Crazy Sexy Diet

Saturday morning was spent doing chores together then exercise and smoothies then off to our retreat, the boat, to be alone and close to nature and to spend some time doing some serious reading. The weather improved slightly and we spent the afternoon rugged up. I managed to complete the Crazy Sexy Diet. It is so inspiring and exciting to think that I am in charge of my body. The author focuses on meditation and yoga. She also spells with an S like this, canSer. This is to take its power away. I like that. I may have canSer but I truly believe that I am making a difference and it will not control me. I am in control it and if I have to live with it then I will respect it. But it’s not ‘my’ canSer.  Although I am doing yoga I really do need to find myself a class or teacher to learn more to become more spiritual and in tune with myself. I thank my best friend Lizzy Beans for introducing this book and way of thinking.


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