Felt the Heart in the Harz

This weekend has been lovely here in Germany. We planned a weekend of climbing mountains and long walks, however I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I was coming down with flu. To be expected I guess. It didn’t stop us going to the Harz Mountains. The hotel we stayed at was lovely and focussed on wellness. We stayed at the Hotel und Residenz Hohenzollern in Braunlage- check out www.booking.com. We used the wellness suite at the end of our day which included a sauna, steam room and infra red sauna which is perfect for detoxification. Finished the day with a jacuzzi in our ensuite and Pete battled with the shower which did everything except wash up! 🙂

Spending time in such calming surroundings made us realise how small we are and the life cycle in the universe. The energy in the mountains and by running water is overwhelming. We really felt a sense of healing in this region.

Since we arrived here we have heard a song played which is really catchy in German. Pete translated it and we can’t beleive how apt it is- ‘Ich liebe diese tage’ which translates to ‘ I love these days of my life, This is real, I’m not gonna complain. Im gonna listen to happy songs. The dark clouds have gone’. Love it!!

Top tip for a trip away; Take as much food stuffs and equipment that will assist you keeping on an alkaline diet. I have bought with me our filter jug, green tea bags for our room, nuts plus more. It’s easier to keep committed to it if you have as much with you as possible.

Watching the Olympics closing ceremony now.. Bit late as we are an hour ahead but we have never been so proud to be British hearing the comments on German television.

Back to the clinic tomorrow. Night. X


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