Coffee enemas……seems wrong but is meant to be so right!

Recently Pete has been tweeting Francesca Fox, who is a chef and lifestyle guru, about smoothie recipes and anything healthy. She recommended we look up Polly Noble and I’m pleased she did. Polly is a bit like Kris Carr only English. She too has had canSer and now inspires people through her nutritional advice and lifestyle changes.  Here is her website;

There’s loads of good blogs, recipes and advice on their and her story is also very amazing!

This inspires me once again to really start to love the lifestyle I have adopted because of this disease. I have to admit it has been hard lately and I have felt like I am missing out when everyone else around me is eating barbeque burgers and sausages and fish and chips and birthday cake! Ok I admit I may have fallen off the wagon a bit but I am still religious with my morning drinks; lemon and hot water, smoothie or juice, reishi mushroom drink and coconut water. I feel it is time to re engage with everything and feel pleased with what food I can eat and how healthy it makes me feel.  My next challenge though is to encourage Pete to do it too. I feel it’s time for him to become less toxic inside and out. Work pressures (and pressures of caring for a 90 year old man) can be overwhelming and I take it for granted that Pete is doing ok. But I feel a positive change will make him have a brighter outlook and be less stressed. I am going to really try to get him to do meditation too. I’ll keep you posted!

Polly has written a book with co writers about healing and canSer and I know I read a lot about it but as long as I find a few helpful nuggets of information along the way then I find them really useful.

I have noticed a lot recently that coffee enemas keep being mentioned as being very beneficial for the liver and detoxifying. Polly recommends them also. Hmmmmmm……. I’m not sure about this. I want to try it but it’s the whole thing of putting all that coffee inside you in an end I only want things to come out of! But ever the researcher I think I may have to give it a go. I will of course divulge the gory details and let you know how I feel when I do finally pluck up the courage to go for it!

Today I am working again but also going for acupuncture. Ah….. really looking forward to it.

Bye for now….

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