Feeling Christmassy…… Happy first advent for yesterday X

We made a flying visit to Duderstadt this time and high tailed it to Cologne. We stayed there about a year ago but this time it was better because of the Christmas markets! No one does Christmas like the Germans and in Cologne there were about seven markets full of Christmas cheer and so many smells and foods and drinks and gifts and musicians playing. We have had two days of lapping up happiness and it feels so good to really let our worries go just for now.

That’s what life is all about…But… You know me I love going home.

We made an epic journey yesterday all the way to the UK and once home got stuck into getting Christmassy here. Pete went hunting and gathering for our tree and although it is not decorated yet it feels so special here already. We dug out candles and sang some Christmas carols for the first advent.

Now I’m settled it’s back to work for a few days before we fly back to Germany next week for the actual vaccinations.I have so much to be thankful for and it’s lovely how Pete and I miss each other today already. (Is this making other people sick?! Ha-ha!)

It’s funny you never know what’s round the corner… I leaped and bounded this morning and then fell of my rebounder spraining my ankle! Doh.. I have RICE’d it and it seems fine. I will not let this stop me. I have to exercise its good for my health even if it’s dangerous!

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