Day five…Taken up the Eiger.. Ooer Mrs!

Sleep! Last night I had an amazing sleep. But that was after having pain in my heart/chest. I’ve noticed the last two nights my heart racing. I am putting it down to having the amino acids that were prescribed by the clinic. They do advise not to have them close to bedtime. I took my last dose at 6pm. That’s hold be plenty of time. A little worrying but thankfully must have calmed down as I had one of the best nights since I got here.

My appointment went well. I think. I had my next round of treatment then I was scanned by the German doctor there. They feel the blood supply in my spleen looked really good therefore indicating the macrophages were doing their work. They weighed me and took all my measurements like the beginning of the week to see if my muscle mass had improved. No. In fact my weight changed three times on the scales in 30 seconds. I have in fact out on weight, lost muscle mass and increased my BMI. This doesn’t bode well. I am taking 30 amino acids a day… how is that possible? I am not sure that the scales were right.  My scans will be seen by Prof Marco and he will be sending me a report of how he feels things went and what to do next.

This afternoon Pete had a little surprise for me. We drove for about two hours into the mountains and we ended up in Grindelwald where many films have been made but

most importantly it is a ski destination. The sun was shining the mountains looked stunning too. Pete had been talking about taking me to the Eiger all week. The Eiger is featured in movies too. We had a blissful afternoon sunning ourselves and walking in the mountain air.

On the way home we stopped by the most amazing lake where there was a diving board to swim in it. Tempting but maybe a bit cold at this stage of the year.

We got home and had a little picnic in our room. Thank goodness for Aldi! Ha ha!

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