Booked but no confirmation as yet….

I received an email from a lady working at the gamma knife centre at St Barts yesterday, just past 5pm, saying that Dr Plowman wanted me to book in for another outpatients appointment and then he would let her know the next step. She asked that I call his secretary the following day to book it in.

I replied immediately asking why Dr Plowman would want another outpatients appointment seeing as I had just had one last week? Of course I didn’t get a reply. It must have been home time.

This put me in somewhat of a bad mood for most of last night. I tried not to let it bother me but I couldn’t help worrying. What did Dr Plowman want to see me for? He had said that I would be getting an appointment for the procedure. I could only think the worst and different scenarios were going through my head like what I would say on the phone to the secretary and how I would need to argue it out. I tried calling there and then but of course being after 5pm there wasn’t any answer.

Luckily, having a bath then getting an early night meant I slept really well. It’s not hard when you have a big Bear snuffling beside you. The best sleep ever.

I got up and as soon as 9am came I called. No answer. Then I had to go to the doctors. I have had enough of the skin issue on my chin and around my nose. I have tried everything from Sudafed, to tea tree, to natural products and more. Nothing has been working and it has slowly got worse. I had my suspicions of what it could be and it was confirmed by the doctor. I have a form of dermatitis that affects the areas on the face like mine. I have been prescribed some cream which has already started to work. Bonus!

I got back and immediately got on the phone again and this time had an answer. The secretary was lovely and very helpful. I explained my situation and the fact I live in Oxford and so on. She went and spoke to the doctor who said let’s bypass the outpatient appointment and book me for the gamma knife procedure! Argh! Result. I have been pencilled in for late April and will get an email and letter to confirm.

I have been told to call again tomorrow if I don’t receive anything by ten am tomorrow. So far nothing….Seriously, I know I am a lady of leisure right now but chasing doctors isn’t up there on my list. However, this is really nothing to complain about in the scheme of things is it?

My energy is feeling all floopy today. I don’t feel driven like I did last week. It’s weird how our moods change. I’m aching quite a bit since I started a new exercise regime and I think that’s making me more tired than normal.
It’s cold again here and we awoke to a foggy garden. This afternoon has been bright and sunshiny.
I love it that I can get out in the back garden and have a cup of tea in the warm rays. The summer is going to be great and the garden is going to get full use! I am not wishing my life away but it’s right up there on the things I am looking forward to!

Until tomorrow when I hope I have confirmation…..

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