Bangers to cancer…Controversial or not it’s raising awareness!

I felt compelled to share something with you and perhaps have a little rant…

The other evening one of my lovely clients who follows my Facebook page and blog contacted me with a gorgeous picture of herself shown below and sent me this message;

‘Hiya Claire! I hope your keeping well!! I just thought I would let you know that us Cornish girls are doing bangers to breast cancer (wearing a bra with a sign of how to donate then nominating three other girls to do the same) and mine is for you in mind!! I think you’re so brave and a massive inspiration to me!! I really admire you!! So far the girls have raised just over £2,500!’


I posted the image online and thought what a lovely idea and great way of raising funds. As for Michelle I didn’t know her background but it started as a rumour that it was in response to the silly craze that had started known as neck nominate where an individual downs a drink and then nominates friends to do the same. Michelle and her friend Vicky decided that they ‘could carry on this idea of “Neck Nominating” and put it to some good.’ As soon as the newspapers got hold of this they named it ‘Nip Nominate’. Let’s not take away the good will that these girls have tried to emulate.

Since then I have noticed newspaper articles spreading the word and sadly also slating the girls for sexualising breasts and belittling canSer.

Here are two articles from well known newspapers;

Someone raised the article above on my Facebook page and this was my response;

‘The main point from Daisy the Journo being supported by the phrase “If I had a mastectomy”. She hasn’t I have and once again, the focus is on appearance not life and love. Sadly she has missed the point that the physical may be enabling the message to spread but behind that and what really gives canSer suffers strength and for whatever motive that may be, is another lady showing love. Someone doing something to show that they care and if that raises awareness and especially if that support a clinicians research by attracting donations then “As I have had a mastectomy” and more importantly am still loving life and working for my miracle then this support does not “belittle” it warms and motivates me. Maybe Daisy should have asked rather than writing vicariously and maybe she would have known that some of the ladies in those pictures are personal friends of mine putting social networking to good use. Light and love x’


There have even been posts of people stating that it is offensive to those who have had breast canSer and mastectomies.


Who would be offended by this? And why? The girls have started a great viral campaign. No matter what I think or anyone else thinks controversy means it is getting noticed and if that raises awareness and funds for breast cancer charities then who cares, right?

So far the campaign has risen over £4000 on the girl’s just giving page. This is incredible and they want to raise £50,000. That’s simply by girls donating just a few pounds and getting other women and men to do the same. You don’t have to wear only a bra and expose your breasts. It quite clearly states on their page the following;

‘Take a pic, if you’re a bit shy put your BRA on over a T shirt (Male or Female), post it on Facebook and nominate 3 others or more; some have started asking everybody they know on Facebook. Don’t forget to donate.**** Also from now on can you please hold up a card with whatever message you want and no SWEARING please also no under16’s unless the BRA is on over some clothes***  Lets keep it sensible please. Raising money is what this is all about.’

I want to take a moment though to those of you that do find Bangers to Cancer offensive. How is this different to such charity initiatives as the Breakfast TV presenter Lorraine Kelly when she does the Moonwalk and every person wears only their bras? I don’t think that is sexualising the matter. However everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Whichever way you look at it, it has got us talking about it, arguing about it, having strong feelings about it and most of all, raising awareness and funds for it.

Well done ladies and keep up the good work!

To donate and continue their campaign please go to their Just Giving page and start posting and sharing on Facebook.


Text: ‘VMAM66 £2’ to ‘70070’ to donate two pounds to Bangers to Cancer


Breast Cancer Awareness month.. can you help?

It’s that time of year again… Its’ October so that means one thing – It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. You can show your support in many ways. The high street stores all have products they are selling with a percentage going to well known charities. Here is a link to what’s available;

It’s been an interesting few days for me.  I sadly caught Pete’s cold bug… I had that sore feeling in the back of my throat and it started to spread and I had that dreaded feeling of how bad will it get? But I persisted with positive thinking and a few ginger shots. Phew they certainly clear the airways and stimulate the system. I had been told lots of old wives tales, so went to bed with hot lemon, had a n early night, put olbas oil on the burner AND put Vicks on the soles of my feet then out on socks. That’s a weird one right? Well low and behold the very next day I feel as good as new. I don’t even have a sniffly nose or even a hint of a sore throat. That has to be the quickest I have ever got over a cold. Pete is stunned. He is still battling with a chesty cough. Woohoo! I am very happy as I was very worried what with our Germany trip and treatment next week approaching so quickly.

I have been cramming in clients before I go away. This next trip to Germany is going to our longest in a year. I am looking forward to it but also dreading being away for so long. There is so much that has to be organised.

Amidst all of this there has been quite a stir with Breast Cancer Awareness month. Today I have had Emma Vardy, a reporter from BBC South Today interviewing me and asking all about me and my story. I have no idea what I said. I hope I haven’t waffled and that I made some relevant points! I don’t think I will be able to watch myself. I’m not sure when it goes out, sometime this week I have been told.

I also spoke to a reporter from The Sun’s healthy pages. The reporter had spoken to Professor Dalgliesh and got the low down on immunotherapy. So I should be featuring in that in the next few weeks too.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement I also saw on Lorraine Kelly’s show that there is a campaign to bin your bra in conjunction with the House of Fraser, Elle UK and the charity Against Breast Cancer. I had to do a 10 second piece to camera as to why I am binning my bras. Let’s face it I have plenty since I had a mastectomy…. If you would like to get involved with it here is the link. It’s a great way to get rid of all those old bras you no longer need;

So that’s my fifteen minutes of fame but I sincerely hope it spurs everyone to get involved to really check themselves, not to be afraid and to live life to the fullest. Don’t laugh at me when you spot me in the media!

If you would like to support Breast Cancer Awareness month please do let friends, family and colleagues about the charity ‘wish’ bracelets that I personally hand make. All proceeds goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and The Cancer Vaccine Institute.

Here is the link to donate and order your bracelets;


A perfect end to a perfect week…

Well what a fun filled week and weekend I have had. No sooner had mum gone home my best friend from school arrive. As expected we chatted like hyenas for many hours as well as filling our faces in between. We nattered about our lives since we saw each other which was about twenty years worth! It’s mad what people remember and as Clare and I used to live together when we were doing our GCSE’s there were some very funny memories! It’s amazing how much you can talk without taking a breath! Haha!

This week with family and friends has been so good for the soul. I feel enriched and happy and now on balance ready for anything. The week ahead looks busy but I feel settled.

At night before I sleep I have been saying thank you to the Universe even if it’s for one little thing during that day. It puts everything in perspective and makes me feel complete. I actually feel less like have canSer today than I ever have. I am treated as if I am well by everyone and I talk about the future and what my retirement years will bring. This is a shift in me. I have always looked to the future but for once I am not letting my health stand in the way. The possibilities are endless and I, as well as thousands of others, are simply waiting for a cure…

I have been bowled over by the generosity of my new friends too. I have received huge donations from people I only met briefly on holiday. I must have made an impression on them!

It’s only one week today that my friend Alex runs the Robin Hood half marathon in aid of my chosen charities. Here is a link to the race details; I couldn’t even contemplate running that far so I am thrilled and touched that she is making such a huge sacrifice to do this to raise more funds!

If you would like to donate to support her and Breast Cancer Breakthrough and The Cancer Vaccine Institute then please click the link:

Well the sun is out and it’s 23 degrees. My Bear is on his way back from a boys weekend and I feel he may be a little delicate… so I am getting everything ready for him to crash when he walks through the door then a cup of green tea in the back garden… A perfect end to a perfect week.

They must be mad doing the Spartan race but it’s for charity!

Last night my Bear and I got our heads together and reviewed all six scans I have had in the last year. We have now deduced that I have two nodules in my left lung and three in my right. They increased in size quite a bit last year and by February this year reduced dramatically. By May the radiologist didn’t mention much other than they had gone in my lymph nodes and the ones in my lungs were ‘too small to assess’. On yesterdays scan report another radiologist has said that the right nodules have increased since the last scan. One of them being 8mm to 9mm. The ‘contralateral lesions’ I now understand to mean the ones in the left lung, have not increased nor decreased in size. We both feel that’s a huge relief and a great outcome really although a bit frustrating as I was so keen, obviously, to have seen another reduction in size. It sends the head into a spin wondering what have I don’t differently for it not have had a better outcome.

Well no point worrying but I do. I do get concerned that forever more I will have to think about what happens next. I know I have to live in the now. But everyone else around me can go to bed at night knowing that they are well. Or at least they think are.  I should see it as good thing that I get the opportunity to make amendments and improvements so that I live the healthiest life possible feeling totally aware.

I posted my good news on facebook and have been completely inundated with well wishers. I have received over 160 people comments and acknowledgements  as well as personal messages from complete strangers that made me feel just brilliant, saying how my posts and blogs help them and have motivated them to live better as well as words of strength and to stay strong and how brave I am being. I don’t feel brave and courageous. I feel sometimes like nothing can stop me and other times so confused about what’s it all about? I even have moments of, ‘Why me?’ Not very often but I am only human after all. I understand life means death but not yet….. Pete unequivocally knows I will be alive for at least another 15 years doing what I am doing and that by then there will be a cure.

I just want thank everyone for their support. It keeps me going and I want to a better person for everyone else.


Today I got on as normal and have to admit I really enjoyed my morning juice. I used strawberries, parsley, spinach, ginger, cucumber and celery. Mmm. It was lurvely!

After my clients this afternoon I had an acupuncture session and had a new experience. The therapist used moxa as a form of acupuncture. This ancient art using moxa (also known as mugwort or Artemisa Vulgaris/Artemisia Leaf) is called the “doctor’s grass.” Moxibustion (the burning of moxa) is believed to emit “yang” (dynamic and active) energy when burnt. Moxibustion works so well because it allows the body to absorb the energy emitted by the moxa. By holding the moxa stick over the acupuncture points, the body is able to take in, store and slowly release this energy into the body. It felt warm and comforting and the points she used them are for the digestion, liver and kidneys. She felt that as these areas get battered by me having chemo they could do with some TLC. She has given me a moxa stick to use at home and I have to rope Pete into doing it for me maybe daily during the two weeks I am taking chemo. I feel really tired this afternoon but I think I still need to catch up on sleep. I started my next round of chemo today… only 13 more days then another cycle over- side effect free.

Charity Fundraising
Pete and his colleagues from VTUK are going to be doing some charity work to raise more funds for my chosen charities. On Sunday 25th August eight of his team, including Pete and one girl, are going to be doing the Spartan Race. It’s going to be tough!  Spartan Race, the global leader in Obstacle Racing since 2005, was designed by seven insane ultra athletes and a Royal Marine. It’s an obstacle course race that is designed to test your resilience, strength, stamina, quick decision making skills, and ability to laugh in the face of adversity. They tried to get me to do it but I don’t think i am up for it! I am really pleased for them but they aim to raise a £1000 each and are busily trying to get donations.  If you would like to donate please click on the link here:

I’m so proud of them all and I know it will be really hard but so much fun. I’ll be there egging them on for sure.

One more client to go then I’m done for the day. Pete’s on his third day of juicing and he’s still going strong.. a raw meal for me I feel.  Night Y’all.



We have broken the £5000 barrier!

Had great news yesterday that our donations have exceeded £5000 on my virgin giving page. That is from the sales of the wish bracelets I have made along with other donations given very generously by everyone! Today there has also been more payment made by my friends who are selling them for me also. The total now stands at £5548.00! This is being split between my chosen charities Breast Cancer Breakthrough and The Cancer Vaccine Institute. And it doesn’t stop there. A good friend of mine is doing a pamper evening soon and she is donating all proceeds from doing treatments as well as selling more bracelets for me! Of course we have the ladies night coming up in May also that my other friend is holding at her house which will include selling of clothes, treatments, bracelets as well a raffle. I am going to donate HD brows treatments and products as well as some other items, and friends are donating prizes such as tans, facials, haircuts and colours.. Then my Bear is going to donate a magnum of champagne!  Bless him. He is a bit gutted it is a ladies night as he thought he could come along too! We told him he could be a girl for the evening but he has gone all shy and decided he would go to the pub instead (spoken in a deep manly voice!) Love him.

I’m always thinking of the next thing we can do to raise money. I would like to hold a roller disco but yet to plan that one out. It’s only so I can get dressed in fancy dress and roller skate in time to funky music! Ha ha! I’ll never grow up. I’d also love to have a ball but that maybe something I do later as it could take a lot of money and resources. All good learning experiences though.

I’ve spent time with Ray (the elderly friend we take care of) today and cooked him his lunch and done a few chores round his house. It amazes me that he is almost 90 years old and is bright as a button.  Times have been hard for him recently but you would never know it. Then I was at the hospital having my bloods taken in time for my next round of chemo and picking up my drugs to start again on Wednesday. They know me now there and have it all ready when I walk through the door. A bonus I guess to going there so often!

I decided to have a lunch late in the garden and scoffed down avocado salad. It should be getting boring seeing as I have it every single day but it just isn’t! I’m a creature of habit. It must be helping me seeing as I am so well.

I’m looking forward to tonight as I’m going for dinner at a friend’s house. I can’t wait for a catch up and a cuddle baby George. Mmm babies I could eat them!

The weekend forecast looks good so I think some gardening is in order tomorrow then we are off to Heathrow again for my next round of immunotherapy. Duderstadt here we come! Back late Tuesday night……

Full of beans today following a day of being at Hangover central…..

Saturday night was great fun. After checking into our hotel and preparing for the night ahead we made it to our Vintage tea party-A gaggle of girls drinking jasmine tea champagne cocktails, eating scones and cream and tiny little sandwiches with fillings such as rose petals and honey. It was lovely eating things I wouldn’t normally eat and to be around such a great group of girls. Everyone had made such an effort dressing up in some vintage era from the 20’s through to the 70’s. We finished our night at a Brazilian themed club where we attempted to dance. I say attempted because the music was bizarre and we had all had enough to drink! My feet were killing me. I love wearing heels but they don’t like me.

I really enjoy meeting new people. I get a bit nervous beforehand but I am always so pleased I did. Their reaction to me having canSer was so positive too. I didn’t just dump that info on them, they already had been told of my background and some already follow me on my blog and facebook page. They all seemed to think that I looked well and healthy. That’s one thing I have got totally bagged at the moment. It was a great night… but sleeping with that much alcohol in me was a recipe for insomnia!

I was luckily feeling quite well when I got up and thankfully my wonderful man was picking us up the next morning. At this point I felt chipper and full of beans but after a few hours I think I got a delayed hangover. My man took us for a lovely veggie brekkie in East London before delivering us (the bride to be and my other friend and I) all to our respective homes and destinations. Once home I spent the afternoon on the sofa feeling a little sorry for myself. I felt hugely overtired and a little yucky in general. I can safely say drinking like that is no good for me! Luckily I have a Bear that loves looking after me and fed me up (he is a feeder! Ha ha!) And made me healing tea to flush it out of my system quick fast!

I would have thought bed time couldn’t come quick enough but once tucked up I couldn’t sleep! I hate that overtired feeling. You are so tired and sleep deprived you can’t relax. My body was quite shaky and I sweated for most of the night, it didn’t interfere much with sleep though and today I feel full of beans again!

I have felt on such a high for most of today. My mind has been clear and I have got lots of jobs done and things ticked of my ‘mental‘list. I am amazed I feel so well. I was expecting to feel sluggish and had planned on taking things slow today. But no need… I feel fab!

The day started with watching or rather listening to the news. I struggle to open my eyes in the mornings so listening to the breakfast news is as far as it gets. They told of a new trend in couples meshing their names. Instead of the lady adopting her husband’s name or going for double barrelled names they link and combine their names together. For example one couple names were Griffin and Pew so decided to become Puffin. This tickled me pick and I told Pete once he got out of the shower that as my name was Finch and his is Grant we would be Mr and Mrs Grinch!  Oh how we chuckled. He did say that it suited us! Pah! I don’t think so. We are the opposite of being Grinch –like. Still it is very funny.

I decided today that I would make a food plan for our meals this week. Pete is starting at the gym and he will be home later than normal so I think I should get on with cooking the meals. I ploughed through my new recipe books like Sexy Crazy Kitchen, Honestly Healthy and The Guilt free Gourmet and made a list of recipes that I would like to try this week. I have now made myself a shopping list and will buy everything tomorrow. I plan on making meals that will have leftovers for lunch the following day so that Pete can take some to work too. I think this is a good way of sticking to a healthy diet and one which means there is no hassle at tea time. I am very proud of my forward planning.

I finished my book, Thunk today too. It is quite a hard read as it’s all about clearing your mind using certain techniques and meditation. It has some really good pointers and makes so much sense but I think I may need to revisit the book when I do forget sometimes and become ‘cluttered’. Now on with the other ten books sitting on my shelf! Where to start?

 Today’s research: Pete found more interesting news today from researchers presenting at the AACR Annual Meeting 2013. Paragazole is a novel histone deacetylase inhibitor developed at CU Boulder in the laboratories of Xuedong Liu and Andy Phillips, being tested at the CU Cancer Center. HDAC –Histones play a critical role in cell cycle progression, and developmental events.  In this study, Diamond and colleagues tested the drug against a range of breast cancer cell lines with and without combination with chemotherapies paclitaxel, gemcitabine or carboplatin. Interestingly, it was specifically the cell lines that didn’t express oestrogen – the aggressive, triple-negative cells – that were most affected by paragazole.  

It seems ever since I started fundraising I have noticed there are so many other people making the effort to raise money for different causes too. I met one of the Hen’s friends the other night that is going to being running the London Marathon in a few weeks for Bliss, a charity for premature babies. As her baby was premature she felt compelled to help others. What’s amazing is that she has two small children and also works. She is Wonder Woman!

Here is a link to her blog and at the bottom of it is a link to her giving page if you would like to make a donation. I made my donation earlier today;

This is the charity she is supporting;

So go on spread the love and please help a worthy cause.

Here’s a picture from Saturday night…

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.26.15

Have a cracking Easter! No chocolate eggs for me though……

Today has been busy! I’ve decided that from now on I will be working a few afternoons a week. The main reasons are to get some normality in my life, for money and because I love it! I have had 7 clients this afternoon all of which have rebooked. I have been so blessed with this business. I am totally passionate about it. I get to chat girly gossip, make women look and feel amazing and I work from my home environment. What could be better?

I’ve been thinking a lot today about the news last night. Researchers have stated that there are 49 new genetic faults that appear to drive the breast canSer. Women who inherit most of these have a 30% chance of developing the disease, more than three times the national average. Some of the faults were only predictive of the most aggressive, and dangerous, form of the cancer, called oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer.

Blimey.. That’s outrageous isn’t it but so very exciting?! Treatments can be individualised and hopefully drugs or treatments can prevent many women from actually getting breast canSer. It does feel like science maybe catching up at las don’t you think?

I have received more mail from my new followers and friends. Helen Whetton is trying to raise one million pence to raise money for breast cancer charities. She seems unstoppable and is not only going to attempt to run the marathon and trying to organise a charity ball but is now organising a quiz night. The poster is attached. I feel all a bit tingly with how many people are raising funds and getting involved with charity fundraising. I just love it.

I started my day as normal with meditation. I am now on week three of the Deepak Chopra perfect health challenge. Today’s centring thought: ‘My little changes amount to big benefits.’ Today’s mantra is; ‘Everything I desire is within me’. I couldn’t agree more!

Tonight Pete is out and I am going to finish work at about 6.30pm so I think a soothing soak in the tub is in order. I still scrub every day and at the same time do my affirmations( I sound mad talknig to myself but hey ho) so tonight I am going to clear my thoughts, soothe my aching back and detox with some Epsom salts.

Easter is this weekend. I won’t be having normal Easter eggs sadly. I have got myself a bar of dark organic chocolate. This is important in the diet apparently so I will indulge a little bit. I won’t be indulging in alcohol though. Pete is on a new regime and I really need not to drink as much, according to the scientists on TV. Sometimes it sucks. I love champagne! Champagne is the answer! Most of the time. I have decided that this weekend to fill our time we will be decorating, creating mocktails Bear style, planning holidays( hopefully booking some- nudge nudge wink wink Pete!) and generally getting things done and not being tempted by anything! We will see how long that lasts…..

Have a cracking Easter break all!

 Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.37.37

Seaweed extract out performs chemo and link between ovarian and triple negative canSer…..

 I had a lovely day yesterday. Continuing with doing things that make me happy I planned a day of meeting friends, catching up on gossip, seeing new houses as well as helping out with professional advice. I know.. Me giving advice on business! Ha ha! Anyway if I can help then I am pleased to.

I finished my afternoon by helping Pete out and going to see Ray. I spent an hour with him just chatting and making tea… it was no hardship really. It’s funny the thought of looking after him can be worse than actually doing it as you never know what mood he is going to be in. Thank fully he was in a good mood yesterday.

By early evening I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I started my chemo drugs yesterday but I don’t think it had anything to do with how tired I was. I could barely keep my eyes open at 7pm and struggled to watch the new pope being introduced to the world, let alone watch Masterchef! It’s so weird to feel like that but I have to listen to my body. For whatever reason my body was pooped! I slept really well (except for being squeezed a bit hard by the Bear!) but still feel I could have a day of lounging. This is where motivation can be really hard. I am so aware of my morning rituals and the importance of keeping up with everything. I don’t want to become complacent. So I started with my Deepak Chopra meditation followed by yoga then rebounding. I have to admit it is not my favourite exercise but I get really sweaty and puffed out so it is clearly good for me. So much so I cannot walk after! Then onto my heat and air. I read an article sent to me by Mark Newey how a guy focussed on deep belly breathing amongst other things to get rid of his canSer, basing the concept on getting more oxygen into the body. So this has spurred me on not to let things slide. I always feel so much better for getting everything done.

Today is going to be odd. We got to Simons funeral today and a group from the office will be going too. It’s a toughie.. I am not completely comfortable with crying in front of everyone. I don’t intend on having tears but it’s so tough. He will be sorely missed.

News came yesterday from mum that my Great Aunt glad has died too. I haven’t seen her for many many years so I don’t feel any huge sadness. She was 91years old and simply died of old age apparently. That’s lucky for her, to just go to sleep and not wake up.

I am still ever open to news and research and yesterday received some info from a friend regarding seaweed extract out performing chemo in trials.

The extract of an edible red seaweed was found to be 27 percent more effective than standard chemo in shrinking breast tumours in rats while showing much less toxicity to liver and kidneys, and even improving the rats’ antioxidant status in both blood and tissues.


I knew that seaweed was essential in our diet but this is really exciting. It just goes back to believing that nature can cure all. To read more go to the link:


Also carrying on my research I came across some information suggesting that there is a link between triple negative breast canSer and ovarian canSer.

From an article on USA today Sept 2012
‘Scientists announced that they have finished mapping virtually all of the genetic mutations in breast cancer, an effort that could soon change the way patients are treated and eventually help researchers develop better treatments.

“The catalogue of human breast cancers is nearly complete,” says study co-leader Matthew Ellis of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. “It’s the breast-cancer equivalent of putting a man or woman on the moon.”

Among the most striking findings: One of the most lethal types of breast cancer is genetically closer to a kind of ovarian cancer than it is to other breast tumours, according to the paper, published online in Nature.

That discovery could soon produce real benefits for breast cancer patients, Ellis says. Women with so-called basal-like breast tumours — also known as triple-negative cancers — would likely do better on a much less toxic chemotherapy regimen, which is currently the standard of care in ovarian cancer.

Such shifts show that doctors are beginning to change the way they look at cancers, focusing less on a tumour’s organ of origin and more on the inner workings of its nucleus, down to the molecular level, Ellis says.

“Just because it’s a breast cancer doesn’t mean it’s like every other breast cancer,” says Brad Ozenberger, who oversees the research project, called The Cancer Genome Atlas, at the National Institutes of Health.

The ambitious federally funded program — with a budget of $100 million a year — aims to be the cancer equivalent of the Human Genome Project, which decoded and mapped the human genetic blueprint. Scientists already have published the genomes of four other cancers: brain, ovarian, colorectal and lung. In this study, scientists analyzed tissue from 348 breast cancers, finding that most tumours are caused by mutations in 30 to 50 genes, Ellis says.

The genome atlas could give drug companies ideas for new drugs that target key genetic mutations in cancer, Ozenberger says. In addition, the catalogue of genetic mistakes can also help scientists better understand how cancers develop and spread, Ozenberger says.

For example, they may discover that a newly discovered gene is involved in the immune system — providing a clue to how cancer eludes the body’s normal defences. Already, the program has given researchers clues that both ovarian and triple-negative breast tumours could be vulnerable to drugs that block new blood vessel growth, which aim to starve tumours.

Today, women with triple-negative tumours are treated like many other breast cancer patients, getting drugs called anthracyclines that can damage the heart and cause leukaemia or a type of “pre-leukaemia,” called myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS. Ellis’ recent research, however, suggests anthracyclines don’t help women with triple-negative tumours.

Robin Roberts, host of Good Morning America, underwent a bone-marrow transplant Thursday for MDS, caused by her successful treatment for triple-negative breast cancer in 2007. Another insight from the study: Doctors should reconsider an experimental class of drug called PARP inhibitors for triple-negative breast cancer, because early trials in ovarian cancer have been promising, Ellis says.

Breast cancer survivor Roxanne Martinez says she “choked up” when she heard that future patients might be able to skip the most toxic chemotherapies. Martinez, 32, was treated for triple-negative disease two years ago, while she was pregnant with her daughter.

While both she and her daughter are currently healthy, Martinez says anthracycline drugs made her very sick. Now, she worries about her long-term health. Martinez, of Forth Worth, says she’s fascinated by the similarities between breast and ovarian cancers, which run in her family. Doctors have long known of links between breast and ovarian tumours.


Well, well, well… all very interesting. I wish sometimes everyone would share their findings as it seems they are so close to many great outcomes but maybe they need to combine their work?!


An amazing thing happened yesterday. I posted on facebook that I only need approximately £200 to reach the £2000 barrier on my giving page. I went off for a few hours and when I looked next I had over £4000! My friend had toppled it over £2000 then VTUK Property Solutions donated £2000! Whoop.. So over come and so very excited that now I want to make £10,000. Bracelets are still selling and more need to be made. I really feel so excited buy it all. A friend has also agreed to hold a ladies night on the 3rd may. I will no doubt be involved with that… Bless everyone trying so hard. I love it! It keeps me going.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day- show your support!

It’s been a few days since I last blogged and lot has been happening. Friday Pete and I drove to London to attend our friend’s mother’s funeral. I have to admit I was a little worried as it was my first funeral ever in 37 years… There was such a huge turnout and I really was overwhelmed by the love of everyone that attended. The funeral was a humanist service. I obviously have nothing to compare it to but Pete said it was really nice, simply no mention of God. The whole service was so personal to the family. The music was brilliant and when Eva Cassidy Fields of Gold came on.. That was it.. I was in floods. What is it about Eva Cassidy that does it to me every time?

Pete says funerals are accumulative. You remember all those people who are gone but not forgotten. It can feel quite cathartic. The service was filled with history, love, and even humour. I was pleasantly surprised. But I have to admit I did find it hard not to blub all the way through. That’s where my breathing exercises came into good use. I got to talk to the grieving family after including the husband, who was so selfless and was more concerned about knowing if I was ok. In fact everyone was really thoughtful about me. They all know my situation, which isn’t easy. Having canSer and going to a funeral of someone that has just died from canSer is a toughie. Also it being my first one. The support from those people was amazing considering they are the ones who need the support right now.

After the service we had to dash back to the ‘Shire’ and get to hospital to pick up Ray. He has been in hospital for 3 months. Unbelievable that they are simply sending him home. But that’s the way the system works in this country.  We got him home and he immediately started to feel shaky and the hospital at home team arrived. Pete and I are both dreading what is going to happen. I know it’s not very positive in thinking but we have been ‘here’ for so many years and approaching his 90th birthday it doesn’t appear to be getting any easier and he has a strong will to live. Bless him.  I don’t know why but the Ray thing stresses us out more than anything at the moment. So much responsibility and poor old Pete has all of it.

Then we shot hours later to do deliveries of the wish bracelets I have made. I am lucky enough to have many people offering to sell them for me so after having packaged bundles up they were driven all over west Oxfordshire to their sales people! I can’t thank them enough..I was like the Avon lady arriving with my wares…. thankfully I didn’t have to do any hard sell!

Sales of the bracelets and donations on my giving page started on the 27th and as of this morning we have already raised £1235. It’s brilliant but most of the donations are actually from those who didn’t want a bracelet! Amazing. A few people have donated anonymously and others have left such lovely messages of support. There have also been a few people donating a £100! Wowee… I simply am chuffed to bits. So it’s been a good start but I have only put online that I want to achieve £2000 from the bracelets but I really am aiming for £10,000 overall. It’s going to take a while but I am sure we can do it.

Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day. 03.03.13. Its being recognised in America too. I have tweeted some celebs in the hope that they will retweet and support as well plastered it all over facebook. Everyone’s being simply ace all passing it on and urging others to get involved.

One group of ladies had an event yesterday to raise money for the same cause. They had 25 of my bracelets and sold them all and now want more. I am keen to find out what else they did on the day and will let you know ASAP.

 Tomorrow is a big day for us too. We go to London to meet a professor who specialises in triple negative breast cancer…. hugely exciting.

So now for my Sunday. I will keep an eye on social media and the donations. I hope that we can keep the money coming in. I have to visit Ray and footie is on the tv.. time to put my feet up and read my Zest magazine.. I’m not in this time.


P.S  I may have accidentally agreed to do a sky dive as my next charity initiative. I am not entirely sure it’s for me… but I will consider it for sure!! Arghhh…….

Bursting with love for all the support

Today has been mostly spending time pushing my wares! Ha ha! I have been on social media promoting my bracelets and egging everyone on to donate to the giving page that I have set up. I was worried to begin with but once I contacted a few friends the donations have started to flow and actually people have been donating rather than wanting bracelets. It amazes me as to the support people show. I love looking on the giving page and seeing the comments people make. Brilliant. I don’t think I am doing anything inspiring or amazing. I actually think that for every single person that makes the effort to donate and takes the time to go online and use their hard earned money on my charity initiative is the inspiring part. Plus I also get to hear from long lost friends.

Pete and I would love to go on holiday every month. We are trying to do as much as life can give us in the time given to us (which by the way will be another 50 years at least!) but money is tight and time is tight too! Pete has so much work on that we have decided that we will give holidays a miss for a few months until the four Germany trips are complete and til we know what the next step is.

So I decided today that if we are not going away that we would catch up with all the friends that we keep meaning to see. friends new and old actually but ones we don’t see hardly at all. That’s our diary booking up.. I get to see my oldest best friend from secondary school in April, my good friend who I worked with over 15 years ago next week, friends we met in Austria just a few weeks ago and a lovely lady we met in Ibiza last october.. So exciting. I’m fit to burst! Whoop di whoop..

 Right now I am surrounded by post it notes with names and quantities on and boxes filled with bracelets ready to go on a trip tomorrow distributing many of them. My friends are great. They are taking bundles of bracelets to sell to their family, friends and colleagues.. Some are even holding chairty events locally to sell my bracelets. I hope that people read the info on the back and then go this website and read everything on offer. That’s the main aim to raise awareness too. We need support and the more I think that I can beat this the fact still remains that I have been told the canSer I have now is incurable. Really? I still find it hard to understand that if canSer goes into remission that is isn’t cured. I suppose I understand that it can come back but so can any canSer. Hmmm.. not worth wasting my thoughts on.


I had a great night sleep last night and Pete is so sweet every morning.. doesn’t get me up and I try so hard to see him out… but this morning I just couldn’t pry myself out of bed. I had a lovely morning. I decided I wouldn’t get distracted by my emails and facebook so  ploughed on with my rituals and whilst I was having my heat and air I listened to quantum field healing work.. I figure the more focussed I am the better I will be.

I am still reading Getting Well Again which works a lot on mental imagery and having goals. It’s taking me ages as I do not designate time to it. But whilst at the airport I tried to absorb as much info as possible. It states that canSer can be created by the individual. I have said this before, that stresses 6-18 months before finding canSer can contribute to the canSer being there so in some ways the individual participated in it being created. I like that thought. Participated but not blaming it on the individual. I agree with that. I didn’t make it happen but I participated in it happening. Somehow with my thoughts and actions as well as physical changes like stress or grief or losing the will to live.  Once I complete the exercises in the book I will post more about it on here.

One section is about goals.. well that goes back to my mood board. I now have the longest list of places I want to go.. All over the world… plus I want more house improvements and well let’s put it this way I have to go back to work and fast if I want all these things to happen!

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day.. We go to our friends’ mums funeral. Very sad time.

Then off to the hospital to get Ray who has been in hospital for over 3 months. And they are sending him home again.. to be there for about a month then he will be back in there AGAIN.. oh well..

Then the evening I am going to be driving around west Oxfordshire dropping off bracelets..

Then it’s the weekend! Whoop .. with my Bear.. Yay! XX