Ketogenic diet… it’s not that simple..

Today I had a Skype meeting with the nutritionist I mentioned. She specialises in ketogenic diets and helping cancer patients. What makes her so good is that she has a melanoma in her eye. She is actively doing the diet so it is tried and tested. She gave me plenty of information and I look […]

Banish Blue Monday…

Another weekend has come and gone and as ever it has been full of fun and love. We visited our friends who we only see a few times per year. It’s not for the want of seeing them it’s just they are very busy people! After a thoroughly jolly time Bear and I headed off […]

RGCC testing… another option to help me out?

It’s Monday already and the weekend has been fun! Saturday started with an early morning drive to the beautiful countryside and there we had over two hours of learning archery on a private estate. The views were breathtaking and the lesson was great. Anyone that knows me may be surprised by this as I don’t […]

Fermented foods are good for your gut….

Morning! I am feeling particularly spritely today despite a bad night’s sleep. I go on a lot about sleep but it’s so important in keeping healthy. The way I see is that I can go to bed early tonight so let’s fire on all cylinders today. I have used my morning wisely by meditating, doing […]