Even more vitamin D?!

Back into the clinic today for my next NDV and oncothermic treatment. As the heat treatment is performed by radiofrequency it made me chuckle as I could feel myself vibrating. Had a good conversation with Cindy today regarding diet and nutrition. She reaffirmed that an alkaline diet is essential for everyone but also focused on the needs of vitamin D3 which I had already been recommended to have by Professor Dalgliesh. Cindy asked my vitamin D3 levels and I explained that I had a test and it said I was above average and I am only taking 2000IU per day. She recommended my levels should be at 95 and that I should increase my intake of the vitamin to 10,000IU per day- Whoa. I decided there and then to buy some vitamin D3 in liquid form. Taking tablets is getting pretty hefty on the tummy. I also bought a water bottle to make the water alkaline- perfect when I am out and about. The brand is by Nikken and its called a PiMag sports bottle. I tested the pH levels when I got back and it was in the 8’s- this is brilliant. Check it out:www.nikken.co.uk/p/pimag-sport-bottle.html

I think it may be wise to get my blood analysed to see what I am lacking if anything. That will reinforce all that I am doing.

The sun has been out here today and so having an afternoon free we sat beside a lake eating organic salad and drinking coconut water reading The pH Miracle and soaking up the warmth like meercats. We even swam in the lake with a cormorant that was catching fish. I felt very alive and in touch with nature- totally refreshing. Ahhhhhhhh………….


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