Back from Dr Nesselhut……

I cannot believe it has been four days since I slept in my own bed and what a great night it was last night. We got home from Germany in double quick time. I have never been through Heathrow so quickly. No queue for passport control and our baggage was already going around the carousel […]

Morning minutes are magic minutes…

Today has been an odd day. Mainly due to me having lie in. The start of a day really has a major impact on how it will pan out. I now realise why Pete says, ‘morning minutes are magic minutes’. He insists on being out of the house before 7.10am. Any time after that then […]

New research could be a two pronged attack

Through our research and alerts, which are coming in thick and fast, Pete has been reading about the possibility of a drug that can break down the protein on the surface of canSer cells specifically for triple negative breast canSer. On thinking this through Pete said if they combined that with cell therapy it is […]

See, I really am shallow!

As predicted I slept like a log from 8pm last night till 7am this morning and even then I didn’t drag myself out of bed for another hour. Such deep sleep…. amazing. I must have needed it after my allergic ordeal the night before. Pete sent me a message yesterday that he read on a […]