Fighting for our lives…..

Friday night I watched Text Santa, a charity event on tv that helps raise money for three charities. They focused on stories of certain families that have been helped by those charities. One was making wishes come true for terminally ill children and another for Macmillan nurses who care for patients and their families whose life is being cut short by terminal illness.
They do amazing work and I was left feeling positive in many respects with the work that they do but what really upset me was how accepting the families were of their diagnoses. I felt really upset, firstly that their lives were being cut short and they were leaving their precious loved ones behind but more upset that the families were accepting what their doctors had told them.
Now I don’t know the ins and outs of all the stories and maybe they did fight for their existence but it seemed and came across that they were just accepting the news their doctors gave them. ‘You will not live to see your children grow up’ or ‘your child will die before their next birthday’.
I wanted to shout at the tv, at them and wanted them to fight. Don’t leave them behind. There must be more that can be done!
We cried a lot, Pete and I, as you do, watching the footage on the fundraising show and I am certain they must have raised millions of pounds but I found myself sobbing and feeling really frightened.
Am I the one that is different? Should I simply sit back and accept the news that I was given 3 and half years ago? That I am going to die and to put my affairs in order. Enjoy life as you haven’t got much time left.
I believe that over the last three years I have done everything that I could do and if I hadn’t I know for certain I wouldn’t be here now. The progression of the disease should have meant more complications and certainly death, especially with the diagnosis of the brain tumours over a year ago. I know how quickly one can deteriorate at that point and I am just so blessed that I didn’t think that at the time, instead we went into overdrive and had as much treatment as possible. Without the love and fight from Pete I know for a fact I wouldn’t be as well as I am.
It is only a matter of time. There will be a cure or maintenance of triple negative breast canSer and all other canSers that will keep us fit and healthy with very little side effects. It’s probably already there. It’s just the pharmaceutical companies are holding back and making money. It’s beneficial to them not to let us get better. It’s better to keep us ill.
Look at my friend who three years ago was told he had terminal lung canSer who now has had the all clear… It’s not fake. I personally know him and he did it with a combination of treatments and supplements and self-help. It can be done. And everybody’s disease is different.
I know we don’t get out alive and that some die sooner than others but I feel very passionate about making sure we at least give it a try and stay with our loved ones for as long as humanly possible.
I’m still banking on being here for decades so until there is a treatment offered on the NHS that is suitable for all then I will continue looking for answers, with the support of my Bear.
Today alone he has sent me many links to research he has found. He breaks up from work for Christmas today. I can’t wait.
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!…..

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