Bursting with love for all the support

Today has been mostly spending time pushing my wares! Ha ha! I have been on social media promoting my bracelets and egging everyone on to donate to the giving page that I have set up. I was worried to begin with but once I contacted a few friends the donations have started to flow and actually people have been donating rather than wanting bracelets. It amazes me as to the support people show. I love looking on the giving page and seeing the comments people make. Brilliant. I don’t think I am doing anything inspiring or amazing. I actually think that for every single person that makes the effort to donate and takes the time to go online and use their hard earned money on my charity initiative is the inspiring part. Plus I also get to hear from long lost friends.

Pete and I would love to go on holiday every month. We are trying to do as much as life can give us in the time given to us (which by the way will be another 50 years at least!) but money is tight and time is tight too! Pete has so much work on that we have decided that we will give holidays a miss for a few months until the four Germany trips are complete and til we know what the next step is.

So I decided today that if we are not going away that we would catch up with all the friends that we keep meaning to see. friends new and old actually but ones we don’t see hardly at all. That’s our diary booking up.. I get to see my oldest best friend from secondary school in April, my good friend who I worked with over 15 years ago next week, friends we met in Austria just a few weeks ago and a lovely lady we met in Ibiza last october.. So exciting. I’m fit to burst! Whoop di whoop..

 Right now I am surrounded by post it notes with names and quantities on and boxes filled with bracelets ready to go on a trip tomorrow distributing many of them. My friends are great. They are taking bundles of bracelets to sell to their family, friends and colleagues.. Some are even holding chairty events locally to sell my bracelets. I hope that people read the info on the back and then go this website and read everything on offer. That’s the main aim to raise awareness too. We need support and the more I think that I can beat this the fact still remains that I have been told the canSer I have now is incurable. Really? I still find it hard to understand that if canSer goes into remission that is isn’t cured. I suppose I understand that it can come back but so can any canSer. Hmmm.. not worth wasting my thoughts on.


I had a great night sleep last night and Pete is so sweet every morning.. doesn’t get me up and I try so hard to see him out… but this morning I just couldn’t pry myself out of bed. I had a lovely morning. I decided I wouldn’t get distracted by my emails and facebook so  ploughed on with my rituals and whilst I was having my heat and air I listened to quantum field healing work.. I figure the more focussed I am the better I will be.

I am still reading Getting Well Again which works a lot on mental imagery and having goals. It’s taking me ages as I do not designate time to it. But whilst at the airport I tried to absorb as much info as possible. It states that canSer can be created by the individual. I have said this before, that stresses 6-18 months before finding canSer can contribute to the canSer being there so in some ways the individual participated in it being created. I like that thought. Participated but not blaming it on the individual. I agree with that. I didn’t make it happen but I participated in it happening. Somehow with my thoughts and actions as well as physical changes like stress or grief or losing the will to live.  Once I complete the exercises in the book I will post more about it on here.

One section is about goals.. well that goes back to my mood board. I now have the longest list of places I want to go.. All over the world… plus I want more house improvements and well let’s put it this way I have to go back to work and fast if I want all these things to happen!

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day.. We go to our friends’ mums funeral. Very sad time.

Then off to the hospital to get Ray who has been in hospital for over 3 months. And they are sending him home again.. to be there for about a month then he will be back in there AGAIN.. oh well..

Then the evening I am going to be driving around west Oxfordshire dropping off bracelets..

Then it’s the weekend! Whoop .. with my Bear.. Yay! XX

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