Following Fitness and Health gurus online…

This morning I did another coffee enema… This time I decided I would use less coffee as the last time I felt too wired. Maybe I went too far the other way? I didn’t have any buzzing effect at all and actually the liquid looked a bit clear. So next time I will go half way between and get it right. It was a success though and as for clearing out the bowels wow. This time it had a very clearing effect!

I’ve been thinking a lot about family recently what with the young royals having their first baby yesterday… Families are funny things. I am not terribly close to mine. In fact so casual am I to some of my immediate family they may as well be distant relatives. I must be that prevalent in their mind that even my dad forgot my birthday this year. Ho hum. I don’t take it to heart. It’s just a shame that that we weren’t bought up with family values being an important element for us. If I could have my own little family this would be different. I would bring my kids up to want to be around all the time, Christmases, Sunday afternoons and definitely birthdays. I decided to ring my dad today seeing as I hadn’t spoken to him since before my birthday sometime I can’t remember when. It was always nice to catch up, but we don’t really have much to say. But then who does? I’m closer to my mum than my dad. I like chatting girly stuff and visiting when I can. I love it when she comes to stay too as she is quite content pottering around. I like asking for gardening advice and doing things her way… Her house always seems to be cosy just like I remember when I was growing up…. J

I’ve been following quite a lot of nutritional bods on twitter and facebook recently. Francesca’s Fit Kitchen (, Polly’s Path ( and Nics Nutrition ( to name just a few. I feel the daily input helps me stay motivated and gosh, there are a lot of healthy people out there!

I’m considering having more green juices through the day. At the moment is the perfect time for it as it’s hot and sticky. People need to keep their fluids up much more. The problem is that I don’t like the taste that much and it has quite an effect on my digestive system so to speak! That’s why since I first started last July I haven’t had many juices throughout the day. I’d need to stay near the loo! Had a few tweets from Francesca Fox today and she would like me to keep a diary of my diet. I could really do with some guidance. I am stoked!

I’ve had acupuncture today and I really like my new acupuncturist. It’s totally different from before but I feel instantly relaxed when I get there. The therapist energy is so calming. She worked a lot around my lower legs and feet today. The right side felt much more sensitive than the left. I felt my legs buzzing too. Oo it’s exciting. I generally feel great. Another three weeks till my next session. I love having therapy! Ha ha! I need it.

Only two weeks away from my next CT scan. In fact it’s the day after I get back from holiday. Gulp…. In my head I no longer have canSer. I honestly keep imagining the day they say to me there is no sign of disease… or spontaneous remission (Yeah right, we know that means they won’t give me credit for it going! But who cares…) if only that day would come true! I am Miss Impatient! Be thankful what I have got…. remember, remember, remember……

I have an exciting day tomorrow. I visit HD brows head office for a day’s training to be a HD brow pro. Not sure what I am going to learn but like a good girl I have done my homework of five case studies. Actually I have done more than was asked (Didn’t you hate people like me when you were in school?! J) I have an early start so another early night tonight. When don’t I have an early night?

Ciao for now!

Hit the road Jack!

I have had a great start to the day today. I’m not sure why some days are better than others but I had a real smile on my face. It may be because I have found a new way to have my essential juice and powders in the mornings without dreading them. As mentioned I always have vegetable juices as they are best for me and full of oxygen which is essential in my diet. The trouble is adding powders such as wheatgrass and Dr Schulz’s super food and linseed makes me want to wretch. Include that with my supplements and reishi well I am in a state some days, especially the last week or so. My tummy has been really struggling with it all and I have either had a major urge to rush to the loo for urgent number two’s or I have had a tummy ache. I know this means my body simply cannot hack it at the moment. Any signs like that and I am sure it’s not good for anyone!

So this morning I decided that I would have a veggie smoothie instead of juice. I find smoothies don’t make me cringe as much. The reason I go for juice is they are much better than smoothies but smoothies are still really good as alternative. But then I had an epiphany… why not add green juice to my green smoothie and have the best of both worlds/!

I always have to add some kind of liquid to the smoothie or else it will be lumpy and hard… so the anme smoothie wouldn’t be relelvant at all. So today I juiced up lots celery (which tastes bad in smoothies) cucumber and ginger and added it to my smoohtie. So this morning I had a jam packed breakfast full of everything green; avocado, spinach, celery, cucumber and ginger (ok not green but a must!) Genius… not sure why I hadn’t thought of it before… Now I am on a roll. This put me in a good mood.

I’ve registered on the Macmillan forum today. There were entries from other ladies like me who are terminal and all sorts of chemo’s all wanting advice. I thought if I shared my story then they may be inspired to read my website and possibly take something from it. That’s how I feel today… I want to inspire people.

So feeling all positive (a bit more than normal) I thought I’d text Nilam (founder of HD brows) and ask her what course she thinks I would benefit from next. I know she invited me to train but I think doing courses is good practice and really keeps you at the top of your game. Her husband, also Pete, replied on her behalf and has given me details. So without any thought I have booked for July for one of the courses then I will book for the master’s course in September. I love my job and I love doing brows. I want to be the best that I can be.  I’m still getting enquiries from new clients so I’m feeling really lucky.

I’ve been making a list of things I need to focus on more as I feel things are slipping recently. Here’s the list;

Eat more garlic and turmeric. This is essential and I don’t think I am consuming enough of the good stuff.

Try new vegan recipes out and post on my blog. Here’s a start;

Draw a picture every week. I haven’t done one in a while and I really get a lot from it.

Pranic healing. Book for regular sessions and see if this benefits me.

That’s it so far.. I have had a nagging feeling of wanting all this canSer stuff to be gone today. I just want to live my life without thinking about whether I will be well enough or will chemo get in the way etc. But then I read some posts on the forum and read what I already know. Incurable canSer is just like any other chronic disease. Living every day like this isn’t so bad… at least I’m well.

Right well I’m packed for my next trip to see Doctor Nesselhut.. Here we come. Luckily my kitty has a lovely ‘kitty sitter’ to take care of her and eat my home grown strawberries. Be back in five days. Hopefully I’ll get time to post whilst I am away. Love going a driving tour with my Bear… XXX

Ta’ra! X

Immune system is best cancer fighter, ‘milestone’ reaserch confirms

Friday night was expected.. a battle to watch Comic relief and trying to stay awake. I managed to stay awake until 10pm and must have cried at every heart wrenching vt they showed. I have to admit there are times when I just think to myself.. what sort of world do we live in? It’s so cruel in so many ways. It’s hard to understand what it’s all about?! And there is where that thought has to stop because if we really start going there then the whole will to live just drops off the face of the earth.


Saturday was a brilliant day. I did some ‘therapy’ and got all creative practising a wedding make up on my best friend. (It went very well, even if I do say so myself) Pete became the usual excited host and presented us with cocktails and champagne. So much for not drinking but I always feel that it’s rude to decline and actually it goes back to the ten point plan.. A little of what you want is good for you. (I keep telling myself this at weekends!) Let’s face it, I have reduced my alcohol intake massively compared to what I used to drink and it goes in fits and starts as to the amount I do drink. Pete and I did feel decidedly drunk and watching England play Wales at rugby didn’t help.. Boo. (England step up!)That said the day after the night before we are increasingly starting the day by saying we don’t need alcohol any more. It doesn’t have the same effect it did years ago. Maybe we have got old? Or maybe we have just found there are other ways to feel really good. Either way, it’s progress.

Anyway, back to going to bed early. I had the best night sleep on Friday night. I slept about 10 hours and having had no alcohol. I am convinced that this helps my slumber. I felt amazing on Saturday morning and before Liz arrived for some female (and Bear) bonding I did all my rituals and got stuck into my new DVD of yoga. I have mentioned her, Tara Styles, before but as there are 4 DVDs in the package I am having a new experience every time.  I am still finding it hard to think of yoga as exercise, but if all the yogis and yoga enthusiasts are anything to go by then yoga is definitely enough exercise.

Pete made me a brilliant smoothie for me that morning. I am finding that juicing is turning my stomach at the moment. I don’t think it is the veggies that I use I think it is more the supplements powders that turn me more green than normal. Pete’s smoothie consisted of avocado, spinach, apple, dates, ginger and nut milk with flaxseed in it. I added all my powders too. It was very tasty! Having a smoothie is great alternative to a juice. I don’t usually have fruits and I did find it a tad sweet but in the nature of having some fruits with their peel/kinds on I know that the sugars get broken down differently to when they are purely just the fruit. This is what the dietician told me.

Sunday we awoke to a blizzard. A snow blizzard. The weather is freaky again and so we decided to do some retail therapy. Well I didn’t expect anything but it was a perk of the trip to be taken to my old friend Karen Millen.  Big smiles!

The weekend was full of lots of cuddles from my Bear and we spent yesterday afternoon just snuffled together watching Harry Potter and eating a great creation that Pete made from spinach, tomatoes, cod, and more.. mmmmmm. Seriously I am cat! Give me warmth, cuddles, a soft place to sleep and food and I am totally made up!

My sleep wasn’t great last night and I am finding I am waking up with aching ribs and back still. In fact I got myself into a tizzy last night before sleep as my whole side was hurting. The one thing with canSer is that the every new thing or ache makes you think the worst. It’s going to be hard to ever change that especially as time is of the essence. I know for sure that if you do not speak up even if you think you are being neurotic that canSer can creep up on you and catch you off guard. Now there is a fine line between being real and being totally mad. I am pleased to say that this morning my back did ache a bit but my ribs didn’t.

Maybe I was worrying last night as I had been emailing the lady I mentioned on Friday, Helen who is also writing a blog and raising money for charity since her sister in law has canSer. Another hero in my book. Helen emailed me and gave me more info as to why she has embarked on the charity drive.  Her sister in law was 29 years old when she started her roller coaster. She is now 33 and ‘it’ is in her bones, spine, stomach, and lungs. God it makes me sick. I don’t want anyone else to be going through this. I know that her sister in law, also a Clare, is in pain. It’s so hard having any condition, disease, or illness. For anyone thinking about ill health the worst is feeling in pain. I can’t imagine what it must feel like physically or mentally. Or rather I don’t want to imagine that. The thought of things is much worse than actually experiencing them… well in most cases. I am getting to know Helen and as she is going to be organising a charity ball in Oxford I am defo on her side and will be getting bodies there and hopefully getting raffle prizes and doing anything I can. Working together only seems natural. And she is a local girl. All I think right now is what can we do for Clare, Helens sister in law? I need to know what treatment she is having and maybe I can point her in the right direction. Start with alleviating symptoms, helping her spirit and then let’s get cracking at getting her some special treatment. It then led me to read in ‘What the Doctors don’t tell you’ and article titled, ‘Immune system is best cancer fighter, ‘milestone’ research confirms’. It states a healthy immune system is the best way to beat cancer. In fact the ‘war on cancer’ will never be won if we solely rely on chemotherapy, say researchers in a new report hailed as ‘ a milestone of cancer research’.

A research team from the Eberhard Karls University in Tubingen, Germany, has demonstrated and proved that the immune system has the capability to drive tumours and cancerous cells into a state of permanent dormancy. This means that immunotherapy is an effective  cancer therapy and it does so without destroying cells, say the researchers, led by Prof Dr med Martin Rocken. Instead it causes senescence, or lifelong dormancy, in cancer cells and stops the cancer spreading.

OK so what jumps out of that article.. Germany.. again! Well that only makes feel more confident in what we are doing. With another round (round 3) of immunotherapy coming up I just hope this little trickster of a canSer stops too!

After I got all my chores done today I have sat for a few hours making more bracelets as requested by the ‘bracelets elves’. Another 100 red heart bracelets have been made and already packed to go their sellers. I never expected for them to be so popular and I am still having people email saying they have friends in other parts of the country willing to circulate them for me too. I have also been asked by the Cancer Vaccine Institute if they can sell them in their shop.. Ok so maybe I need to get some more printing of the cards done and get my tushy on the floor to make a proper load more! Whoda thunk it eh? My little bracelets… Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This week ahead is exciting. I’m working tomorrow and then off to my mum’s for some proper girly time together. I didn’t get to see her on Mother’s Day so it is only right I visit her and let her look after me! Haha!

Two days of life coaching and hypnosis.. back in the room!

Well I have been away for a few days and it’s been quite an insightful two days for me.

I travelled to a village near Saffron Walden to see Mark Newey from Winning Minds. If you have never been to that part of the world I would highly recommend it. Beautiful. As per, driving to unknown places is really out of my comfort zone but hey, I am getting good at doing different things these days!

The purpose of my visit at the time of booking it in January was to get help with dealing with the fear of death and the fear of leaving loved ones behind. Now I haven’t been feeling quite like that recently since I have a gut feeling things are going to be ok and also the great results I got from my last scan, however I still felt it was important to deal with it but also I wanted to address negative and morbid thoughts that I get on a regular basis for no apparent reason. They used to be really bad but now not so much however I don’t want them cluttering up my mind!

I found Mark randomly by chance on another website which has confused Mark as he doesn’t know how it got there! so I am guessing it was meant to be.

Even more so for me because on the morning of travelling my friend recommended that I visit her sister also my friend whom I haven’t seen for 7 years. I thought to myself I wouldn’t have time. On arriving in the village early I decided to check myself in to my pub/hotel room. On walking inwho should I see but my friend! I honestly was shocked. I cannot believe I booked a room in a pub that she runs and owns! If you fancy staying there it is a lovely little village pub that has been modernised with contemporary luxury rooms and amazing food and service and great staff of course! The Cricketers Arms in Rickling Green; plug plug! Haha!

I had no expectations of what would happen over the next few days all I knew was that I was going to experience NLP and hypnosis etc. On meeting Mark I felt totally at ease and despite hours of talking which would normally give me brain ache I felt gripped and interested throughout. Mark relates a lot of his expertise to his own personal experiences and relates to a time when he had a nervous breakdown and made positive changes including his career to be the real him and to be authentic. What I found really interesting was the first afternoon discussing and almost having a lesson in the unconscious mind. Mark explained where we get all our ‘stuff’ and clutter, bad habits or whatever you are there for and where it comes from. He explained how the mind matrix works and all the elements that create the state of mind we have. These are our values, childhood programming, cultural beliefs and more. It was so interesting.

The later part of that day we started discussing me and where my beliefs come from. It was hard to begin with as I don’t know why I think the way I do and why I have created certain habits and pathways through my life. I know I have come a long way already since July but it really was so very enlightening. Another part of it is to ascertain what outcome I wanted. Of course the obvious answer was to be happy in life. It was like having a practical life coaching and therapy session. Bouncing thoughts and past feelings but having someone completely separate from my life posing questions and asking me to try to remember where these patterns came from. Unsurprisingly for most, a lot comes from my childhood which is mad as I have always believed that my childhood was great but actually there were huge issues which must have made me stifle who I really wanted to be probably due to fear. My dad as many will know has been a big drinker all my life (I hate calling him an alcoholic as there are different levels of it) and it did interfere with home life more than I realised. And up to recently I don’t think I had been me, the real me. I didn’t feel comfortable in myself and I think I was trying to be someone else, trying to please others and not being honest with myself which is quiet likely why I became ever increasingly stressed and then came along canSer, maybe as the last straw.

Mark breaks down everything in such an easy and understanding way and he is full of passion for his role and only has your best interest at heart. Working from his home makes it really relaxing and he sent me home with home work although I didn’t do it as I spent the evening with my lovely friend!

My friend and I had an evening on catching up on the last seven years and had a cheeky glass of prosecco or two…. It had to be done! So amazing to finally rekindle our friendship and plans to see more of each other too.

The next day was filled with actual therapy… I had a session of Quantum Touch. This is new to me as I had never heard of it before now. Mark is a trained reiki practitioner although he hasn’t felt comfortable doing it- it didn’t fit with him. So discovered Quantum Touch.

Quantum-Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Life Force Energy, also known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings. Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy, for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results.

Mark basically laid on hands and I felt a huge amount of heat which radiated and pulsed. The feelings spread and Mark would move his hands and wait for feedback to see if there was any pain or any changes. It was very relaxing and I felt on a deep level that physical changes were happening. The odd thing for me was that the throbbing kept going up near my throat or the higher heart chakra area.

After this I had an hour hypnosis session to get rid of the old habits and thoughts and to dump the old me behind. After lunch I then had another hour session of hypnosis and this was to look forward and to become the person I want to be. Although I am little unclear as to what I want in life but I know what I don’t want. Mark asked me to paint a picture of me in five years time. This was hard to do. I know I want to be in my home having the new kitchen and drive. I know I want to be working as a trainer and more involved with HD brows. I want be canSer free, clearly. I want to start a charity although I know it’s going to be hard as well as using my skills as a therapist to help canSer patients.


Mark was very intense at times which was fine and he kept saying that I am ‘’special’ (this made me laugh- ‘special needs’!) and that I am beacon and that my life experience will beat this and go onto help others in a big way. I find it hard to digest when things are said to me like that. I am not special I have been given a platform by my wonderful hubby and have simply used it. I do agree that once I am out of the woods so to speak that I should help others. It is my duty and makes life worth living.

So far I am unsure as to how I feel. Pete said I was glowing when I got home yesterday and bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Overall I feel it was a worthwhile exercise and I really cannot wait to use the cd’s that Mark recorded of my hypnosis sessions to keep my going in the future. I still feel really strong and I hope that all that fear and negative thoughts will not pester me anymore. I look forward to what may be and having more control in my life, without controlling my life (if that makes sense!)

I would highly recommend anyone with any thing like a habit or hang up or need help with moving forward in their life or even if you are unsure but know there is something missing in your life, to visit Mark and have a great couple of sessions to really make that change.

His details will be on my resources page but for now here they are;

Mark Newey


0800 083 0143


What was really mad about the meeting Mark too was that his father lives approximately 8 miles from me and he has many interests that are so similar to Pete. Isn’t life funny?

Today, I am meeting my friend for lunch and giving her a whole heap of bracelets. To sell for charity. I have actually run out of bracelets and have to make more. This is crazy! I never expected this to happen. So pleased!

We have a great weekend ahead of us with friends visiting and rugby! Despite the wet weather I will keep on living!

Thanks to everyone that has donated so far and thank you all for buying and selling my bracelets. It’s not over yet.. There are more to come as long as I can keep making them.

Happy bunny! Hop skip Jump!

I’m shocked at what was in there (a bit too much information?)

Today was the day for the colonic… It went very well actually. Carol Kramer in Oxford is very knowledgable with nutrition and it was good to find that my diet was definitely on the right track. Colonic is essential to unblock and remove toxins especially ridding of fats and a hefty meaty diet. She gave me hope as well by telling me stories of people she had met that had brain tumours and other cancers and all through their diets it had either disappeared or shrunk. I love that. I definitely think that we are in control of our bodies and by removing all toxins where possible that it will have a huge effect on dis-ease. She reaffirmed the fact that sugar is a big No-No. I am still astounded that I was told sugar made no difference by medical professionals. Anyway going into the nitty gritty- a lot came out! I’m shocked at what was in there (a bit too much information?) If you would like her details please let me know.

I am still following the Crazy Sexy Diet 21 day cleanse. Evey day it includes affirmations, a prayer and a focus. I have attached an image with todays focus and I did what she asked. It was fun. Made me smile and feel good.To be honest I have been feeling good ever since I had acupuncture and healing on Monday. Sleep is great. The infra red lamp at night is so warming and the essential oils make me drift off to dreamland. Of course having a big arm over me in bed makes me feel safe too. 🙂