Sunday came home last night. Monday morning first thing I had my next localised chemo treatment; TACE or TACP as it’s known. The normal routine of having an MRI, then the injection with the ‘cocktail’ of drugs then Prof Vogl […]

A visit to Nesselhut….

This week has been the usual busy time. We had a great weekend working in the garden and doing more jobs at the new office. It’s really taking shape now. It felt good ticking things off the list. To be honest it can be quite simple to feel good. For me it is achieving things […]

I’m putting my game face on…..

I’m putting my game face on…. Whilst lying awake in bed last night I made a plan… It’s time to get my game face on. I have to improve my bloods. My haemoglobin is low (around 9 when it should be 11/12) and whilst it doesn’t affect me that much on a day to day basis; […]